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Let’s Play SOUNDS FISHY | Board Game Club

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  1. Sully got me on the second one. It legitimately sounded like something one of the later first century BCE Neopythagorean cults would believe.

  2. The laughter 🤣 I was crying laughing right along with you all. Joyous

  3. When they all started fake laughing, confusing blair, but it then turning into real laughter followed by blair being even more confused. One of the best NRB moments hahahaha

  4. Do we think Adam knows that a stamp isn't a "to scale" replica of the Queen? She's not actually that small Y'know 😂

  5. Of course Blair likes cats 🙄 Americans really aren’t funny and this is proof

  6. One of my favorite shows to watch. I made it to the second round when I decided to stop watching. I recently purchased the game and did not want an advantage by knowing answers.

    My favorite Board Game Club episodes are the more mid heavy to heavy games. The Jamaica to Unfathomable to Nemesis levels. Party ish level games are fun, but hollow.

    I like to see some strategy taking place.

  7. On the Adam's 'tie breaker', Sully had me with Pokémon cards. Because it was moderately big new around here that Target pulled Pokemon card packs off the shelves because people were stealing them to resell.

  8. this game was fun, I'd love to see it again.

  9. It's Ladies' Night!

    Also, Brooke, who didn't know who Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was, could you remind us of what your full time job is?

  10. omg when Sully mentioned the petrified frogs I immediately thought of Froggyland because I'm from Split and I love that that's actually what he was thinking of

  11. damn Ken is a player, I'd have totally get the insulation bait

  12. Teri does a great job editing considering they're a cat.

    Edit: Can't believe I make this joke on the one episode they actually show Teri.

  13. I'm proud of always getting close enough to the real answer
    I choose the order in my head and the real one is almost always in the last two
    but I tend to pick the wrong one ;-;

  14. This was great fun, but I'm so excited you are playing one of my favorite games next time!! Can't wait!

  15. Watching you all work yourselves into a shoot (brother) with the fake laughter devolving into heat stroke induced psychosis was truly moment of the day

  16. huh didnt adam say answer was shown to us but it wasnt?

  17. You need to play Good Mythical Morning's new game!

  18. Oh I really enjoyed that edit taking the piss out of Laurie's "really good joke"🤣

  19. Always a fan of any trivia game, but extra looking forward to next week. I just rewatched the first Deception game and was hoping for another one

  20. pretty fun episode, but not a very well-balanced trivia game. questions need to be way more obscure or have much less definite answers or something. kind of a drag when the question asker just knows the answer already.

  21. The editing on this video is superb! That potato joke montage is a thing of beauty.

  22. I know so much random trivia I'd be terrifying at these sorts of games like I knew that he fell in love with a pigeon and the Disney first character

    also as a person who lives in Washington I deeply love Laurie calling all Washington police officers idiots

  23. I love to laugh! i thought they were about to start floating like in marry poppins.

  24. 34:20 – Is Brooke even a real cartoonist? Oswald even starred in two Epic Mickey video games about meeting his predecessor! Also, just watch Walt before Mickey on Netflix!! 🙂

  25. Omg, Sullivan making fish puns with a straight face and voice is so unbearable lol. I can't take it!

  26. Man, Brooke would really hate Epic Mickey then, I guess.

  27. And now I'm just trying to remember the TV show and episode I saw that mentioned the Tesla fact. The scene was like 3 people going through old letters of Tesla's trying to find a clue with people chasing them and then it's mentioned.

  28. The Tesla one is wrong. He loved pigeons, but never claimed to be in love with a pigeon.

  29. Not alone Sully. Made the same Roman/Arabic mix up, with a touch of Greek in there.

  30. My assumption is that Washington's police force had an issue with job related injuries from inergonomic desk work / patrolling in cars.

  31. This reminds me of Tom Scott's Two Of These People Are Lying.

  32. The best part of boardgame club is when Adam, Sully and Laurie changes color to a neon red

  33. ”you at home now know the answer” no:(

  34. Dammit, there needs to be a warning for people who are high heading into that laughing section

  35. wait what ?
    i can't see the answers. This kinda ruins the experience. Sorry but my 1st dislike. You could have just showed the answers at the end at least.

  36. iI am german. We do not have humor. But that was funny…

  37. Incredibile to see that Blaire knows more about cats than HPL

  38. 16:29 it’s so cool to hear Aotearoa mentioned!! and it wasnt an accountant but people have brought sheep to indoor work environments before so Adam was pretty spot on 😆

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