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Let’s Play WONDERLANDS WAR (Part 1) | Board Game Club

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  1. It’s the best time of the Week! ITS BOARD GAME CLUB BAY BAY!!!!!! ❤

  2. How thematic, WWE teasing a white rabbit and NRB playing this…….what timing

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  4. Please do a 2 part game of Classic dune. The epic shenanigans will be absolutely amazing! Especially with house rules.

  5. You could say these next episodes are about:

  6. "War, then tea party, then war…" British history summed up.

  7. Might be the best rule explanation ever! What I have taken away from it is that there is a war and I have to eat something


    Right when NMIXX (kpop group) released "Dice" MV which has board game concept + Alice in Wonderland.

  9. Oh boy, one of my favorite in my collection. Will Adam scratch a win on this one?

  10. Not gonna lie, when Adam said "WAR" in the instruction at the top of the video, my soul cried a bit when it wasn't followed by "GAMES". Damn you Pavlov.

  11. I would love to see you guys tackle Shadows of Brimstone or Zombicide

  12. Sully’s face in the Introduction is hilarious!

  13. Played this a few weeks ago. None of you seemed to realize how powerful roses are. That constant flow of VP is soooooo powerful

  14. Oh, I love this game! I'm so happy for the episode. Great video as always, NRB!

  15. It's Quacks of Quedlinberg from Wonderland!

  16. Mine just got delivered last night. So excited to get it to table
    Im glad you aren't playing rhe delux version, same game as the rest of us peasants

  17. The most impressive thing of this show – studying and knowing the rules for every single game being played.

  18. Were shields explained? In the first battle her shield in the broken side already, but she didn’t draw any madness. Sullivan didn’t use his shield in the pool
    of tears, etc. I feel like everyone forgot about shields.

    Update: I noticed you caught this on the last battle in the first round lol

  19. Very fitting we are playing this game today with the white rabbit. It’s almost like wrestle talk predicted the white rabbit stuff on raw and aired this game today!🐇

  20. “No war just tea” is the UK equivalent of “make love not war”

  21. Adam when you took those place a weak ally in the forge track you should have chosen roses. You would have gotten 2 points each time.

  22. "The white rabbit… where would you like to put him?" I am thinking Smackdown

  23. When Adam realized he won against Holly, I think everyone collectively was like BOO!!

  24. I gotta say and I think it needs to be said; thank you for the original thumbnail faces that I haven't noticed repeat even once yet

  25. When he was grabbing the cards in the second yea party to place a weak ally into the forge, he should have used the roses. Because when you forge the roses you get 2 points! That woulda been 4 extra points for him!

  26. I’ve heard this is a long game one of the only bad things about it according to some reviews. Not surprised to see it broken into parts.

  27. My only worry about playing a game in person with the NRB crew is their propensity for eating game pieces.

  28. The cards where the shard dice is on the card is a choice you don’t have to take it if you don’t want to, but the card with the shard die in the corner you have to roll x brilliant as always xxx

  29. Really fun to watch! Unfortunately sometimes they didn't realise that the card gave them troops to place. For eg. at around 40:00 Holly doesn't add 2 troops to the board which can make a big difference in the war stage.

  30. I stopped listening to the rules after Sully "ate it".

  31. This was fun, I'm looking forward to the next part.

  32. Holly isn't here for the first time, is she? I've definitely seen her on here before. 🤔 Am I going mad? Would be quite fitting for the theme.

  33. I would love you see you all play Kingdom Death Monster. The chaos that would ensue would be glorious!

  34. I can't wait for part 2 where Adam presumably loses his mind ^^

  35. Sadly, the American twenty-teens ruined tea parties for me forever. Instead of thinking of tea and crumpets, I now think of r@cism. 🤔

  36. This is one of these stupidly complicated games that I love but no one (quite rightly) would want to lose their day playing with me.

  37. '…so he will not be talking,' sounded like a threat more than a disclaimer.

  38. I swear I get excited about every episode starting myself off with "omg, I love everyone at this table, they are some of my favorites of the group." I just realized I say this about EVERYone who shows up to this table. I have not had a group like this where EVERY single person is a joy to see show up.
    Thank you guys so much for making our lives better with your content, I am so excited for every video, and I can't wait for more <3

  39. Alright, this looks loads of fun. Going to try it on TTS with friends.

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