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Let’s Play SOUNDS FISHY | Board Game Club

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  1. Yeah, Brooke! Tell Walt! No one has ever had a rabbit mascot as a main character and made it work. A Bunny who loves Bugs, maybe… but not a rabbit.

  2. I’m a long standing patreon of NRB, a kickstarter backer and an avid board game fan and player. My god this was one funny episode. I know it’s unlikely but I would love you guys to play this again! Might be one of my favourite episodes of board game club now, excellent stuff!

  3. Sully is a remarkably knowledgeable person! His use of logic and deductive reasoning is quite swell as well!

  4. There's nothing more entertaining like Sullivan's laugh! And yes, that is definitely a heat stroke. I played Skull with my friends to forget I'm like dying. I can't wait to play this one!

  5. I would love to see Brooke continue to display her prowess in fish based games by playing as the shark in Jaws

  6. This better version of fibbage was pretty fun to watch. I can't believe Adam got away with laughing at his own joke until it was funny. I'm glad you came back to deception, just some days ago I was thinking about how I missed the game.

    Also, it seems that Blair tends to make great comebacks when she has horrible starts.

  7. I actually knew the Disney question because of the Epic Mickey games lol. The hidden Disney history of the forgotten Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was a main plot point of the games. And it really worth a look to check out the real history of Oswald and why he was forgotten to time, its a fascinating story.

  8. Im sure the pig in animal farm is called Napoleon

  9. 1:40 of complete laughter @42:13 and I'm dying from the nonsensicalness(new word lol) 🤣 😂 😭 😆 💀

  10. FYI, Legos are stolen a LOT, thats why they are sold on the black market.

  11. 46th day of asking for you to play sea of thieves' board game!

  12. I totally hate myself for watching this despite haven't finished watching the other Lord of the Board videos. So Brooke won huh 😭, I mean I'm happy for her but I got spoiled hard.

  13. Our Lady of Board Gaming is awful smug these days. XD

  14. Them laughing! Well, pretending and then laughing. I started laughing right along with them. Thanks for that!

  15. The fake laugh slowly and steadily evolving into the whole table actually in tears for real is the funniest thing ive seen in a long time

  16. Number of games Adam won: 10

    Number of games Adam lost : 39

    Games BGC played total in 2022 : 52

    Number of times Adam WILLINGLY chooses yellow: 14

    Number of games Adam wins BotC: 4

    Number of games Adam's wins in other series: 13

    Number of games Sully has broken his resolution to always win: 45

    Number of games Laurie has won BotC in 2022: 0

    Has Adam played Diplomacy with Dom yet? Yes: No: ✓

  17. Actually the french pignaming-law has been revoked a few months ago…

  18. I'm pretty sure the sitting down has more to do with the safety of tons of equipment they have to wear and either have access to, or remove ease of taking from others.

  19. I had wisdom teeth surgery this morning and so I have to try to watch this without laughing.

    It hasn't been working well.

  20. Insta-liked the video for the glorious heralding of Her Majesty, The Lord of the Board, Long May She Reign.

  21. Love the addition of ken to NRB! What a lovely lad.

  22. 53:15 Sully… that letter was in the Greek alphabet… it's one of the oldest letters in the alphabet… Sully!

  23. Im so glad they finally recorded their own laugh track for BGC, its exactly what the channel needed. It should now play during every single joke of the day segment from here on out.

  24. This game plays a bit like Fibbage from the Jackbox games…I love fibbage so I might get this one day XD

  25. There's a special absurdity in Adam making fun of Germans for their drinking stereotypes in a video released three days after one of him and Sully drinking each other under the table over Battleship.

  26. I don't know why, but I'[m just obsessed with that guy at the beginning who glances up at the camera for a fraction of a second as it rushes away from them. I love them so much.

  27. In Epic Mickey 2, you can play as Oswald, so I knew that one.

  28. Look at you, nailing the 1 hour runtime right on the dot!

  29. 42:10 is hands down, my favorite moment in NRB history to date. Magnificent.

  30. Change the topic to history and Sullivan turns from … well Sullivan, into a genius.

  31. That fake laugh -> hysterics had me in literal tears you all have such infectious laughs 😂

  32. Fantastic episode. Can't wait for Deception in person, been waiting for so long. That 42min bit made me think you also need to do a compilation of the greatest moments in NRB history (I remember Tummy sword to this day).

  33. I've been stuck home for the past week with Covid and have been binging all the videos from this channel. I'm so glad I found this channel, otherwise I would have been bored to death.

  34. Ah so, a boardgameified version of Two of These People Are Lying.

  35. So; Jesus, Pythagoras, Michael Jackson, Buddha and Former US President John F. Kennedy. Walk into a bar-

  36. Jesus Christ Adam – I’m American and even I know that QEII worked as a car mechanic during WWII

  37. Sully got me on the second one. It legitimately sounded like something one of the later first century BCE Neopythagorean cults would believe.

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