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  1. Somehow not the most sexual episode on NRB

  2. I need more Thing in my life!!! Like this game can be played so many different ways that I need multiple run-throughs of this on the channel! Especially just to see the fun thing mechanic!

  3. It’s worth noting that games that are this rules-y are not as fun to watch as most games.

  4. Probably my favourite boardgame club episode to date? It had everything in it, and I mean everything😂

  5. 1:53:43 I think there should be a rules change on a contagion check with 3 people. I think it's BS how one person can miss out by having 2 people take each other's token instead of all three taking a token instead

  6. I can't find a more recent video, but here goes.

    For the second year Sullivan Beau Brown is My Man of the Year.

    But I have betrayed him. 😔

    For last night I dreamt of him. And Brooke.

    We had a fun time in my dreams. 😔😔

    But in my dream I betrayed him.😔😔😔

    For I interacted with Brooke in a naughty way. 😔😔😔😔

    I expect no forgiveness and Sullivan should punch me in the face. No, he doesn't even have put in the effort. Just raise his fist at head height and I'll do the work by running into it. 👊😔

    I have betrayed Sullivan. It may be in my mind, but I deserve no sympathy and must be punished.😔

  7. That was a great watch, and my first on this channel. Will definitely be returning for more.👍

  8. This was bloody awesome!! Thank you guys for everything you've done! Kept me chilled and at ease through a difficult year

  9. Two observations (SPOILER ALERT):
    1) The looks of "I knew it!" and "Well, well, well!" that Adam gives when the Things are revealed.

    2) The people that wanted to be Thing the least ended up as it! 🤣

    A fantastic episode of Board Game Club to end 2022! I'm so glad I found this channel on YouTube! Happy New Year to the NRB team! 😊

  10. Can I put in a request that you all play “Who Goes There?” to complete the trilogy of board games based on this IP?

  11. You guys are awesome! So many new games to try now. 🙂

  12. I was positive it was Adam when he suggested sending someone into an unneeded room with a dog just because the idea was to test them that turn. So, if the dog infects them no one knows if they were the thing before or after, making that information useless. Exactly the kind of thing a thing player would want.

  13. After the massive sabotage turn I thought there'd be more things

  14. You guys should play Star Wars: Outer Rim

  15. Hi Adam so what ever happened to Playing Power grid ?

  16. Will you guys play Kings dilemma? I know you all would enjoy it

  17. This looks fun. Shame I didn’t back it.

  18. yeah the thing would make a great board game. basically one person is the thing and infects others and trys to infect everyone to win and whoever isn't infected is trying to find and destroy the thing while also trying to escape and stay alive.

  19. Can you please do an episode playing Junta? It would be a great game for you guys.

  20. 1:20:10 I 100% need to know what Jon said to actually make them bleep it out. They swear like crazy on this channel.

  21. Spoilers for the episode!

    If Carly WAS actually the thing at the end there, she 100% would've deserved the win because that would've been some IMPRESSIVE acting. Also, fun little tidbit, during an early round after Sully and Blair had met for the first time and Blair(?) infected Sully, it was basically confirmed that they were the things. There were three sabatage cards. They were the only two who had met together up until that point, so if I'm understanding the game right, they had to both be things. The only question after that is if the third sabatage was another thing or if it was rando.

  22. The daddy chat is pretty funny, some of the responses to the daddy chat in the comments… quite concerning

  23. LOVE this episode – one of the best playthroughs yet.. however Carly’s constant talking over everyone and quarterbacking the entire game added so much time and took a lot of table talk away from the other players. Apart from that, thanks for an amazing year of content and can’t wait for the next 🎉

  24. This was a blast, I am so happy I got this with the expansion on the Norwegian outpost. Thanks guys! cheers from Tokyo!

  25. The Thing board games are always classics as far as I’m concerned.

  26. Now that you've played through both The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 and The Thing: The Board Game, would you consider also playing Who Goes There? 2nd Edition? It would be very interesting to compare the three play throughs, including seeing your reactions to game play, your impressions and opinions.

  27. I can’t believe they played The Thing without Dom again 😂

  28. This was so stressful because I know Blair really didn’t want to be The Thing, and she was on the verge of being voted for over two hours.

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