Let’s talk JANK in Magic 🔥🤠 #magicthegathering #mtgcommander #mtgedh - cutlassboardgame.com

Let’s talk JANK in Magic 🔥🤠 #magicthegathering #mtgcommander #mtgedh

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  1. Why twin caster turn 3 win is bot played in legacy with force of and force on negation?

  2. phyrexian dreadnought is so expensive
    seeing that mic clip on it is giving me spasms

  3. Was a little rough there, idk if I’d really explain jank by starting with not jank. But that metaphor at the end does tie it together pretty nicely actually. Poor foundation, has structural issues, but (ideally) has something cool and interesting enough to make it worth it.

    Also do some people really think combo and jank is the same just because some combos are not super consistent or can take time to assemble? I can see the connection I guess, but I’ve never heard that before personally

  4. All but one of my decks are jank. Mostly because im to lazy to go back and find all the cards i need to optimize it. My favorite jank deck was queen marchesa. Omg, it did everything, combos, nonbos, card draw, discard, poison, recursion, gy hate, and my all time favorite, bearer of the heavens and gift of immortality. It did everything, and nothing, with no clear game plan sept the cards i drew that game. God i still wish she was here, what a beautiful deck

  5. I have a severe and financially harmful addiction ✨Fancy cardboard✨

  6. On any deck that has white I splash a Divine Gambit. Never let em know your next move.

  7. I have a love-hate relationship with your presentation style.

  8. I think, if the jank is in the room with us now, it’s the friends we made along the way

  9. I've had jank decks in Yugiog and Pokemon tcg. Always a great time, since my friends never expected to lose against those decks…. but the jank came out on top more often than it should've

  10. But you didn't explain it in MTG terms AT ALL.

  11. I have no idea what any of this means because I've never played Magic, but your presentation style is good/entertaining. Kept my attention the entire time lol.

  12. More confused about jank than ever before

  13. My “jank” deck is archer tribal with ohabi caleria as the commander, it’s also my most toxic deck… since archers are a bad tribal I needed a way to, play the game, it’s very archer themed and has a lot of Tap to deal damage, and some cards that give death touch to my creatures

  14. Jank is just a bullshit term people through out to give the impression to whoever is hearing it that it's a fun deck to play against. is means sweet fuck all and not what you said in this video.

  15. Jank is for the homies. Jank decks are the "hold my beer" decks when you just wanna show off something neat, because the homies will let you play out.

    I had a jank Omniscience > Enter the Infinite deck that was just a blast

  16. So wait is my phage the untouchable "Jank" deck not jank cause I have tutors in to so I can get the cards that say I don't lose the game?

  17. This is best explanation of jank I’ve seen on the internet

  18. Slivers with karumonix the rat kind for a little toxic fun or the world tree and summon all slivers from the deck

  19. Without context this could literally be a clash royale vid and I wouldn't even notice, really good explanation

  20. “Do you own a house?”
    “No i play magic the gathering”
    Most accurate thing I’ve heard

  21. When you do your mono-white video PLEASE include Eight-and-a-Half-Tails. He's my favorite commander and the best pillow fort deck around.

  22. Most (okay, all) of my best decks started out pretty janky. Playing them over and over helped me figure out what I actually wanted them to do, and a couple times some of the discarded ideas have spun off into their own decks.

  23. This reminds me of various courts in the United States trying to define "obscenity" with the well-known quote of Justice Potter of the Supreme Court "I know it when I see it."

    Jank in MtG is kinda the same way, in that it's kinda hard to define in a vacuum, but you definitely know it when you see it.

  24. "Jank" is a term used by players who are butthurt that you beat them, who want to insult you but lack the language skills. 😅

  25. Every deck i have ever built 😂
    I only optimize mana ramp to cast big fatty creatures

  26. Bro using a unsleeved reserved list card as a mic holder. Nice

  27. My dream is to play my deck and hear a "hell yeah" from all three opponents.

  28. Ah the classic rite of replication etahi primal conquer gotta love chaos

  29. I love my janky 5C Urza’s Head deck. Runs 0 basics and when players hear that they think I’m worried about blood moon, what they don’t know is I run some greedy red pips so they’ve just helped my deck run smoother lol

    Oh and it doesn’t have a true win con, at best it’s hoping to stick divine intervention for 2 turns to Draw.

  30. Jank can be optimized tbh. Like I have decks that do why they do well in an optimized manner, but I’m not saying those things are all that good .

  31. Jank can 100% include optimized decks that do a thing

  32. My cedh deck is always one card away from winning the game

  33. Really good analogy!

    I own a house and play Magic. Though, I've been playing since '94 and all my most expensive cards I got when they were a fraction of the price they are now.

  34. Using a hundred dollar + dreadnaught as your mic clip is wild lol

  35. Jank is my Isshin, Two Heavens as One Goad/Curse deck. It's Mardu Aggro/Control/Group Hug.

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