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Let’s Play WESTERN LEGENDS | Board Game Club

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  1. Riotously unnecessary play by Brooke. Beautiful stuff, 5/5 stars

  2. Brooke destroying Adam and Sullivan for all that flirting….this was western justice and I loved every second

  3. I think Laurie wins this regardless, but Adam could have been close.

  4. …..and that was the last BGC saw of Brooke.

  5. How dare you disrespect the rightful Lord of the Board by cutting her entrance!

  6. I don't thinkni like Brooke anymore after this

  7. Not the biggest fan of western games but something about this game, intrigues me. Maybe it's the sandbox, maybe it's the mid game poker mechanic, or maybe it's just the awesome people playing, but I need this!

    Too bad everywhere I look, I run into the 3 most devastating words in all board game entertainment

    Out of Stock

  8. With all the references to Milky Ways, was Billy the Kid also known as Billy the Kid Flipz?

  9. 1:24:00 reminds me of an interaction in an old Gmod video

    Seananners: I’m here to make a deposit, I mean a withdrawl
    Gassy Mexican: Confused
    Seananners: shoots him

  10. At the end of this game, I practically expected Sully to break up with Brooke and get together with Adam over their mutual hatred of her 😀

  11. You can't tell me there isn't an unedited version of this where Adam or Sully flip this board or whole dam table over

  12. Wild Bill Hiccup is going down into Board Game Club history after this. Might have been last in the game, but they're the true legend at the end of it all

  13. For the 100k video you guys should play twilight imperium 😀

  14. All jokes aside, the way Brooke went out of her way to ruin the game for Adam and Sully was extremely irritating to watch

  15. I think Brooke must'a spent too long out'n the Ol' West sun, it's like she's gone crazier'n a snake's armpit!

  16. The guys always do a great job of explaining what they are doing and this game does look like a lot of fun but trying to follow games like this when you don't know the rules isn't unlike watching Joey, Ross, and Chandler playing 'Bamboozled'.

  17. In Brooke’s defense…Adam DID tell her to do something wild with her turn. She was only following his instructions.

  18. I can't wait for the VagrantSong, I have it and you will love it~

  19. Brooke actually made me mad. I feel for Sully and Adam.

  20. Laurie as Wyatt Earp
    Adam as Billy The Kid
    Brooke as Wild Bill Hickok
    … And Sully as The Milky Bar Kid

  21. I just want to hear Adam say "Coors, the banquet beer" in his deep cowboy voice lmfao. Fellow American watchers will understand

  22. I have to say one of the sweetest and most romantic things is the way Sully knows Brooke so well that he knows exactly when she is going to do something that people are begging her not too haha!

  23. It is fitting that the lord of the board determined the winner 😉

  24. Sorry, just had to admire Laurie's rendition of Wild, Wild West by Will Smith. As terrible as that movie was, I loved Smith's music as a kid.

  25. Would love to see issac play this game… so much freedom to do what you want.

  26. Every time Blair’s on, I’m like “yeah, Blair’s my favorite.” Every time Brooke’s on, I’m like “yeah, Brooke’s my favorite.” Lol

  27. Love this game and the video! So much fun! Also, if you plan to play it again in the future, you may find your poker playin’ more fruitful if you remember to draw your free 1 poker card at the beginning of a gamblin’ poker action. Beware the Aces & Eights, Wild Bill! 😜

  28. the reason i gave this game away is due to no incentive to attack or interact with each other, it's basically a gold nugget race

  29. I think this game is fundamentally broken. Wild Bill Hiccup came has least legendary points yet is the only one who will live on.

  30. Brooke's titles are now updated to:
    – Discount Blair
    – Lord of the Board
    – Wild Bill Rosie

  31. This was the only episode of Board Game Club that I felt sorry for Adam.

  32. The Assassination of Adam Blampied by the Coward Brooke Bourgeois.

  33. Yes, there might be winners. And there might be losers.

    But in the end, there's only one Legend.

    Wild Bill Hiccup!

  34. what? no theme song for the Lord of the Board?

  35. My group calls Brookes playstyle here being a 'sausage'. Where you are in last, are terrible, and yet still use your turns to take out 2nd place, basically just allowing the winner completely dominate.

  36. This game is such a blast to play. This was just the base game, all the extra expansions it has makes it even better with more choices, larger map, gambling points, robbing the train, etc…!

    Not sure why Wild Bill decided to rob Billy the Kid instead of robbing the bank. There were a handful of rules mistakes, but this type of sandbox experience game will have that. As long as everyone at table is having fun, and it looked like they were for the most part until Wild Bill ruined it.

  37. WHY YOU WITH ME WILD BILL?!?? at 1:27:20 is one of the funniest rants I've seen Sullivan do hahaha

  38. You guys never disappoint,please someone pledge a ridiculous amount of money so they never stop making these videos 👍🏻

  39. At the end of the year: I would buy a Cd or record of all of the songs from the show

  40. Laurie's look in this video gives the impression that he should be hanging round the Australian outback. G'day Ginger Beard!

  41. This was hilarious. Adam and Sully were so upset. Laurie just sat back and enjoyed it. Brooke is soo mean! The end. 🙂

  42. 0:01 that dude! Always freaks me out when he stares right at the camera…sort it out!

  43. This was THE most frustrating game to watch that you guys have posted. Watching Brooke kingmake just to come in last is beyond frustrating to watch, idk how Adam and Sully didnt flip the table. I hate kingmaking so much. If there is one way to ruin a game (in my opinion) its to kingmake.

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