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Let’s Play WONDERLANDS WAR (Part 1) | Board Game Club

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  1. That thumbnail picture of Sully already existed and you can't convince me otherwise.

  2. You do know that if you were given the game for free, you need to declare it as paid promotion, right?

  3. You can really tell the of hot it is, by how sweaty and shiny Adam's face is in that first part

  4. I like to imagine that production of Alice in Wonderland Sully mentioned, was a one man show

    I don't know how to feel about this!!!!
    I love it
    complicated games are overwhelming but they can be so dramatic
    keep up the great work!
    can't wait to see how this goes

  6. I'm sure you have to place your leader on the board as soon as you've taken your last tea party card. I haven't played in a few months so correct me if I'm wrong

  7. This looks so cool, and SO complicated to actually set up! There's no way I'll ever be able to play this in person lol

  8. Is it me or does anyone else think that the NRB crew were "miscast" for this game? I'm amazed that "cat lady" Blair didn't get to play Cheshire. Adam the only blonde at the table wasn't Alice. And Holly… famous for her "axe psychosis" wasn't the Queen of Hearts?!?

  9. New BGC and it's Alice in Wonderland themed?! 😍 My body is ready

  10. I think I’m sold. I think my one board game group would really enjoy this game and I’ve been eyeing it up for a little while now. Thank it’s time to buy it soon!

  11. My bet: Adam lost, Laurie won
    Reasoning: The interview scenes always try to paint one picture but in the end turn out to be completly false. Adam is hyping up a big victory in these, so he will probably be 3rd place. Meanwhile Laurie plays the slow cooking game and has multiple juggernauts in his bag AND on the board, and judging by the preview, he and Sully have potentially a game deciding match

  12. Carley featured this game on her channel a while back, nice to see the NRB crew also diving into it!

  13. When I got home tonight and saw this pop up in my feed, HOLY #(*^@& am I excited to watch this. In pieces due to some live streams tonight.

  14. Speaking of tea…. I read today that a rather interesting… shall we call it a side effect of Her Majesty's passing is that Twinnings (and Heinz Ketchup and dozens of others companies) are having to either change their packaging that has the seal and says the family approves and uses it. Of course, they can reapply with Charles III, but… how freaking long is that process gonna be with all those companies?

  15. Super excited for this. I've heard great things about the game but it's table presence is certainly intimidating. Can't wait to watch!

  16. I love this show so much 🤗 Nice to see Holly getting on board finally!

  17. I was already excited for this game but now knowing I can bet on every battle I'm not a part of.. I want to play so bad lol.

  18. My only exposure to this game was SH&SD playing it at a recent con and discussing it on a podcast, and I'm glad it's as much of a maximalist mess as I heard.

  19. My biggest question is is that a hairtie on Lauries wrist? and if so, why?

  20. Omg Love your show, they explain the rules of the game so well and play well so fun, but I have a BG at home that I don't know how to play cause there's no YouTube on how to play which are "I Would Fight a Dragon But…." and "Infected"

  21. This is a war game about a world formed by madness and transfixed by it and it's still less chaotic than Cosmic Encounter

  22. I'm sure you guys get a lot of suggestions and requests for games, but I think it'd be really cool if you guys played Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition. the first expansion for it should be coming out fairly early next year, so maybe that would be a good time to feature it?

  23. I tend towards gaining Womderlandian chips over characters almost every time…don’t win every time mind you

  24. My very first thought I don't know what this is but sully is wearing a funny hat

  25. "It's a bloody WAR BOARDGAMES!" -in my worst best effort William Regal impersonation

  26. I just want Sullivan saying “lovely” as a tone for my notifications

  27. When climbing the Ladder of Chance, players may choose how many rungs they wish to climb, but must beware of the Hungry Monkey, which passes play back to the opposing player. The Time Turtle makes sure contestants don't take too long answering questions. When a player loses, then they have been Bamboozled!

  28. I never looked into this game, didnt think id find it interesting and then i saw bag building which is one of my favorite mechanics. Gotta purge more before id actually get this one though

  29. Wow, I didn't expect it bc this game truly has so many rules and little components but the battle mechanic is quite simple yet really exciting. All the preparation comes together quite nicely and still they're is a sorta randomness that makes it exciting and rewarding if you win! Definitely my favorite part of the game.

  30. Silly question but why do the videos begin with a new "first rule of board game club" each time?🤣

  31. Ah, the Beefy Boys. I love their songs, especially "No stop 'til Witzend' and 'SaboTEAge'.

  32. I'm very torn. On the one hand I really love watching NRB play big chunky games and they're my favorite to play in my spare time. On the other hand now I have to wait a whole week to see the 2nd half? Damn you NRB!

  33. This game is Quacks of Quedlinburg meets Francis Drake. Yea, I'm intrigued! (Francis drake a lesser known gem)

  34. When you were explaining the rules, when you said ‘WAR’ I was expecting you to say GAMES afterwards 😂

  35. EVERY time, my mind goes into deep thought during the rules. I rewind it, and just accidentally think about something else. Takes me 15 mins just to understand how they are playing 😂😂😂

  36. People do like to complain about things that really aren't that important don't they??

  37. Loved this episode. Felt complicated to begin with but was explained brilliantly. Cant wait for Saturday and the conclusion.

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