Making new friends bc kids are awesome #mschanggifted #boardgames #sundayvibes -

Making new friends bc kids are awesome #mschanggifted #boardgames #sundayvibes

Jere Chang (@mschanggifted)
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  1. Some events are public and some private

  2. Hold on, a board gaming group? That sounds amazing. I need Fox to make me some friends.

  3. That is cool. I would love to play board games in a board game club! And I'm a Grandma!

  4. I love when the wife is in the videos with y’all ❤

  5. your son’s heart is so full of joy i too use to join parties young innocent i just had a blast ps your the best mama

  6. Y'all are freaking wonderful people. You both have a warmth about you and I'm here for it❤️🫶💯 thank you for being so adorable and kind

  7. "You can't just crash other people's parties!!"
    "Ooh, they got nachos, okay mayyybe you can go crash their party, I didn't know nachos were involved"

  8. You guys are the sweetest, most wholesome family. And you always keep me giggling. Thanks for letting us laugh along with you on your adventures!

  9. This is my favorite channel. I’m literally Ms.chang…kids u can’t just go to somebody else’s party…also Ms.Chang I guess we’re crashing somebody else’s party.

  10. This is amazing 😂❤ you all are just so fun

  11. LOL! Only kids can get away with this 😀

  12. Lol 😂u were against joining until u found out they had nachos 😅😅😅

  13. A family full of beautiful smiles 🥰 you can feel there’s always so much love and happiness

  14. I love the responsible parenting until you heard the word nachos because same

  15. Love seeing OG! All hail the Camel up champion!

  16. I love that Fox just randomly crashes everyone’s outings casually🤣😂

  17. Good to know that you would sell your soul for Nachos 😂😂😂 love y'all so much
    #NoFear 😂😂😂

  18. You guys r such a wonderful family. Definition of happiness 🙂

  19. Omg! You remind me of Stephanie Weir from Mad Tv. She's hilarious.

  20. Now they got ya'll joining random birthday parties 😂😂that's awesome!!

  21. Making everyday the best day of your life ❣️🥰😃🤩❤️Fox and family, you're awesome 👏😄🎉

  22. Hobby board gaming is the best! As soon as I saw that dice pyramid I knew you were playing Camel Up 🙂 so fun

  23. I have to say this short got me in my feels Fox bringing me joy as always with “this is the best day of my life” and then Ms OG Chang with everyday is the best day when I spend it with you. Thanks Chang family for always bringing love and happiness ❤ x

  24. Settlers of Catan, Rummikub, sushi go and exploding kittens are amazing board/card games your kids are the perfect age for and my teens still enjoy playing

  25. I need a board game group in my life! I so miss yahtzee and scrabble! This is awesome!

  26. It was a hard no until Nachos were mentioned 😂

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