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  1. When Tom got reliable/unreliable on his second go I was just hoping his clue was going to be the British government every time

  2. I wasn't expecting No Rolls Barred to say there's no ethical consumption under capitalism, but I'm here for it.

  3. second round they should of been "Them Piss Boys 2: Electrocuted boogaloo" Because if you piss on a socket you will be electrocuted.

  4. I really really wanna see this group run some Cosmic Encounters lol

  5. Enjoying the switch to more party based games recently 👍🏻

  6. How do I root for tilly but also hope for Adam to lose?

  7. request for you to play carcassone! its an old game but I've been recently getting super into it & there's so many expansions that can be added for maximum fun 🥰

  8. I would have thought a man in a black-and-white checked ska shirt would judge the style of zebras more favorably

  9. Laurie getting the Hairy-Hairless prompt 😩

  10. "The silly hair man killed a lot of people." Can't tell if Boris or Donald…

  11. On the Hairless/hairy clue the idea was respectable but the execution was a misfire I understand it's hard to think in the moment but I'd a said Adams face

  12. That video was worth the watch just for the sexy discussion. I was chuckling like an idiot.

    Also shout out to Teri or who ever else does the editing. That wheel was great and I bet was super fucking fiddly to do

  13. 53:04 did Dan say what everyone’s facial expressions really make it seem like he said?

  14. Doesn't the team going second start with 1 point?

  15. I humbly request more Tom and Dan for future board game club episodes. They are absolutely fantastic.

  16. Sorry but a zebra lots more donket then horse

  17. I'm legitimately surprised that it was NEVER referenced that this game was played 3 times on this channel already, in a digital format. I have always ALWAYS loved when NRB plays this game and really hope to be able to find a big enough group to play it with myself one day! 🙂

  18. … I've never seen a play about somebody wanting to f*ck a zebra… – Sullivan Beau Brown, 2022

  19. Tbf, 12/42 win for Adam, that’s about 1 in 4 win, an average game has 5 ppl, he just has as much chance to win as others, not better, not worse

  20. 48:23 "I val- I value Laurie…"
    eyes show pain and internal screaming, like a gun is pointed at his head

  21. I would have gone with Adventures in Babysitting for an adventure movie that isn't action oriented.

  22. I wonder how Sullivan is going to react the first time someone on the street looks over at him and yells out "Hey! It's one of them piss boys!"

  23. Sully's chemistry with literally everyone is so charming 🙂

    Also 31:32 Adam being my spirit animal pun very much intended

  24. I played this game with my mom and her friends (well, I "hosted" it for them to play) once, and they had an absolute blast once they got in the zone. They were laughing, talking, having discussions, and after every round they'd spend a few minutes just goofing around about the clue until someone else got up to have a go. Every time they were right on they'd cheer, when they were just off they'd "rassifrassin" in mock frustration, and when they were way off they'd all just laugh and the clue giver would say something like "I probably should've said something else, shouldn't I?" Instant hit, can't recommend this game highly enough to anyone, because you can play it with literally anyone. Strangers? Try giving a general clue. Good friends? Maybe give a clue that you know one will catch on to and hope they steer everyone in the right direction.

  25. If you spell ‘Chuck Norris’ in Scrabble, you win forever

  26. 20:02 I get you Sully. I was playing along, and I though just a hair to the right of center.

  27. I'm here for the Chuck Norris jokes. My life is now complete.

  28. Ah yes another game with sole Adam and sole sully

  29. For the colorful/colorless, I would have chosen Zack Snyder's Justice League

  30. 10:48 Just wanted to say I loved Dan talking to both cameras like an op-Ed, very much on the comedy-drama tightrope

  31. I wonder if I’ve seen a show like this before. 🤔

  32. I feel like board games are primarily something that straight people enjoy, it's nice having some lgbt+ people playing games

  33. That first rule of board game club slayed me.
    Wavelength is now the go to party game for my friends and I thanks to BGC.
    Adam being a stickler for the rules but not knowing the team that goes second automatically starts on 1 point. Tsk tsk.

  34. And the game explanation contrast problem is back. Ah well. It was nice for the one single episode it was fixed for…

  35. Do hope tomska can join more games in future he pritty cool guy and full of comic timing

  36. most annoying thing in this entire video is how they equate good = progressive, and not, you know, GOOD, like i dont know, make a wish or a company that treats kids cancer or something…

  37. Dan and Sullivan's relationship this game is that of the Goofy Gophers from Looney Tunes!

  38. Adam slurs Toms name enough that Im not sure whether he knows if he is sitting next to Tomska or Tom Scott.

  39. So, there is a mistake, as the team that doesn't start get's a point at the start of the game to compensate them being behind

  40. "The silly hair man killed a lot of people."
    A statement accurate in multiple countries, it would seem.

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