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Made for Play: Board Games & Modern Industry

Stephen Conway
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Jettingen Germany is home to Ludo Fact, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of board and card games.

This documentary shows how a board game makes the leap from an idea to your table.
You’ll see every aspect of the manufacturing process: the technology and machines, the many detailed steps, and the hundreds of people that are involved in the production of a single game.

Mostly, we hope the film gives you a greater appreciation of the time, effort and investment that goes into every quality board game that makes it to the marketplace and your home. The business of fun requires a lot of hard work!

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  1. The Sample Room in Ludo Fact – a boardgamer's Paradise!

  2. Super Mario is working in a board game factory 🙂

  3. Thank you for making such a wonderfully informative film!

  4. "… to keep the cardstock from bending or warping before they are assembled." After they are in the box though, you're on your own. lol. Thanks for the great video!

  5. An awesome video – very informative… 😉 Thank you.

  6. I think the first step involves the designer. Good video but we overlook them way too much.

  7. This is a great documentary on the board game manufacturing process. Great work! 🙂 It is amazing being able to publish board games. We're very fortunate to be in such an inclusive and overwhelmingly positive industry.

  8. Nice documentary. Ludo fact/packt are a horrible company though. Strongly varyying quality of components, stuff is often missing, the logistics in Ludo packt are horrid and their communication sucks.

  9. "many of those companies are now titans of the industry" No. No, they are not. They almost all are labdogs for Asmodee now…

  10. I like this a lot, but mentioning that the number and size of components helps determine the size of the box really irks me when I remember buying Diamonsters, a box the size of a loaf pan with a single deck of cards inside.

  11. Wow the color kitchen and other methods of cataloguing custom tools,shapes, and print runs are awesome =)

  12. Brilliant and informative. I'm an Author who has designed a board game that accompanies my urban fantasy trilogy called The Wand Chronicles, with cards, quad fold board, cardboard characters, plastic stands and and special dice. From my 1st mock-up to testing and then blind testing has been a journey…now on the hunt for some board game publishers in the UK to take it on board. Any suggestions anybody? Thanks, Michael

  13. I would hate to be on an assembly line and have a sudden case of liquid shit incoming.

  14. thank you for this video, just what i needed to know to make my game

  15. Great documentary. Really interesting insight into how board games are made. There's a game I'm designing that I would like to see produced one day. Luckily, it doesn't have any unique shapes with any of the cardboard pieces. There are lots of tiles required but they are square shaped.

  16. Wow I'm really impressed. Currently looking for a manufacturer and Ludo Fact has just become a highly considered option for me. Take care!

  17. Drinking game: Take a drink every time you hear the words "Ludo Fact" 😛

  18. Because of u i have to do homework.

    But its still a good video 🙂

  19. This video is amazing. As I get myself into a hobby of Desktop Publishing and print-and-play games and design, I realize after watching how much I take for granted in the large-scale production of even the smallest of game print runs.

  20. like all professional Germans do.
    You always got to have and drink beers

  21. Excellent video, but you miss to explain how meeples are made.

  22. Funny bald man. I wish I meet him when I visit Ludo Fact one day!

  23. Incredibly useful insight into the manufacture of games, from someone about to embark on a PhD that incorporates elements of board game design and making.

  24. The engineers behind these (any) factory machines are the unsung heroes. They deserve 6-figures in my book.

    Board games bring me so much joy that I'm thankful for everyone involved with the process.

    All for the cost of one dinner out, I get hours and hours of thoughty connection with friends.

  25. I certainly have a greater appreciation and understanding of the cost of the games I purchase

  26. So many people's efforts come together to enable someone else's few minutes of joy!

  27. Did I see full size Ticket to Ride train cards?!?! What the hell, I'm super jealous my edition has tiny cards.

  28. That was super professional, very nicely done!

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