LIVE: Our Top 10 Board Game Picks! (recorded at AireCon!) -

LIVE: Our Top 10 Board Game Picks! (recorded at AireCon!)

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are on OUR radar this month, to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on our personal picks!

Draw The Line

Act out clues to coach your teammate to draw the correct answer first!


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  1. Scout! was for sale there!? Aw, I looked for it but couldn't find it 🙁 Great card game, must have!

  2. Nice to see some love for Lunar Base! I don't know if that ever went to retail after Kickstarter, so it flew under the radar. CoraQuest is a great story, I'll have to check it out!

  3. Hey guys, you are just great! thank you very much for your videos. Many greetings from Germany

  4. Ark Nova really is great! The hype is real. 🐘

  5. It was terrific to meet you all at AireCon! Thanks for a great convention.

  6. Thanks for noting paid promotion, just wondered/presumed there might be some games not promoted, I presumed it was just the sponsors 🙂 unfortunately I couldn't make AireCon in the end this year, next year hopefully! That lunar base looks cute.. Like the firat game daqala, name forgotten already :p played Shipwreck before 😀
    The following weekend it was the inaugural Simon Lavender AmassGames convention SLAGcon :0p

    Null and void! Love to play it :0D I still have Lubeck by Reiner Stockhousen still in shrink from Essen 2018 :0)

    Doodle dash also looks great, seen excellent drawings but they take too long

  7. Looks like you all were having a wonderful time! Some great games there!!

  8. Is it in the rules that you can only play Lunar Base in a crowded space?

  9. I got LIVE notification form WiP on smartband and there was nothing on twitch… Well it was fun to watch this one. And that Rodney Slalom LUL xD

  10. Looks like a wonderful time. Great video!

  11. Firstly, I’m loving seeing all of you together, you’re all such a fun positive bunch, it’s a wonderful thing!
    Secondly, I have to thank Chaz for his pick because when I tell you I IMMEDIATELY paused the video and went and ordered Condottierre! Not just because it sounds fantastic, but specifically because my Italian wife (who is a phenomenal gamer), her maiden name is Condo. Supposedly it was shortened a few generations ago. Perhaps she’s a descendant of mercenaries?? It just seemed like far too perfect of a match to pass up!

  12. Doodle Dash seems to be derived from Pictomania, where everyone is racing to finish their drawing first, but want to make it good enough so people can guess. There is a bonus for finishing first, and a bonus for someone being able to guess your drawing.

  13. Great to see the full team together, love it!
    Any game play to upload later?

  14. Can I just say the recording was hilarious, must have been so difficult to edit Chas. So good to see you all there, a great event, seen you next year. BALLS.

  15. I never would’ve guessed The top most rented game. I would’ve put money on it bring Dice Miner – the blasted thing was never available! Maybe next year…

  16. This was such a great time, and I'm impressed by the edit hahah. Really great!

  17. don't you afraid of covid-19??? don't wear a mask?

  18. Was so interested in seeing this post edit. And of course, we'll always remember what was left out. BALLS! 😅

  19. Great to see you all there.
    Fantastic weekend

  20. That Doodle Dash edit with Rodney's salmon was hilarious. Glad to see the whole Watch It Plaid crew in one place!

  21. Someone needs to have a top 10 games with exclamation marks.

  22. Great video as usual 😊 great work the B-team (B stands for boardgame haha) wish I was able to come and meet. You're awesome. Thanks for presenting these new games to me.

  23. Great to see it all polished and professional. Was absolutely hilarious to see it live! 😂 BALLS!!!

  24. I think if you win it's pronounced DeMask. If you lose its pronounced … Dam-Ask. Yah. That's how its spelled.

  25. Great video. How lovely to see you all film something together in person! Woohooo

  26. i really want some of these games, but everytime i watch a video on watch it played, i rarely can find it in amazon :(…

  27. This is actually a great format vs the regular produced version. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories behind each pick as well as the banter between everyone.

  28. Mathias Wigge is German name and pronounced, mah-tee-us vee-guh

  29. You know who never gets any shine anymore and no one talks about …. The Moon !! Lol

  30. Paula and the boys seems like they would be alot of fun to play games with .

  31. So when in England, when to you say quid vs. pound?

  32. A great range of games got a shout-out here. Nice to see old, new, well-known, and relatively unknown all mixed together. 🙂

  33. Nice audio and editing. ^_^ Good production, gang!

  34. Great list lots of games I'm interested in on it. Great con, this was my 2nd Airecon and it is firmly cemented itself as my favourite, but this one also did have something extra that your can't really get elsewhere.

  35. Loved this video – definitely want to see more of you all just having conversations!

  36. What happened to number 1? I saw Doodle Dash was number 2, but number 1 was never revealed.

  37. 0:25 – Damask

    3:39 – Lunar base

    5:11 – The shipwreck arcana

    7:19 – Condottiere

    9:14 – Ark nova

    10:50 – Scout

    14:00 – CoraQuest

    16:36 – Null & Nichtig

    19:07 – Doodle Dash

    21:56 – Top 10 games checked-out from the AireCon library: Flamme Rouge; Machi Koro; New York Zoo; Juicy fruits; Azul (Stained glass of Cintra); 7 Wonders Architects; Cubitos; Splendor; Dice forge; Azul.

  38. really love that people are seeing each other in person!

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