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Let’s Talk Board Games #8: The Golden Geek Awards + Reviews

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Welcome to our seventh episode of “Let’s Talk Board Games,” where we discuss and review several board games and also talk about The Golden Geek Awards.

00:00 – Board Game Dave
01:38 – The Golden Geek Awards
02:32 – Fort Expansion
07:23 – The Goonies: Escape With One-Eyed Willy’s Rich Stuff
10:32 – The Lost Ruins of Arnak Expansion
14:12 – 7 Wonders Architects
18:03 – Bonfire

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  1. Have you played any of these games? If so, what are your thoughts? Let us know!

  2. I believe Fort was designed by Grant Rodiek, not Cole Wehrle! Kyle Ferrin did do art for Fort as well as Cole Wehrle’s Oath and Root though!

  3. First of all I would like to say thanks for shouting out Dave's channel, he seems such a nice person and his content is top notch, I've been following him for about 3 months and I've even commented on one of his videos that I don't understand how he doesn't have a bigger following on youtube. But he's growing and hopefully soon will have a lot more.
    Secondly here at home we have the 7 wonders architects game, and we really enjoy it, specially because my 7 year old can play it with no problems, when in the classic 7 wonders is a bit more difficult for him. Also it can be a really fast game depending on the strategy your going for. Thanks for all the reviews and videos you guys make, you really bring a lot to the board gaming community.

  4. Nice video, thanks. Loved “he speaks so well” reminded me of a Chris Rock standup moment, about Colin Powell…search it haha.

  5. Guys, what?!?! Oh my gosh, I’m so honored that you took the time to mention my little channel! 🥺 (I saw your Twitter post earlier but I didn’t realize you were going to actually talk about the channel in your video!) Thank you both so much; you guys are easily two of my absolute favorite YouTubers and I love your vibe and the synergy you have together! (Plus you both love heavy euro games so I was instantly drawn to both of you as “my people”!) 😉 Thank you both again! Perhaps we’ll get to meet each other in person someday! Or maybe there’d be a possibility for a future collaboration…? 🤔

  6. I am excited to try the Fort expansion, but on a review of its contents it doesn't seem like they provided any reminder for how the cats score that isn't inside the rulebook, which is a little annoying. I wish they had included a card with a reminder or something.

    Also, I am glad to see Bonfire get some love. It is a Stefan Feld with gorgeous art and fantastic graphic design! That plays fast! Why aren't people all over it!! One of the things I really appreciate about Bonfire is how almost everything you need to know about setup and game mechanics is printed somewhere on the board which makes remembering normally fiddly stuff like how many offering tokens go on each island for a given player count….. or how many gnomes in the high council triggers the end game….. really easy to do. You don't have to stuff your face in a manual and hunt for it, you just have to look carefully at the art in the relevant spot and you will see it listed. I really wish more games managed to have such beautiful art with such functional rules reminders.

    As a random sidenote about Bonfire's theme, the artist did a short 10 page short story/back story that is actually really fascinating and cool. I wish it was included in the box! Not that the game is super thematic, but it definitely contextualizes it.

  7. I LOVE the adorable cats & dogs and their names!

  8. I’ve had Bonfire for a while, even printed a 3D insert… but I’ve never gotten it to the table. You guys got me excited to get the game out and actually play it, thank you!

  9. I just got Spirit Island because of yalls review and my fiancee and I love it. Thank you!

  10. I love fort, imho a very underrated game, and I like the expansion

  11. Thanks for taking a look at The Goonies: Escape With One-Eyed Willy's Rich Stuff! 💙💀

  12. I love your channel! I just subscribed to @boardgamedave

  13. I really love Bonfire and how all the different actions are connected to one another: I have a ship so I can get a mission, but I need that resource to offer to the guardians, so I add this arc which provides that specific resource but also matches the colour of the mission to get extra points, and when I light the bonfire I empty a space where to send one of my guardians for bonus points, but first I need to activate the central bonfire to get the portal that matches the shape, but I can do it for free 'cause I just completed my mission… It just feels so rewarding to interlock all the pieces! <3

    I played the basic Fort once, and I enjoyed it. The expansion seems to add a nice twist. The Italian version of both was just released earlier this month, so I'm veeery tempted…

    I also played 7 Wonders Architects (on BGA) and I think it was more than fine. Probably I like it since I'm not a huge fan of drafting games as the standard 7W, but I agree that sometimes choices seem somewhat forced.

  14. The Laukats are beyond ridiculous! Have you seen their new game on Gamefound, the sequel to Sleeping Gods called Distant Skies? Malorie, Ryan's wife, composed all of the music for the soundtrack. She plays the piano and sings, and Ryan is FREAKIN' PLAYING THE TRUMPET!!

  15. I really enjoyed my plays of Bonfire. The unique fantasy theme is what drew me in. Now I've got to get it back to the table.

  16. Ahhhh, now I feel bad that I've had Bonfire sitting unplayed for so long… Too many games!
    I meant to ask in the last video, but got sidetracked before I could check and see if anybody else had mentioned it – Naveen, do you have your BGG settings adjusted to give you a notification when an item is listed for sale? If not, on your subscriptions page, click "preferences" in the upper right. Once there, on the righthand column, under "items" you can change it to have "Products for sale" and "eBay Auctions" included. That way you won't have to check the marketplace every day to see if a copy of Oracle of Delphi is listed.

  17. I agree, every game should have a cats and dogs expansion 😀
    I've never played any 7 Wonders game (it's one of those Classics that I just missed out on), but I've been wanting to try 7 Wonders Architects because I've heard such good things about it. Maybe I should just start there and then move on to the original version ha

  18. We had a similar experience with 7 Wonders Architects – my partner struggled to learn the original game with all of the iconography and scoring rules, and he was able to grasp Architects much more quickly. I don't dislike it, but I definitely prefer the original.

    I've enjoyed some quite heavy games but I honestly found it very hard to wrap my head around all of the moving parts in Bonfire and always felt like I was neglecting something important. The fact that the theme felt a bit bizarre and pasted on did not help with the rules overhead. It also ran pretty long at four players.

  19. I do enjoy Architects, it’s a lot easier to teach and and play with new gamers. And like you all said, set up time is a breeze.

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