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Let’s Play THUNDER ROAD VENDETTA | Board Game Club

No Rolls Barred
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  1. First of all, the 40:00 mark is Sully being… Sully.

    Second, Adam and his descriptions of Holly being blasted into space due to shrapnel made me immediately want to buy this game.

  2. "I died as I lived: a ghost."

    Favourite line ever.

  3. Please I need you guys to play the Flying Dutchman’s Treasure Hunt from spongebob for a house rules video

  4. I recently found your channel and have been digesting your content at an astounding pace. Thank you for the hours/days of enjoyment! I was wondering if you ever thought about playing Small World?

  5. Ashamed of myself for laughing out loud during the intro when Adam said “chonky big boi”

  6. Anyone else think it’s funny that the 40 minute scream happened at 52:26? Lol

  7. Small problem @59:05
    Hate to call ya out, buddy. But you didn't win the LotB tourney this time around. You aren't the King right now. We have a Queen last time I checked.

  8. Could you play goat lords it’s my favourite game and can be quite mean 😂

  9. Good one Sullivan. Now, where do i get my 20 bucks?

  10. I want to love this game but it seems slightly too complicated for me. So many little things to forget each turn.

  11. I wonder if they will play patriot with laurey

  12. "I died as I lived – a ghost" is my favorite line ever!!

  13. the lighting makes them look like corpses for the monologues. Good times otherwise

  14. Another game to add to the list. Good fun.

  15. The stuttering/shudder on the pictures as the camera pans past the wall on the intro is terrifying and makes me feel sick lol, I like the idea but could use some tweaking to make it smoother 😀

  16. You only roll first player on the first round. After that, the first player moves clockwise around the table each successive round.

  17. Noooooo yo u boys went to UK games expo dam it next year I challenge you both to blindfold thumtac croncinol

  18. I'm trying to like the new intro but guys I just hate it so much I'm sorry 😭😭

  19. this new lighting setup and table are not great. It makes everyone look way too paper white and distracts from the game. Go back to the old space or reduce the lights. Looks like a bunch of albinos and the highlighted legs are distracting and add nothing.

  20. of course adam is gods favorite, otherwise how do you explain how few house rules sullivan has won?

  21. Its been wonderful being able to reflect back to when NRB was first starting out and how the cast slowly expanded to what we have today. Tilly has made leaps and bounds from her first game as a part of the crew. Honestly ask me then if she was likely to make a return and i would have been skeptical, but looking at they way she has really broken into her own is awe-inspiring. This is the best time for Board Games in a place where your outreach is far and wide doing good things for everyone around the world. Also being copied for a format you guys created by one of the largest and oldest YouTube channels Smosh was super cool to see as well. Great job lads and ladies of NRB – Super proud to be a part of this community

  22. The in-game banter is second to none. You guys are hilarious.

  23. Why does the ghost car sound like Alan Bennett?

  24. Recently discovered this channel and have been binge watching the content. It has inspired me to play more board games with my children but find a lot of shops have a poor selection of family board games, so any recommendations of places with a good range would be appreciated.

  25. It feels like a backhanded compliment but I really wasn't sure of Tilly the first few times I saw her, the humour just didn't connect and she seemed a little nervous and quiet. She's still a little quiet, but I enjoy her comments and humour much more now. I think she's fast become one of my favourite cast members, and I think she has such a good connection with Sully (which makes sense since they are friends) it's a nice little back and forth they have before she decides to just destroy him anyway.

  26. Hey Adam and the gang!
    My friend and I have spent a few years (time here and there) developing a game ourselves. We're about to start fabrication on a prototype then we're hoping to find a punlisher. I was wondering if you'd be interested in taking a look at it at some point? As connoisseurs of games, we'd love your input! It would also be amazing, if you like the game, if you did a video about it, but of course I don't want to put the cart before the horse!
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  27. You NEED to play Dice throne on this show.

  28. Besides the Sheriff of Nottingham video has there ever been a board game club that Laurie wasn’t apart of? I know Adam is the “face” of NRB but to me, Laurie not being on BGC is the equivalent to Adam not being there…

    Just weird and I don’t like it lol. Love everyone here and loved this episode just feel weird not seeing Laurie 😂

  29. I'm like legit fiending for more no rolls bard over here. Yall need to meet more than once per week XD

  30. I went straight to the 40:00…and back again…and it all makes so much more sense.

  31. So fun fact Holly and Sully "Uh-oh, Chongo!" was a catchphrase used in the 80s to introduce the next episode of Danger Island done by Hanna_Barbera. Somthing I never watch or go in the Aussies nation but was something that was sold to both the UK and North American countries. So you are not alone many people got the refrence but it is super niecie

  32. 58:53 – don't you mean.


    PS: this was very fun and I would totally watch another go.

  33. I miss Adam's blonde hair. In fact, I will bleach mine next week because I love it so much!

  34. I just clicked on 40:00, and all I see is Sully's Haloperidol wearing off. Don't get me wrong, I love when that happens… but it is not the promised content 😉

  35. I recently discovered this group and love their chaotic energy. So i did a search to see if theyve played one of my most favorite board games "Bang!" I was suprised to see they haven't and really hope they will some time.

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