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Let’s Talk Board Games #14 – Games With The Family

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Welcome to our fourteenth episode of “Let’s Talk Board Games,” where we discuss and review several board games.

00:00 – Battlecrest
05:10 – Spicy and Sweet & Spicy
10:19 – Hungry Monkey
14:47 – Unlock Kids
19:01 – Green Team Wins
22:57 – Maui

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  1. Let us know what some of your favorite games are to play with your family!

  2. Great video 👍 I'll have to try Spicy, it sounds fun🌶 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  3. “Monique is the planner. I show up.” Ahahaha I love this.

  4. Plan B Games' inserts, in general, all have room for improvement. Coimbra, Alma Mater, GWT are all subpar. The GWT insert has a space to put the 1, 2, and 3 tiles when you should just keep them in the bag. Era is fine just because it's a bunch of bins. Rant aside, my go-to holiday game is Fireball Island Curse of Vul-Kar. Restoration Games make pretty perfect holiday games. Franchise, Wormholes, Ticket to Ride, are also all great. Welcome to… is another classic.

  5. If i was able to see my family for the holidays i would take Verdant, Cascadia and Astra

  6. Can you remind me of the doodling racing game you talked about a few months ago? My favorite with the family are Quacks of Quedlinburg, Carcassonne, buy the vote, crokinole, downforce, and the crew (usually the new one)

  7. Hope you two had a great Thanksgiving. That Green Team Wins game looks interesting!

  8. Green team wins seems a lot like herd mentality! Great concept for a game – got a lot of laughs in my family at Christmas this year

  9. Thanks for the video! (Catching-up around the youtube.)

    Have not played any of the games, but I'm quite intrigued towards Green Team Wins and Maui from the recent GenCon or Essen preview. GTW similar but quicker compared to a fam favorite in Hive Mind. Maui following the success of Azul, Reef and other Next Move's four-letter-name games.

    Fam favorites as of late include Hive Mind, Fantasy Realms, Go Nuts for Donuts, Just One, Point Salad, and Mountain Goats.

  10. Green Team Wins is very similar to Herd Mentality. I do a game night for teens, and what they particularly love about Herd Mentality is that the rules state that when someone is taking too long to write their answer…you moo at them. It's pretty great, tbh.

  11. Maui looks perfect for a beach-loving family. My family enjoys Rear Window and Just One. And for my Mom who is a bit older and has dementia, she enjoys Christmas Lights: A Card Game. There is so much variety in that small box of cards, from a memory game to stringing lights together to matching colored bulbs (like Uno), and much more.
    (Never heard the Gardener in the background, btw)

  12. Archduke is a good card game for (lightweight) mental gymnastics, plus some laughs.

  13. Green Team wins is our new favorite party game! It has dethroned Just One 😉 Dominika

  14. I played Maui at Spiel.
    And it was a real fitting game for the last day. A light but nice Puzzle. It is quite thematic, right?
    When at the beach you want your towel to be close to the ocean or in the shadow of the trees.

    I like the towel puzzle, but what is really interesting is how limited the amount of Sanddollars is, right.
    In a two player only four sanddollars are in the game. That is not much😅

    The quality of the components and the player colors could be better.
    But I got a fun Promo with Surfboards and a cute Illustration from the Illustratior at Spiel.

  15. Chocolate Syrup… nooooooooooooooo 🍁

  16. Favorite family games: space base, wingspan, quacks of quedlinburg, and Calico!

  17. I finally got my copy of Green Team Wins recently. My Thanksgiving plans just got cancelled, but I think I'll bring it to PAXU in case an opportunity arises!

  18. Wingspan. Ticket to Ride. I love Azul Queens Garden but can't get anyone to play. I also like Cartographers. I play solo a lot. There is a solo variant for Azul as well on Board Game Geek. Happy gaming!

  19. Spicy was my first party game! I love the artwork! My family doesn't play board games but I played Codenames duet and similo with my mom and she was happy she was good at them. I would definitely bring Scout, Point Salad and Stella to a family gathering, Mille Fiori for 4 players.

  20. Spicy, Skull King, King of Tokyo, Love Letter are the most played and most enjoyed family games we know/have/play.
    From HeildelBär I have also a copy of Coyote, but it still waits to be played for the first time. You mentioned the beautiful art oft the Hungry Monkey cards: This series of card games (Spicy, Hungry Monkey, Coyote and there are some more) all have some regional theme and are designed by an artist of that region. They all look really beautiful!

  21. Kites, Super Mega Lucky Box, MonsDRAWsity, Qwirkle.

  22. Since you like Spicy from Heidelbär, you should definitely check out Coyote in the same game line. My group is split on whether we like Coyote or Spicy more. Coyote also has some bluffing and guessing but each player has different information about the cards on the table. Very chaotic fun with lots of laughter.

  23. Thank you for the list. Being out in the SoCal desert this time of year, the gameplay and warm beach on Maui looks particularly enticing 🥶 (I know, I'm being a wimp – after 106+ temperatures all summer, 30- to 40-degree nighttime temperatures become "annoying.")

  24. I don’t get many chances to play with my family but games that have worked well are Cascadia, Stella: Dixit, Skull, 7 Wonders: Architects, Carcassonne, Family Inc, Qwirkle and also a bunch of simple roll and writes.

  25. I was gifted Spicy and have kept that in rotation for family gatherings. I didn't realize there were other games by the same creators out there! We also love Sushi Go, Sheriff of Nottingham, and Wingspan.

    If you haven't played Ta-Da, that's a really fun party game. Loud, silly and can get surprisingly intense. That's one of my: never getting rid of games.

  26. I’d like to try some of your suggestions. Particularly Maui, and Green Team Wins. Although I like the Spicy series artwork! 
    I have watched my kids play Unlock Kids. My kids liked Unlock! Kids; but maybe not as much as I did! I have Battlecrest on the shelf, unplayed as yet.
    A great game for kids is Ecosystem. It is part Sushi Go drafting with a tableau placement score system. There is a new Ocean one out. I also busted out Super Mega Lucky box with a group of people aged 75 all the way down to 7 years. It was a hit!!

  27. I went with my roommate to his family’s thanksgiving. They play Ticket to Ride every year and that was my intro to board games beyond Monopoly and Sorry. That was about 15 years ago, I’ve been hooked to the cardboard ever since.

  28. Anomia is a fun family party game. Check it out. People can’t stop playing.

  29. Great video for the holidays.
    I got Spicy around the same time I got Cockroach Poker. Both are fun, but it seemed that C.P. was landing better with my family. We haven't returned to Spicy in quite some time. Watching this video makes me want to revisit it again. I'm currently planning on bringing 6 Nimmt and Parade with me to Thanksgiving. They will both be new to my family. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  30. Haha, don't play with family, but having a thanksgiving gettogether with friends – we play all sorts, that range from party games to heavy euros. My favourite is Mansions of Madness 2nd ed.

  31. I found a copy of the original Wits & Wagers at Goodwill a few months ago and that game has been the big closing hit at my last 3 game nights. Plays great with larger groups. 🙌

  32. Favourite family games currently include Lanterns, Scrabble, Calico, Potion Explosion and Azul. My 9yo son is the real gamer, and so we’ve played everything through Ark Nova, Gloomhaven, Orleans and Wingspan. I’ve just bought Cascadia, which I’m hoping to introduce to the family

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