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Let’s Play SNIPER ELITE: THE BOARD GAME | Board Game Club

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  1. Never knew Sniper Elite had a board game! Thank you Board Game Club for helping me discover this!

  2. Adam asking for people to root for him. For shame. He shouldn't need to ask. I always root for him. 🙂

  3. I swear I'm crushing on Blair, but I fear if I was in AB's shoes, I'd randomly blurt out "YOU NOSY B****!" out of fear. She was sniffing him out like her Check was on the line!

  4. So much overthinking if they had just followed their instincts they probably would have won, but good job Adam.

  5. Oh okay, so this is a lot like Whitehall Mystery. That was super fun to watch y'all play. I'm sure this will be a fun time!

  6. You all should try playing Mantis Falls!!

  7. I'm sure YouTube absolutely loved how much the word "Nazi" was used during this video.

  8. Leave it to No Rolls Barred to make it hard NOT to root for the Nazi's lmfao 🤣

  9. Take a shot every time they say (word for German solder circa 1936-1944). You won’t last 20 minutes.

  10. Blair's fandom of Japan is starting to make sense.

  11. so after watching this video, i really have to say well done adam, that was bloody well played. turns out he isn't bad at Board games after all :D.
    That game seems so fun. I especially like the idea of the shooting mechanic, because it really mirrors how it feels in the video game: As long as you don't go for some fancy shots, hitting is usually not the problem, but staying unnoticed is. really well translated into the board game here.

  12. I’d love to see you guys play Carcassonne.

  13. So this is Whitehall Murders with added nazis. 😂

  14. "They're n4zis, so i win by default." 🙂

  15. that flawless 4-hit was basically a slow-motion shot

  16. As my grandmother always said: If the Nazi's can't get you themselves, they'll send the werewolves after you. You never see them coming

  17. Rooting for Adam when he could not look more Aryan if he tried…

  18. It's good to see that a combination of Christoph Waltz and Henning Wehn filled in for sulley this week

  19. If I could afford it I would fund your channel for years but unfortunately it will just have to be 👍🏻
    I look forward to your videos every week keep up the excellent work

  20. Adam’s talking heads seem to suggest there are people who aren’t supporting Adam at all times? Surely this is a farce.

    Also, if you sign up to Patreon, the bonus content of this episode is Teri losing her mind over dinosaur jokes.

  21. The rules say you “can’t move into a space that you’ve already occupied this turn” so moving out and back in again(at objective 3) was an illegal move. I might be wrong though 🙂

  22. The game mechanics seem to draw some inspiration from Whitehall Mystery, another game you've played previously. Or do they share a common ancestor?

  23. I'm so torn. On the one hand I don't want to support Adam … but the other team are Nazis

  24. Adam u highly under estimate how much a heel u r if u don't think I'm cheering for the Germans

  25. It's entirely unfair that Adam is introducing this game with the others unaware of what the cards can do, claiming he couldn't do what he did do because he'd be spotted, and not introducing the card that opposes that rule.

  26. Rule clarification. How come at 1:19:23 it was a miss? Thought suppression tokens count as hits for the sniper?

  27. oh hell yes will be watching this later when I get home, love what you do guys

  28. Sullivan here's some facts for you: Costa Rica has the largest percentage of protected land for wildlife reserves or national parks compared to any other country in the world. Ecuador has some easy ones to remember, the equator runs through it and sunrise/sunset is consistent (12 hours of light, 12 hours of dark).

  29. I have seen this game played before but you guys turn a game that is not the most exciting to watch into a fun time. Great work guys !

  30. Sully statement about Soviets only having one gun for a group is actually incorrect with little or no proof that it ever happened except in poorly researched movies like Enemy at the Gates.

  31. I mean, Sully you do seem very good at european history, atleast, just maybe not Central or southern american history.

  32. Them nazis be sleeping on the intel action.

  33. Sullivan is totally wrong about the Soviet rifle thing. Also contrary to popular belief Russian equipment was pretty reliable.

  34. I am always rooting for Adam but then Adam is always evil so this one was a tough one

  35. I backed this on Kickstarter. Couldn’t recommend it more . Super solid game.

  36. I’m only at minute 9 and I can already tell this will be a goldmine for the out of context compilations

  37. Adam is explaining the game & says 1 sniper & I'm like "oh, that's the bad guy." Then he says everyone else is a Nazi & I'm like "nope, they are DEFINITELY the bad guys."

  38. Really enjoyed the Undercover Agent variant used here where Laurie kept coaxing Blair and Sully away from where Adam was

  39. Wasnt expecting such hot takes on the political commentary from NRB. Imagine going around putting Nazi's on blast. some edgy comedy today

  40. You should have the players playing the Nazi's drinking Fanta soda's. It is after all, the soft drink created by the Nazi's to replace Coke (which they stopped getting in the 30's, till the end of the war)

  41. This is without a doubt my favorite 4 people on the show so this episode is an extra big treat for me.

  42. Really loved this episode, love the sniper elite franchise and the latest sniper elite 5 is one of the best games I played.

  43. I'm just imagining all the top Nazis plotting to commit some of the most evil crimes in history and then there's Sullivan who just wants to swap everyone's knives and forks around

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