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  1. NRB have been on a roll with new cast members
    First Tilly who is great and now Ken who has added a really fun dynamic, loving Ken


    Once again my empty soul is nourished at Adam's abject FAILURE to win board games.

    Feed me your losses, Plumpy!😈

  3. SKULL is a wonderful game (and gorgeous!). I'm really happy to see you guys play this in-person. You should make it something that you bring up a few times a year!

  4. Laurie showing once again that complete honesty is the best bluff

  5. I'm not sure I laughed during a game play video as much as I did this one.

  6. 4:58 "The first time we're repeating a game"… you know, unless you count the times that online games were repeated. 🙂 "First time a game that was played online is being played in its physical form" would have been far more accrate.
    spoiler void
    spoiler void
    WOW! So much bullying in this one! Poor Sully and dear sweet young Tilly!

    Also, Adam..Adam…Adam…you chose LAURIE'S CARD??? REALLY?????

    I suddenly get the feeling that there's 26 games that have been played and recorded where Adam has won, and they're being stockpiled till the end to add to a level of intensity. I just suddenly got this feeling that we're being Punk'd somehow here…either that or…just…WOW!

  7. This video is a 1h loop of the ''You've activated my trap card !'' meme

  8. seeing Adam start mildly confident..then unravel and tilt so gloriously…he's taking Jon's role as well now

  9. Love how Laurie rocked up with tactics straight from the book of Gracey, ready to fuck. Shit. Up.

  10. Love to see sully played the skull for greater good

  11. Welcome Ken to the team, hope you feel at home

  12. Am I the only one who expected the song to be "Don't Go Breaking My Skull"?

  13. Would I be correct in saying Ken picked out Laurie’s skull card in the first game? That little shirt adjustment and aggressive next play were interesting.

  14. My brother died 3 weeks ago. He absolutely loved this channel, was a patreon, a big fan, the whole works. It's what made him get into board games this past year, and brought his inner child out (he was 38). He has a stack so high in his room that I won't touch. He often said your hour long uploads were the highlight of his week, and he'd get so excited. I'm absolutely lost without him, but I want to thank you for bringing him so much joy in his final year.

  15. It's nice to see Jessica Jones stop by to play some games.

  16. This game is gorgeous and admittedly, I enjoy the reactions in this video but Skull seems kind of mechanically infuriating to me. lol

  17. The look on Sully's face when Laurie flipped his flower and he knew he was the one that was going to kill Adam was priceless.

  18. This is like watching people try to run through traffic and then being surprised when a car hits them, for an hour straight

  19. ….Could Ken be the key to defeating Carley in BOTC? Like a professional poker player in that kind of environment would be insane to watch.

  20. I think this is the week that broke Adam – I think he realises 19 wins in 8 months isn't happening after only 3 in 4 months

  21. "This is what the play 'The Crucible' is about." I love Tilly!

  22. As a person who roots for Adam. Adam really makes it hard to root for Adam. I may move to rooting for Laurie. Strange days.

  23. Silly Sullivan, they weren't saying "nine" they were saying "nein". Don't do it! Laurie clearly placed a skull, what's wrong with you?? Jesus Sully, you just don't listen… sigh poor Brooke. Poor Adam!

  24. Deception Murder in Hong Kong for another repeat would be great.

  25. If Laurie is ever armed with a skull, fleeing is your only hope for survival

  26. Didn't really matter if it's through Zoom or in real life. Adam still loses first haha

  27. Lovely to see Tilly, as usual.
    And this game was MADE for Ken, loved to see him.


  29. "…You're also a sociopath…"

    "I know… But, I'm nice about it…"

  30. Adam getting all the way to five only to be foiled by Laurie is the best kinda of storytelling.

  31. Easiest way to beat Laurie is play on turns when he bids first or second and then everyone folds because it's Laurie and he probably got a skull.

  32. I’m starting to think this Adam guy isn’t very good at board games lmao! Seriously loved this week, Ken is great and evil, would love to see more of him. And Tilly is fantastic, I hope she’s now a regular. And finally, whatever happened to Jon Gracy?

  33. I saw Ken perform at 100 Hearts comedy charity gig before Covid and was such a big fan of his that I've spent years trying to find a stand-up comedy gig of his to see live. Then, out of the blue, here he is!

  34. Another fantastic episode, laughed the whole time nearly!

  35. Laurie would win Hide and Seek by going home and letting all the hiders die of starvation or thirst, thus leaving him the winner

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