Making a Jumanji Board -Timelapse -

Making a Jumanji Board -Timelapse

Steven Richter
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Building a screen accurate Jumanji board prop replica.

My Etsy for parts:

Finished photos:
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  1. Wow…this is amazing! I would buy it, if I could!
    Looks so real…my heart is freaking out and my mind is blowing. Fantastic 👏🏼

  2. Lines are too clean. Watching you make this makes me uncomfortable lmfao

  3. hey bro how much is the cost, i would like to buy it 🙂 😊

  4. put a display in the center and controller of moves?

  5. difficulty level: academy award winning prop master

  6. 凄すぎる。これだけの魂が入ってたら太鼓が鳴りだしても納得できる。

  7. How long did it take you to build the Jumanji board game?

  8. Парень, как же ты крут!

  9. Fantastic skill and detail, I wish I had the talent to make one….just don't throw a five or an eight 😉👍

  10. Hello sir, I really enjoyed the video and most importantly the build. As a kid this was my favorite movie to watch. It brought me peace in hard times. This movie would let me escape the harsh reality growing up. It would be neat to make words appear in the center orb. But with everything you have incorporated is fascinating. Would you consider selling it? Or making a duplicate?

  11. and there I expected it to move the peaces automatically over the board 🙂

  12. I played this game and i won like 16 times

  13. This is genuinely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen

  14. I like the Jumanji board game Caillou can I have it

  15. oh please tell me you sell these? i would 1000% pay for that! 😀

  16. Deveria custar uns 30 mil dólares. Quê trampo!

  17. incase you have some of these for sale, gimme link to the site pls

  18. Now you need a Genie to make the magic work or sacrifice a bunch of animals

  19. I wish you did more of these, its one of my favorite videos to go back and watch

  20. Bacana e muito bem feito, porém faltou deixar as medidas das peças.

  21. Please create account in social network VERO ?

  22. I know this is off topic, but the drums remind me of a song, "yeah toast" from the Bob and Tom show. It's forever old but still hilarious

  23. This is absolutely amazing! Hopefully we don’t end up trapped in there.

  24. How long have you been working on that Jumanji board game?

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