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Let’s Talk Board Games #13 – Halloween Games + Giveaway!

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Welcome to our thirteenth episode of “Let’s Talk Board Games,” where we discuss and review several board games.

00:00 – Start
03:35 – Hocus Pocus Yahtzee
07:26 – Skull of Sedlec
11:39 – Jekyll vs Hyde
17:02 – Ghosts Love Candy Too
22:42 – Dulce
29:26 – Dungeon Decorators

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  1. I'm actually building up my spooky season collection: Septima, Dreadful Meadows (I did the KS for) and I have Am I Death Now? (A fan favorite in my house) and the Hocus Pocus board game! #ninjastar

  2. Thank you for the nice Halloween list with some games that I haven’t seen on other Halloween lists. I’m not a big Yahtzee fan but my family is, so the Hocus Pocus Yahtzee theme makes it look more fun. Also, just ordered Skulls of Sedlec. (I had not heard of Yokai Septet — gameplay looks interesting and the loose watercolor art style is wonderful.) #NinjaStar

  3. These reviews are always so helpful when I'm trying to find new board games to purchase. Skulls of Sedlec looks interesting, I may have to look into that one. Thanks for the video! #NinjaStar

  4. Happy (day after) Halloween! I have been to Sedlec a few years back right before Halloween. Very cool ‘church’ to take a tour in.

    We’ve been playing a lot of the Ghost Love Candy Too Fright & Roll and I even played Dungeon Fighter: Catacombs of Gloomy Ghosts. We don’t play a lot of Halloween games, but we’ve also been playing fall games…. Photosynthesis & Bosk! Thanks for the chance to win this packaged deal. #NinjaStar

  5. Love the shirt Naveen! would love to know where you got it.

  6. Had a game night last Friday… played SMALL WORLD UNDERGROUND and PSYCHIC PIZZA DELIVERERS GO TO THE GHOST TOWN. #NinjaStar

  7. For Ghosts Love Candy Too: They have a Print and Play for $3 that includes 3 different games of different weights. they have been pretty great.

    Really sad to hear about Dulce though! but i can absolutely see what youre getting at with the long turn times. i do play a lot of solo so i may still get it, but man, thats so sad! i like having games that can solo and multiplay.

  8. Played The Bloody Inn and Unmatched (with certain spookier characters) on Halloween. Almost played Jekyll & Hyde, which I am a big fan of. Jekyll and Hide have pretty even win rates, in my memory. Recently got Cthulhu Death May Die and Judge Dredd Helter Skelter which seem to be decent Halloween games as well.

  9. #NinjaStar We don't really play/have any Halloween themed games but enjoy your review of these games.

  10. I never knew the Yahtzee versions have special dice. That may entice me to pick one up, just need to decide which I like best!

    For favorite Halloween games, I love Mansions of Madness, like The Night Cage and am learning Vagrantsong right now. #ninjastar

  11. Dungeon Decorators looks like fun! My favorite "Halloween," game is also a tile laying affair: Crows. Give it a try, as it deserves to be drug out of the closet more than once a year. Happy Halloween. #Ninjastar

  12. Jekyll vs Hyde is so dang good and I’m falling down the trick-taking rabbit hole.. Happy Halloween! #ninjastar

  13. Keep up the great videos. Cat in the Box was a cool twist on trick taking, so I would love to see what else the designer has up their sleeve. #NinjaStar

  14. I really enjoy watching your Play Throughs and Overview of New Games. I have backed or purchased many games after watching. You remind me so much of my wife and I. Keep up the great work. Favorite Halloween Board Games – Mysterium and Betrayal at The House on The Hill #NinjaStar

  15. Thanks for the giveaway! I still gravitate to betrayal but horrified is a pretty close second #NinjaStar

  16. Happy Halloween, love watching your videos. You both have helped me get into board gaming a couple years ago. #NinjaStar

  17. I'm going to have to look into Ghosts Love Candy Too for our next family vacation! That looks like so much fun with my younger cousins!

  18. I enjoy playing Halloween theme games this time of year. Thank you so much for sharing these with us. Love your content. #ninjastar

  19. I’ve only been watching you guys for a short while, but have already bought / backed on Kickstarter a number of games. Thanks for always showing cool games! #NinjaStar

  20. My wife and I have played Jekyll vs. Hyde 8 times and Hyde has won 6 of those. We have also been enjoying Skulls of Sedlec! #NinjaStar

  21. I love these videos, my favorite game during Halloween is Betrayal at house on the hill! Thank you for all that you do! #ninjastar

  22. Jekyll and Hyde sounds really interesting. The trick taking aspect seems pretty unique. Ah man, I bought a copy of Yokai Septet right after we played at Strategicon! What do I do if I win??? #NinjaStar

  23. #NinjaStar Love your videos, happy I found you both. Just got back into board games, have found a lot of great games watching your videos.

  24. #NinjaStar Thanks for your video! Very fun to watch. I’ve never tried any of these games before.

  25. sigh I'm comment 667. Someone was bound to do it anyway.
    Definitely some lesser-known titles you guys touched on. Much appreciated!
    Monique starting off the video with an emphatic wave, lol…

  26. Sad for us non-US viewers – why are so many content creators doing giveaways all in the US?

  27. My partner and I just recently discovered Jekyll vs Hyde recently and we love it so much! We’ve played it 8 times and Dr. Jekyll has only won twice. How interesting to hear that other players find Mr. Hyde to be the more difficult character to play! This game is so clever.
    Great video, as always. I also really appreciated the honest feedback on Dulce, because it looks so, so lovely.

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