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Let’s Play SECRET IDENTITY | Board Game Club

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  1. Listen Adam British speeches starting with I've got an idea have caused…. Alot of issues lmfao

  2. This episode had it all! The laughs, the suspense, the callbacks, the revelations, the threats of grave harm! All in one neat package!

  3. Jesus Christ, that ending XD
    Welp, I'm a patron now. Y'all earned it for sure. Love this channel.

  4. Spoilers:

    Julia Roberts was so obvious! As soon as I saw Lauries clues I knew exactly who it was. He has amazing logic, but apparently everyone else is just insane.

  5. Friggin love Rosie, your performance in The Thing Outpost was so gold, welcome back! We love you too Carly 🙂

  6. horrible camera angle, please put it back

  7. People out here saying NA education, then Rosie comes out with Thunder, now I gotta be saying EU education. Sully is literally me every time my coworkers or friends say something stupid.

  8. Adam is going to hell for that Lady Diana clue lmao

  9. I know they explained it but I still don't get why Diana hates cameras

  10. Incredible game this week, especially Rosie. Welcome back Rosie

  11. That karma for cheering Rosie hit HARD

  12. I missed seeing Tom on Board Game Club so I'm happy to see him in this one!

  13. Who wants Adam to ‘’not’’ win 22 games, so we can watch him play Monopoly 😂🤣

  14. I am now fully convinced that Rosie is just Phoebe from Friends brought to life, but the spell went wonky and she wound up in the UK and with dark hair.

  15. I’m in stitches over MLK’s speech being “I have an idea!”

  16. I would have gotten Julia Robertttsss🤷‍♀️

  17. That might have been the best ending of any NRB video, ever. Well done, Rosie!

  18. First episode that got me to spit take lovebit

  19. It's alright Rosie. I had a primary school teacher explain to the entire class that it's 2 clouds hitting each other.

  20. Laurie, if it makes you feel better, I got your clue in the last round.

  21. 5:06 "sometimes sister maybe?" No, Daisy is Donald's wife, girlfriend, IDK. Della is Donald's sister.

  22. I got Laurie’s clues as “not a man, not dead” and ended up at Julia Roberts 😂

  23. Loved this video and the game. But keep the opinions about political figures to yourself please and thank you. It Really ruins it.

  24. To be fair, I got the Greta clue immediately and followed the exact same logic as explained for Julia Roberts

  25. I mean Rosie is kind of correct with Thunder being a sound caused by mixture of conflicting charges in the clouds because that is basically what creates a lightning AND thunder. The only flaw she's making is separating the two. LOL

  26. Wow, I can't believe you guys did Carly so wrong! Don't worry Carls, we love having you on Board Game Club, please join in anytime. 😍

  27. American here (from Portland, OR even…) and I know Ant & Dec! Blair's failing us all!

  28. Between Rosie's thunder confession, Adam's no camera clue, and that ending reveal this is already a legendary NRB episode

  29. I didn't understand the "no camera" but until I saw the Americans get confused and the Brits cringe

  30. Honestly, Rosie has a point. Having a separate word for the sound of a thing is pretty weird. Makes sense to think that thunder is just something else.

  31. That ending was the most satisfying ending I have ever witnessed!

  32. Actually, lightning is the release of electric power caused by clashing cloud and soil or clashing clouds with opposite charges, and the thunder is the sound of this electric energy being released all of a sudden.

    So yeah, thunder IS the sound of clouds hitting each other… sort of.

  33. SO glad the irl safe is back. It just adds a bit of extra pizzazz that I love

  34. The No Photos reveal has to be one of the best bits I've seen on NRB. All the Brits suddenly realising what Adam's done while Carley and Blair are lost

  35. I was thinking just the other day its been a while since Rosie was on. Nice to see her back

  36. I must have gone to the same school as Rosie as I was taught that about the clouds too.

  37. I thought Julia Roberts was so obvious. Felt bad there

  38. It could have been worse, Adam.
    Instead of a picture of a camera you might have only had a picture of a seatbelt.

  39. Got to try this at UKGE what a fun little game

  40. Adam might resort to " rock, paper, scissors" if Rosie keeps coming back to the BGC.

  41. any episode with rosie is an extra fun one haha

  42. Hmmm…no love for Republicans on this channel apparently.

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