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Let’s Play WAVELENGTH | Board Game Club

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  1. absolutely unrelated, but i am OBSESSED with Dan's open shirt. king shit

  2. Sully Forever. He's even better than Chuck Norris.

  3. Chuck Norris doesn’t do a push up…. He pushes the Earth down

  4. 19:43 I would have went with superhero movies from 2008 to the present day. For every Thor: Ragnarok there was a Justice League of Darkness

  5. 19:32 Name a film that is half colour half b&w?

    Momento. Your welcome, Sully.

  6. Oh god. Thank you so much for bringing Chuck Norris jokes back into my mind. I have fond memories of playing original WoW, sitting in the Barrens and just trading terrible terrible Chuck Norris jokes with other people. Chuck Norris can speak braille. Chuck Norris can divide by zero. Good times.

  7. Hate to be the rules guy but if the wavelength is visible on both sides on the circle you have to spin again… ADAM

  8. Is tomska gonna be a constant, reoccurring, special, or one time guest? Not a problem for any of them just kinda curious if I should expect his opportunistic vibe

  9. Board Game Club 2022 Stats (only YT)

    Weeks: 35
    Games: 54

    Laurie: 20-32
    Sullivan: 14-38
    Brooke: 11-8
    Adam: 11-41
    Jon: 8-8
    Carley: 7-4
    Tom: 7-11
    Blair: 7-16
    Rosie: 4-21
    Isaac: 3-7
    Dom: 3-8
    Teri: 1-1
    Ken: 1-8
    Dan: 1-3
    TomSka: 1-3
    Tilly: 1-13
    Isa: 0-1

  10. Dont be silly beastiality is 5 year from now. The current liberal thing is child drag shows

  11. Sully gave the exact clue for "colourless/colourful" I was thinking of

  12. Adam said focaccia!

    All be my witness, this is finally his true love declaration to me 😊

  13. This was fun to watch. When Sullivan said blobfishes were the unsexiest animals I said "yes!" out loud, and it was very funny how Tomska argued against that. I'm looking forward to the next game. I hope you play equinox or captain sonar some day.

  14. so what I got from this game is that Laurie gives realy poor clues, Sullivan would be in better hands if he was on the other team and Adam is still a furry.

  15. Can't believe Tomska let the game proceed at 37:50 without giving the wheel a re-shuffle since the 4-point zone was completely out of bounds. Weird…

  16. Fantastic episode, just made me wanna play the game that much more :')

  17. Does Dan say what I (and from his reaction, Adam) think he said when marking the board after the second game??

  18. A movie that's half color, half not — Pleasantville.

  19. We definitely need more dan and tomska. They're absolutely a riot to watch

  20. I discovered this channel a few weeks ago and I'm loving it! A small recommendation: When referencing older videos (Muffin Time video, 31:00 Adam talking about Nala, 47:55 the Mean Girls video), link them in the video so newcomers can find them easily.

  21. So happy Tom recorded more than one video, hopefully he comes back for another session

  22. Would love to see you guys play codenames, in person this time 😅

  23. How did "listening to Clip Clop" not get Yoke of the Day?

  24. Triforce of Power is perfect for Adam given that it's usually held by Ganon, who by the end always loses.

  25. 5 minutes in and I’m kinda sad they didn’t go “piss thems”

  26. "If that's what it means to be woke, I'll go back to sleep"
    I'm definitely what would be considered "woke" but god I hope I can use this like sometime

  27. I find it interesting how Adam read many of the range cards right to left

  28. We have a house rule in this game where the whole point slice has to be visible – it makes it a bit more interesting when you can't go for the obvious extremes!

  29. I thought wizard of oz was a brilliant clue, Sully!

  30. and on my birthday Adam is finally winning and so is Tilly, good job Laurie – what a great gift from the board game real legends and the ending killed me omg i love this channel

  31. Oh, PitchCar is going to be fun to watch.

  32. "Romancing the Stone" is a good flick. You should check it out.

  33. How sexy you find zebras depends on one question: Are you into interracial stuff?

  34. Be honest, if Sully was running for MP, or a government leadership position, how many people would vote for him? Honestly I would.

  35. Hey Adam, I think we got the wrong blonde on House Rules

  36. I watch these guys play so much that I started my own board game club at university

  37. This is got to be the worst game you guys have played in a long time such a stupid concept. No hate your way just a horrible board game

  38. Dan's right, head to Cardiff on the days when the Brains brewery cleans their tanks and the hops smell was amazing.

  39. I love Tomska!!! He is awesome…need more of him on BGC please

  40. When Tom got reliable/unreliable on his second go I was just hoping his clue was going to be the British government every time

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