Making an ANCIENT Board Game from Scratch -

Making an ANCIENT Board Game from Scratch

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The topic of games is not something we’ve explored on our channel just yet. Well today we’re changing that! I invited Adam from @Space Dodo to help me craft our very own ancient board game entirely from scratch. Check it out!

Check out Adam’s YouTube channel:

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▼ Video Chapters ▼
0:00 | Episode Intro
1:03 | History of Board Games
3:25 | Designing the Board Game
5:41 | Making the Game Pieces
9:19 | How to Play the Game
10:30 | Playing the Game
11:01 | Remaking the Tokens
12:22 | The Final Game
13:50 | Final Thoughts
14:49 | Episode Outro


  1. There won't be a "normal" if you don't switch to 30 fps.

  2. AYYYYYYYY, I wrote something like this down for the "video idea segment" of the survey awhile back; Happy to see the coincidence of it being made, am happy.

  3. The Royal Game of Ur is one of my favorite board games ever

  4. Hello from British Columbia,Canada 🇨🇦👋👍😎🌎♥️

  5. 7:30 That is not a proper 6 sided die… Any two opposing ends of a (six sided) die shud add up to 7. When ya flip it from 6 to 3 to 5; that confirms that isnt the case on your die.

  6. When will normal videos return ?
    I understand the unfortunate 🔥 accident but it's been like a year now…

  7. could maybe be better if you used a D20 or multiple dice

  8. They probably carried it around for gambling as well. It’d be a great way to make money through scamming too

  9. My first thought when I saw (no pun intended) him using that saw on that stick was that it was an accident waiting to happen. Please be careful when handling tools, it might seem like a waste of time at first but you'll kickly change your mind after losing a finger and you'll probably end up saving time and getting much better results when using tools the way they are intended!

  10. Table top are great modern games but would older games have been more field games? Javelin, Discus, Field Hockey Lacrosse, Soccer?

  11. Uno has more strategy than you might think, there's not much control but there is some


  12. This kinda seems like a more complex version of Left, Right, Center.

  13. How to make an ANCIENT board game from scratch:
    1-Take some little scoops out of the dirt
    2-Put pebbles in the holes
    Boom. Mancala

  14. The second I saw that saw being used like that I knew there would be blood

  15. Someone send this guy a pair of work gloves. Yikes!

  16. If you guys make it, we will watch it. I love the idea of not knowing what content is coming our way next. It’s exciting! Finding ways to pass the time is one of humans most interesting and little known topics we see.

  17. YESSSS ive been waiting for this great job

  18. No randomness in chess?

    The only time I beat an actual chess master was playing chaos chess with a huge bucket of luck.
    Basically you are trying to do things that don't hurt you but make no sense.

    Most the time you don't win but you survive long enough to make the game fun. To me winning is more about who's having the more fun. I used to get upset when losing on multiplayer games but now I just focus on having fun because that's the point.

  19. It would be really cool to see you build the ancient Chinese seismograph. They used it to detect and predict small and large earthquakes.

  20. Your videos are the best.
    I wach some of your videos,daily.

  21. Can't wait to see how a game evolves looks at 5d chess With mutiverse and time travel I think thats to much evolving.

  22. Really, really interesting! 😃
    I'm going to make a 2×2" dice! 😂
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  23. Blood is cool, the kid from bad santa stained his wooden pickle with blood, his gift to santa.

  24. @06:48 PLEASE never cut in the direction of your body.
    you will always cut yourself when you slip. and you will slip
    oooh he already did literally 4 sec later…. that was fast…..
    @07:06 oh thats a nasty cut.

  25. What was the name of this game I don't think I ever heard them give it a name

  26. "were bringing in independent creators" shows his clone

  27. Haha what a coincidence i actually made my own boardgame from wood in an old viking style last week

  28. First video in i think ever ive not enjoyed at all, im here for you andy, not mister VR

  29. Just from seeing the title pop up on my phone I immediately said “oh no Jumanji” 😂😂😂 cool video.

  30. 1 die, 2 or more dice. It just sounds better.

  31. Probably would have been easier (or at least less time-consuming) to make different shaped wood tokens, instead of trying to burn identifying marks. Just saw a whole section of branch into a square, rectangular (half-square) or triangular shape, and then together with the round ones you have shapes for 4 players once you slice them up.

  32. This looks like fun! Definitely a natural progression from dice gambling games that we can imagine
    Also if this is a game you'll be keeping and playing a lot, a Knucklebone die might last longer than the wooden one

  33. …But you CAN strategically play Uno, though? All depends on the variant played… 😛

  34. thw whole making things from scratch idea is what really drew me to your channel but lately i feel like youve been making a lot more 'gimicky' things and its kind of lost my interest. though, im for sure gonna be sticking around to see what videos you post next.

  35. i can see the pieces becoming a VERY personal thing. something that people spend a lot of time and effort in making look nice.

  36. Wow great and can you make an different type of atlas or the spear thrower.

  37. Fantastic! I checked the “down below” and didn’t see a link to the rules, is there somewhere they are shared that I missed? My kids are interested in trying it out with me 👍

  38. I think you just cut throut the historical game developing process. As i see it, games started as practicing. What would you do if I place this regiment on the right? What would you do if I sell this shipment of wheat to these other people? We are avid problem solvers, and when the challenge is to easy to solve, we make new rules. The point is, I don't think you can make a new game just for the sake of it, you need a new problem to solve.

  39. so cool! but how did the blood not demonetize the video?

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