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  1. I think now every time I see Tilly, I'm going to think about her groundbreaking role as Mr. Peeps in Call of Cthulhu 😂

  2. "What does she think of porridge" – Sully 😂😂

  3. The moment I get paid I intend to sign up to the Patrion JUST for the Gregg's talk.

  4. As and ameriacn I support Brooke in the Jelly vs Jam vs Jello argument

  5. Anyone else wanna petition against these short games to stop Adam from taking advantage of the rules?? 😂

  6. Sully and Laurie…it’s cheese thief all over again

  7. As an American, Jelly was a painful round for me

  8. The funny part about the editors notes on the Greggs chat is that it’s actually more expensive on the patreon to get greggs chat than it is to get in person blood on the clock tower, they know what their premium content is

  9. I really wish you made this video one second longer

  10. We deserve to see Adam play Monopoly. It's what we've been waiting for all year.

  11. Jam- A spread made with small pieces of fruit, sugar, water, and a thickener that is easily spreadable.
    Preserves- A jam with large/whole pieces of fruit which is more difficult to spread.
    Marmalade- A jam made with the peel of citrus that is easily spreadable.
    Jelly- A jam that is made with fruit juice or has the fruit pieces strained leaving the final product clear without any pieces in; still easily spreadable

  12. Given the absolute scam Adam is pulling with these quick play games I'll warn everyone now to keep an eye out that he doesn't try to give himself points for every round of Secret Identity instead of one point (if he's earned it) at the end of a full, four-round game.

  13. Hum… shouldn't Adam also check each loss, if he is checking each win? And wasn't the win count supposed to be a percentage of all games played in the year? I don't know…but maybe monopoly should be in the future…

  14. Now I know I need the patron because I need the greggs cut

  15. "All You Nerd is Love" was a non-album single on its original 1967 release in the UK, but was included on the U.S. "Magical Mystery Tour" LP later that same year. John Lennon was the lead singer and primary songwriter.

    "Magical Mystery Tour" was the only U.S. exclusive LP made part of the official canon discography when they came to CD in the late '80s, probably to keep the non-album tracks collection "Past Masters" to two volumes rather than three.

    Side one of the LP was the original British "Magical Mystery Tour" double-EP, resequenced. Side two were the rest of the band's non-album singles and b-sides from 1967.

  16. Nothing has made me want to join the patreon more than 5 mins of Gregg's chat

  17. the difference in jelly between american and British is crazy because im on Brooke's side.

  18. Very different definition of jelly in the US.

  19. With two Masons, a Mayor and one Person claiming Seer the Setup seems very hard to win as Werewolf.

  20. Wait can someone explain to me how the hell Jon thought "Train Tracks" meaning literally TRAIN, TRACKS… meant bracers for teeth?
    I am not familiar with UK terminology I guess to that extent, do they run around calling teeth bracers train tracks too?

  21. LMAO Poor Sully waking up being the only werewolf like "wtf what wtf what!? huh!?" I feel so bad LOLOLOL

  22. lots of fun, and i can't believe that Laurie legitimately forgot to check his card and left Sully as the only warewolf

  23. These games keep having rules broken or forgotten or derps happening that result in him winning and it feels so wrong :c

  24. Some of Tilly's answers during the "Jelly" round had me all confused too, I'm with ya Brooke. Tilly's face at being the Mayor and Seer both, THAT was spot on. So hard for the good team.

  25. Another thing, IF the mayor is ever the seer (without apprentice) they will get at least 1 word from a lower difficulty OR if werewolf at least one from higher..

    Apologies if Adam clarified this later but as of 23 mins (when Apprentice is removed) I did not hear it.

  26. Team Rocket on the one side of the table being the masons and Team Watch Out Brooke He Steal Yo Man being the werewolves on the other end was truly funny.

  27. Jelly is Jam and Jam is Jelly. Peanut Butter and Jam just doesn't sound right to my American ears.

  28. Brooke was correct about the jelly argument!

  29. Genuinely. I'm saving up because I'm having a baby soon but god damn. I have never been more tempted to sub to a Patreon because of that damn Gregs discussion. Loved the episode. Thanks from Manchester.

  30. Theses party games are the best but they are an easy way for Adam to rack up wins. 5 should be taken off and he should be only able to claim for 1 win in a recording.

  31. My younger cousins showed me this game, and it sucked because they all peaked to see who was what roles lol

  32. Once again you guys are wrong. Jelly and Jam are not the same, They differ in the ingredients, fruit's physical form and also the way they're made. Jelly refers to a type of clear fruit spread consisting of firmed fruit (or vegetable) juice made with pectin. Jam refers to a product made with whole fruit, cut into pieces or crushed. While jams contain fruit pulp, jellies have the juice form of fruit. I can't wait till this thing with Adam winning so many games is over. I think is drive to win is just manipulating things. By the way what was his original goal?

  33. You should try the game 'Curios' on the channel soon!

  34. Adam, Adam, Adam, 22/50 episodes won, not 22 wins out of an indeterminate number of games. Should, at the most, put one check mark on an episode if he wins at least one game. Even more accurate for these short form games would be to only allow him to put it if he won more than he lost that episode, but that does seem a bit harsh, considering. Especially in situations like this, where he lost more than he won, one of the wins was effected by what could be construed as a rules violation by Laurie, and Adam won as part of a team effort rather than on his own, two check marks is really pushing the letter of the challenge.

  35. I was about to rage comment about them not talking about the word being revealed in Round 1. Then they talk about it in round 2, so I guess they learned but then they didn't talk about who was Seer so that also ticked me of, but then they started claiming the role so I guess that's about it, they all learned eventually. Just bummed there were not much conflicts with the role claims. :< BUT HEY WEREWORDS!!! fckng love the game.

  36. Sully looking so confused at 52:24 was the most hilarious thing. He was the perfect one to react to such a scenario. He looked so lost ヾ(≧▽≦*)

  37. how to make it look like you dont cheat 20 wins staring stuff i saw in real husttle on how to play it so you get enought to not play mnopply congrats on your immoral sados are us trophy if you get 22 wins adam i hope karma finds you its now my biggest wish cheaters should never proper

  38. you BASTARDS. putting greggs discourse behind a paywall? shame on you.

  39. Adam before: everybody should pay attention to the game and not keep making jokes for cheap laughter
    Adam now: Greggs lol

  40. In my family when I was kid, every 20 Questions game started with “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral”, “is it alive”, “is it bigger than a breadbox”. These guys are starting with whatever, lol.

  41. Man, watching the "jelly" round as an American was really weird. Not normally found in homes? Not made of fruit? A dessert? Ice cream is close?! Did I read the wrong word?

  42. Why does every episode start with the game being explained twice?

  43. Never had the desire to, but that greggs chat made me want to pay the patreon

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