Making an ANCIENT Board Game from Scratch -

Making an ANCIENT Board Game from Scratch

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The topic of games is not something we’ve explored on our channel just yet. Well today we’re changing that! I invited Adam from @Space Dodo to help me craft our very own ancient board game entirely from scratch. Check it out!

Check out Adam’s YouTube channel:

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Created and Hosted by Andy George
Co-Hosted and Assistance by Lauren Lexvold
Camera and Cinematography by Daniel Garritsen
Primary Editing by Joseph Knox-Carr

Music by Taylor Lewin:

▼ Video Chapters ▼
0:00 | Episode Intro
1:03 | History of Board Games
3:25 | Designing the Board Game
5:41 | Making the Game Pieces
9:19 | How to Play the Game
10:30 | Playing the Game
11:01 | Remaking the Tokens
12:22 | The Final Game
13:50 | Final Thoughts
14:49 | Episode Outro


  1. As he was sawing the cube, I was just "He's gonna cut himself, that's not how you do that!" Oh, there it is.

  2. Is it a random occurrence that Adam and Andy are so similar in features, or are they tokens from opposing teams within a greater game? 🤔

  3. Last year I carved a chess set for a relative. It took me six months. 8-[

  4. I was expecting that saw slip when I saw him gripping it like that. It's lucky it wasn't any worse.

  5. Glad to see you all back up and running! This was a cool episode!

  6. You could have gotten more complex with your tokens by putting something that would burn easy in a liquid form like alcohol, sugar, honey, etc. and marked them more precisely when it burned away. Clay masks would also do the trick, but the opposite way.

  7. burning marks into dice using a heated metal rod works way better than carving them. this also would have helped with burning the wooden tokens.

  8. Cut to 5000 years from now;

    Commentator 1: "And we are back, here at the intergalactic tournament of Parker's game! The Globulan player is displaying a masterful grasp of the strategies employed in this game, while the Asarkan is struggling a bit."

    Commentator 2: "Makes sense Mark, the Asarkans have no mouthes and use colorshifting as communication and have a crippling phobia of geometric shapes. The real surprise is the Rhodinian player, who is obviously from the Rhodinian Empire of Conquerors. Who'd have though that a player who brought a Disintegrator gun and full Power Armor to the table would be so good at diplomacy."

    Commentator 1: "Truer words have never been spoken Bob. Say, did you know Parker's game originally came from old Terra?"

    Commentator 2: "Really, I never knew that."

    Commentator 1: "Yeah, I miss that system. Too bad its gone, but at least we have some fragments left."

    Commentator 2 "Indeed Mark, Indeed… Whoa! Look at the play the Jo'hel just made! He just might take the win this cycle!"

  9. Seems appropriate the the guy who makes games as a hobby is a fan of GMTK! Also, is it just me, or does he looks almost like a clone of Andy? He name even starts with "A"!

  10. Not for nothing they used to have a 20 sided dice in ancient rome, and since you already have d6s and d4s… you should run an ancient D&D one shot. PM me, I'd be happy to DM it

  11. That red band on your thumbnail makes me think I have already watched the video

  12. Good on you keeping up the fight to restore your business and brand. Setbacks like the fire are crushing and disheartening in the moment; but such events force business owners to grow and become flexible, more resilient, and learn advanced problem solving skills. In short time you'll look back and be thankful, to a degree, because it will have made you a stronger leader and build up thicker armor for what the world will throw at you. Congrats, keep up the momentum and keep pushing forward. You're doing great!

  13. Also a bit of a casual game designer here:
    An additional ruling I'd add to the game is that if you play with the 5-token bet ruling, the person rolling gets 2 dice. It only requires 1 six to win the pot, but at double the odds.
    To further expand this rule, you can only use 2 kinds of tokens and not all 4 kinds. This is then a risky big swing to capitalize on

  14. Inventing games is lot of fun and I remember that we did this in primary school a lot when we were bored. I invented a board game in April 2020 by myself, based on corona. You can find the game to free download and all rules on my blogpage which is linked in the video (fully subtitled) I made about the rules. Feel free to try it out and modify it.

  15. It's probably been said but I'm not coming through all the comments; when making six sided dice, it's standard practice to pair opposite sides to total 7. This 6/1,2/5,&3/4 should be on opposite sides. I thought I saw 3 and 4 adjacent to one another.

    Probably not the biggest deal. Certainly not to 'splain the concepts. But, today you learned…🤷‍♂️

  16. You make everything from wood, metal etc, but plastic doesn't break down very well I'm the environment. Given a nuclear situation or something that we are starting over, there will still be a lot of plastic everywhere. Maybe a special episode could be how to make plarn (plastic yarn) or how to make mats or pillows or rugs out of plastic bags or sheets of plastic. I've been doing it for years and I know your team could figure it out.

  17. You should do some CHALLENGES! Like how about a PHONOGRAPH using Roman Technology—-I would suggest using a crank operated "reel to reel metal, foil tape approach myself to avoid any precision "Threaded rods". How about an electromagnet powered by a voltaic pile?—and possible an ELECTRIC telegraph. Or telephone—Even a "Crude "wireless" telegraph might be possible. Many "Modern" inventions could have been made in Ancient times if only the KNOWLEDGE were available.

  18. Correct me if I'm wrong but have you guys unlocked metal files yet? I'm guessing metal casting bulk unlocks a lot of tools so maybe?

  19. It's kind of uncanny how similar you two look side-by-side. I'm an identical twin, myself, and even I don't think I look that similar to my brother. Lol. 😀

  20. Anyone else think that this was a door collaboration?

  21. Guess what, kids… The singular for Dice is Die.

    …but facts don't really matter much these days. 🙄

  22. This is neat…tho I feel like it would have been a bit easier for him and have had less blood if he'd used clay.

  23. It's good to see you up and running again, good luck htme !

  24. 6:45 Oh my God, the second I saw the saw pointing straight at his hand, I got so stressed!
    I haven't been that anxious about someone cutting since Andy using the drill while making glass! And look how both turned out…

  25. Ooh, you're giving other creators a spotlight like Tom Scott does, this is my favorite way of a channel taking a bit of a break!

  26. Well you can control the game in Uno. You just need a tad of deviousness and know how to target another player without getting shoveled full of cards yourself :)) Uno the ACTUAL modern day war game at the family table.

  27. 9:33 Corporate wants you to tell me the difference between this two pictures.

  28. Two tips for Adam regarding the actual manufacture of the game:

    To make a cube from a round stick (without loosing a finger), draw a square on the end of your stick, measure one of the sides of the square then cut a round from the stick at that length. Then simply split the stick along the drawn square edges to end up with your cube.

    To mark wood, use a thin bit of metal heated in a fire, rather than the flames directly to make much more precise and intricate markings on your pieces.

    All in all a very interesting concept, I can't judge the game since I haven't played it, but the whole process of designing a fun game is an interesting undertaking and a worthy pursuit!

  29. I'm a board game collector and afficionado. i LOVE these pieces! If I ever actually get into casting, that's the way to go.

  30. one of the best channels on yt

    mancala can be played without a board, just dig small holes in the ground and fill with stones

  31. 0:23 is it just me or does this just scream Fred Z. Randall from Rocket Man? this is a joke right? I'm not sure imitating him is so wise…

  32. 0:38 oh woooooow that looks gay. I wouldn't be surprised if it never gets above its closed beta!

  33. Did anybody else feel like Markiplier when he held that saw that way

  34. Many older games used binary dice, which would be very easy to craft with ancient methods and make certain outcomes more likely than others. Something like the Australian game of Two-Up would be within the realm of possibility.

  35. when are you going to release the game

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