Limp vs Firm?!? Wavelength board game! #boardgames #couple -

Limp vs Firm?!? Wavelength board game! #boardgames #couple

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  1. Rope might work as well. Since it's slightly firmer than spaghetti

  2. Has there ever been one video where they didn't have to ask the direction twice… Really!! U can't pay attention for literally 2 seconds!!!

  3. Looking in the reflection of the phone lol

  4. Is overcooked different than burnt? Because burnt spaghetti would be more firm.

  5. "Me in bed last night"

    moves it all the way to the left

  6. Haha, it's a great game but you're only allowed to give one word as your clue. That's how the game gets harder. 😂

  7. I’m so confused what this is game is!?😂😅

  8. Is it wrong for me to think of my penis

  9. Played this with the homies and it's firm alright

  10. Did not know this was an actual game. I just play it in Vrchat

  11. what the hell are the rules to this game

  12. Yeah, umm dirty-minded people should DEFINITELY NOT play this game😂😂💔

  13. How does this game work? I’m so confused

  14. I’ve always wondered how that game is played but too lazy to search it up 😂

  15. Nah, I want my spaghetti to stay completely straight

  16. You didnt respect the rule of the game there 😅 You have to say only one word.

  17. I don’t understand the objection of this game. What are you measuring? Are you turning the dial to match your opinion of how limp overcome spaghetti is?

  18. My mum loves overcooked spaghetti and almost all the elderly people I know like soft noodles better. I would've picked smth more definitive like burnt food

  19. That's what…. That's what she said…..

  20. I don’t understand this game but it’s amazing

  21. Is it bad that i would've said gay guys wrist

  22. I love all the pretty colors on this game

  23. I’ve seen two videos on this game:
    I think that you need to guess the number of what it is. One person can see the point scale and the other has to guess.

  24. Where do you gets these games because my Nan and I love to play board games and we really bond over it. Also could you recommend any other games please

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