LIVE Play with Sam & Jessie: Foundations of Rome -

LIVE Play with Sam & Jessie: Foundations of Rome

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Hey, folks! Come check out a (technically) 2022 release from Arcane Wonders, called Foundations of Rome! JT was gracious enough to let us borrow his brand new copy that recently came in, and we are stoked to get it to the table! Get ready for some serious board game eye-candy, y’all! Feel free to chat with us as we play, because we’ll be keeping an eye on the chat. Should be a good time! If you enjoy this content, please consider hitting those Like and Subscribe buttons, and we’ll hope to continue seeing you right here…on the Flipside!

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Foundation of Rome’s product page on BGG:

Arcane Wonders’ website:

Game Toppers product used in this live stream is the Lost Jungle Playmat!

Game Toppers LLC’s Website:

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  1. Amazing tabel presence. Thank you for the gameplay.

  2. Ugh! I completely missed that you were doing this live. DT were doing their marathon, so I was in there. Sowwy.

  3. When does that cardboard one come out?

  4. I'll say it again, i regret a lot not having backed this but at that time i had to choose between this and another game. Great game! Thanks for the live play.

  5. I enjoyed being able to watch some of this live. It's a great game that plays very well.

  6. My hair and my finger were soooo stuck, and Sams faces!!!! So much laughter

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