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Living Forest — Fun & Board Games w/ WEM

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In this review, you’ll learn how to play Living Forest, how to win in three different ways, and why you won’t be happy to see every guardian animal. To discover more about Living Forest, visit the BoardGameGeek game page:


  1. Dude this is a game, this is No science… enjoy thibgs as they are

  2. I have been playing this a lot since it just came out on board game arena. Funnily enough one of my first thoughts was, "I bet it's kind of a drag to play the actual paper board game, keeping up with how much income you've drawn…" So I can attest from the other side that it works great as an app, and not having to keep re-adding up your income as the turn evolves allows one to focus on being aware of making sure you have the spending power to pursue more than one strategy.It seems as if you are complaining that you can't just decide what you are going to do and not be frustrated by other players' actions.  That's a weird take to me since that is a commonality to almost all board games. Even if you are the first player you have to be aware that if you jump somebody on the spirit circle, that they might be able to jump you back. (And since the online version keeps public track of not just your own income, but all players, you can actually look at what they've drawn and immediately see if they have drawn enough wind power to pass you on the spirit circle… in fact one part of the game within a game is people holding off on stopping drawing while they watch what you are drawing, so they can counter something you might draw the ability to do, especially late in the game where a single draw could be the difference between victory and defeat).As far as your assertion that there's something racist about the game… hmmm… first of all, they are animals, not people… they aren't even anthropomorphized people… they're just animals. Also you show yourself that the animals are not black and white, they are dark purple and bright orange. I'm not sure why inside your mind purple and orange animals have something to do with race in homo sapiens.Also with all due respect you have not mastered the game enough after 2 tries against 3 other newbies to state that the "black" creatures are "bad". You note yourself that they have far more beneficial income stats for the price than the other cards, while the "white" cards mostly have negative income consequences. In that light the "black" cards are better… as long as you don't draw three of them in a row, and since you always start a turn by drawing any cards you bought on the previous turn, if you buy them in pairs (light and dark) they "pay" for each other… which can be a very beneficial approach late in the game when you know you aren't going to cycle through your deck again so you will only see those cards the one time you play them together.I have won more than once by purchasing the solitary creatures in quantity on the last turn….I've used them to start enough fires to let me put them out as the first player to put me over the top; I've used them to gain wind income so I could circle the board and pass the player in front of me to steal a victory point, and so on. Conversely there are times I have screwed up my turn because I pushed my luck and drew a "white" card which had negative income and never drew the right cards back to accomplish what I could have in the first place due to that penalty.But if anybody is offended by the game feel free to send me your copy rather than burn it 🙂

  3. It is brighter during the day. It is darker at night. We see less in dark than in light.We fear more when we see less.We tend to associate dark with fear, and light with less fear.Facts.You really need to stop and think, long and hard, before you keep announcing what board game "should" and "should not" do.

  4. Great video as always. Love the fact that you’re allowing yourself to think about and talk openly about things in games that are not necessarily about the mechanics themselves. I also fall on the side of darkness is dangerous, cause we can’t see what’s happening. Then the sun goes up. That’s good. Right?So maybe just a sun and a moon symbol would suffice?

  5. Wow, I did not even think about that black/white thing. I think they look more purple/midnightblue to me like night time and daytime. But maybe I am not aware enough and I do not own the game so I can not judge on the rulebook wording

  6. Think of them like day and night… In the context of a forest it makes sense…
    Going there in your train of thought is going a bit far. Or you can start seeing messages in the colours of a checker bord.

  7. Darkness and Light. That's it.
    People are seeing things that aren't even there. You're definitely reading too much into it.
    These kind of inferences are actually drawing attention away from the real problems.

  8. Yes, you are definitely reading too much into the game. Darkness and light have ALWAYS been associated with bad and good, since as humans, darkness is dangerous, for we can't see in it.

    As for the game: I tried at at Essen Spiel and I liked it – it was fast and fun and the art is just GORGEOUS! I tried it as a 3 player game and it so happened, that each of us went for a different winning condition. Before the last round each of us had 10 or 11 points in our category and in the end luck of the draw decided who got the necessary resources to trigger the end of the game and win.

  9. Thanks for the rules overview Eric. I've been waiting for a video to see what this game is like. Just pre-ordered 🙂

  10. It's day vs night. The card art is purple and orange. No issue.

  11. Is there any release date or pre-order information?

  12. GREAT review and explanation ,Thanks!

    As for your final point..
    I am very simpatetic with race issues, but I think you are reading too much into this and spent way too much time of the review on this. It may have been worth to mention the fact that it's time to get past the old thrope of light and darkness and then move on. Again, I'm on your side and totally get the point but I think this is just overboard.

  13. Looks like busy work to constantly add up all the numbers of various symbols across your card display, tokens and tree board.

  14. Boardgame Arena now has this game which is of course digital and the numbers are worked out for you dealing with one of the main points mentioned in the summary. Highly recommended.

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