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Let’s Play TRIAL BY TROLLEY | Board Game Club

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  1. Super surprised when Laurie said Red Hot Chili Peppers is his favorite band, but I should have expected it because he's a Lovely Man 😎😘

  2. No one mentioning the time paradox where sully can’t kill his parents if he’d never existed in the first place so even if he went over there he wouldn’t be able kill his parents for he did not exist😅

  3. 24:35 Those people are clearly not on the racks. Also, the trolly driver wasn't gonna see the live performance anyway.

  4. Each unicorn has unique powers; no two unicorns have exactly the same kind of powers. Therefore, you can't just assume that any random unicorn can grant you world peace, and has not had the will to do that up until the point where Tilly came upto him to ask for it

  5. Eternal youth doesn't mean youth doesn't necessarily mean immortal so people will still die. From health conditions to other natural ways to die. It really just gave the opportunity to live longer should you choose to take it.

  6. You go back in time to save Mozart, what reason did you have to go back in time? Mozart survived.

  7. Throughout the first one I was thinking of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, and I was thinking that the secret to eternal youth might be a terrible thing

  8. I’m surprised no one said the philosopher’s teachings are be excellent to each other and party on, dudes

  9. Killing your parents is a paradox that can't be solved, so we have to assume you don't actually disappear otherwise it couldn't happen.
    So kill your parents, take the time machine and prevent yourself from killing them in the first place.

    Bam. Paradox resolved.

  10. I genuinely hope you don't think alternate timeliness are "made up for marvel films". I would be so disappointed.


  12. All the mimes in the comments
    "………………… ….. …….. ……….."

  13. It may have been pointed out already, but Unicorns can only grant wishes that are selfless and asked by those of pure heart. So probably wouldn't be granting any wishes after Tilly murdered that baby.

  14. Disappointed in the lack of

  15. The Sully round sounds like a Futurama bit, and I'd watch it ^^

  16. I wish they'd flipped a coin or something to see if the 3rd grade chess player actually survived

  17. why is no one talking about when lori asked sulivan if he was realy that important as he is controling the train that changes the fate of humanity

  18. She won't kill a baby, but has no problem but killing the guy who brings world peace???

  19. As someone who has contemplated death and immortality far more than is possibly healthy, eternal youth does not mean you won't die, it simply means you don't age. As well, it does not protect you from disease, meaning even if you were immortal, you're still susceptible to cancer, organ failures, aneurysms, etc. and you now have yo deal with that, possibly forever.

  20. 43:00 Jon has obviously never seen the classic movie "Clerks"

  21. 35:55 wouldn’t there still be fish in the lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks, oceans, bays, and technically any other sea except for that one nonspecific sea? Perhaps it’s the Dead Sea, not many fish there are there?

  22. The Time Machine one has a very obvious answer, I'm shocked none of them noticed. You save the time machine, to use the time machine, bring it back 5 minutes, then destroy the track with the time machine, cause you now already have one.

  23. Tiny problem of Unicorns granting wishes, you have to be pure of heart. I don't think it would like it that you killed so many so save it.

  24. Wow. Calling Twitter the bad part of the internet makes you the bad part of the internet.

  25. I wonder if this came out before the overturning of Roe v Wade, cause I was surprised they didn't bring it up at all during the final round with the supreme court justices.

  26. Oh for god sake Jon settle down and let the other team present their arguments. So annoying

  27. "It is getting a little bit unruly, so how about, pitch, pitch, decision?"
    Ee…mmediately becomes unruly again….

  28. But if he's never conceived how would he drive the trolley?

  29. A time machine would have to both travel space and time, because earth moves in space pretty fast at all times. 😅 If you only traveled in time, earth would leave you hanging in space somewhere along her orbit. 😂

  30. Go for the parents concieving you. Once you dont exist you dont run them over… or destroy the universe in a Schroedinger-like "is while isn't paradox"

  31. I love that the first problem was just "would you like to save all children and maintain the general status quo, or live eternally with supervillains and implied superheros under an AI"

  32. As a Mime's interpreter, my client is extremely troubled by the accusations in this video.

  33. 49:40 EXCUSE YOU
    Unicorn horns are associated with purity, touching a sick person will purge toxins and disease, and no thief can take one for the unbearable regret they feel in the act.

  34. ⬛⬜⬛⬜😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤☠☠☠😈👀🔙

  35. You'll be fine, just go back in time and look at stuff

  36. Compared to a unicorn, the philosopher is a baby. Unicorns can live for over 1.000 years.

  37. I want a team of top lawyers playing it

  38. when adam was the conductor, i would have chosen the dad side, cause who wouldnt smash a dragon

  39. Id have tried the argument that due to the grandfather paradox, it would be impossible to make ypurself not exist and disappear because time would correct it by making a new reality where you werent born but you arent from this reality meaning you are basically in a newly created alternate universe. Also by having the time machine, you could stop ypur former self from even getting into the trolley to begin with.

    suicidal edition where you want to die..

  41. poacher: Phew, that was close. I thought that trolley was going to hit me. o shit look a unicorn. 'aims gun'

  42. So Obama got a million bucks for not being George Bush then?

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