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Let’s Play THE ESTATES | Board Game Club

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  1. We need more silly and fun board games! Your Monsdrawity, Mean Girls, Secret Crush, Champion of the Wild etc

  2. Nice to see Adam practicing his board game real estate skills in preparation for his inevitable monopoly marathon.

  3. A bit of questionable advice there at 15:00. Rooftop tiles won at an auction must be placed and cannot be discarded.

  4. All the chaos ensued because blair wanted to pay 11 million

  5. Eh, this is kinda why I'm not a fan of the game. If you don't get any of the companies, you're basically out of the game, and if you're the last one to get one, you get price gauged up the wazoo.

  6. Not my type of game but I love the whole crew would watch just about anything with them in it great job.

  7. tune in to watch the cast shit on the economic system that singlehandedly makes these videos a profitable venture

  8. You really should do a The Thing replay with Dom. He was brilliant in this!

  9. Board Game Club 2022 Stats

    Weeks: 27
    Games: 42 +1(Fiasco)

    Laurie: 16-25
    Sullivan: 11-30
    Adam: 9-32 (+2 not on YouTube)
    Brooke: 8-6
    Carley: 7-4
    Tom: 7-10
    Jon: 6-8
    Blair: 5-13
    Rosie: 4-21
    Isaac: 3-7
    Dom: 3-8
    Isa: 0-1
    Ken: 0-4
    Tilly: 0-8

  10. The thing you always have to respect about Dom is that he never does less than invest 100% of himself into every game he plays

  11. 9:37 Oh Dom, this was a bad year to use Man United as an example for winners

  12. The second I saw this particular game, and dom, I knew someone was leaving with claw marks

  13. Building a city without an evil mayor to run it? This is an outrage. I’m outraged. I demand Mayor Clean.

  14. Adam: "Eight… plus… nine.. thats 16"
    (When counting Laurie's points)
    im just disappointed by Terry shoulda caught that one u.u lol

  15. I loved how after laurie had his starting ventures all stolen from him, he just joined adam in spending the entire game just sewing chaos and not actually trying to build anything until his properties eventually came back out.

  16. They should play Root once, just to see Tom in his natural habitat, give Blair a reason for her micevoices and Adam completely losing it (in all possible ways)!

  17. Number of games Adam won: 9

    Number of games Adam lost : 34

    Games played total in 2022 : 45

    Number of times Adam WILLINGLY chooses yellow: 12

    Number of games Adam wins BotC: 3

    Number of games Adam's wins in other series: 12

    Number of games Sully has broken his resolution to always win: 38

    Number of games Laurie has won BotC in 2022: 0

    Has Adam played Diplomacy with Dom yet? Yes: No: ✓

  18. After seeing Dom massively unravel I feel like we need to see Dom vs Jon in either Tic-Tac-Toe or Chess so we can see who goes off the rails quickest

  19. Dom is a Batman villain and I love him for it

  20. This was so fun to watch. Absolutely cutthroat game!

  21. First game in a hot minute where I haven't been a huge fan of the game itself. Probably not a buy from me, but y'all goofs are as entertaining as ever so still time well spent.

  22. We need Dom and Jon in some kind of paranoia-inducing game together for ultimate unraveling content.

  23. Please please please play Chameleon by big potato games 💕

  24. Oh how i wish to be the cards Blair and Lauri embezzled

  25. Blair: I forgot to embezzle!
    Treasury Department: Oh, well, we were about to audit your business, but if you say you didn't embezzle, that's good enough for us.

  26. I'm a half hour in and have no idea how this game works but every one seems to be having a nice time.

  27. is there a reason to not embezzle all the time

  28. Dom is like Fenton from Home Movies all grown up. And English.

  29. One day I'll see a "Let's Play TWILIGHT IMPERIUM 4 | Board Game Club" title on my YouTube feed. Then I will truly be a happy man.

  30. Blair was the moral victor there. Adam sort of didn't really bother which is a shame but when you own no cards I guess it's how it goes.

  31. Asking again for the friendly, waving barkeep from the opening roll to be invited to sit in.

  32. Loved this game. Tried to buy it but it seems to be impossible to find, guess my wallet was saved this Tuesday

  33. to put out a video of hating monopoly this…….3 min in…..sounds alot like monopoly lol

  34. Iv been binge watching old BGC episodes recently, so my big question is when is the big 100k sub stream and is Blair contractually obligated to do the whole thing in a british accent?

  35. Nice to see cool heads prevail. No raging. No bloody vengeance… Oh. Wait.

    It's fun to see Dom get stuck in his own head. Always funny to see one players turn take longer than everyone elses combined. Not due to being absentminded, but by being soo invested. Thinking as hard about the game decision as they would about an important life decision. Which it of course is. (not sarcastic)

  36. You don't f****s with @ElFakidor. El Fakidor f****s with you.

  37. Great game , have you thought of playing goonies never say die

  38. I have one question in regards to scoring.

    if Dom puts a red 2 on a square, Sullivan puts a green 1 on top. Adam puts a 2 roof on it and Laurie has the green card. what do people score?

  39. Well this is the first BGC that’s made me actually shout at the screen (“oh no Blair what are you DOING?” when she didn’t use her last roof to finish off the top row). To be fair, i don’t actually know if that was a mistake or not but i was definitely invested. 😄

  40. Dom is so embracing his heel game board playing character!

  41. Red is for winners: 'Man United and the Soviet Union!' Definitely 2 groups that are known for being very successfull right now lmao

  42. @4:56 "You live to die another day." That's my joke of the day.

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