Man Finds World's Most Desirable Board Game at Yard Sale -

Man Finds World’s Most Desirable Board Game at Yard Sale

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  1. At the 11:48 mark, there's an A&E Pride and Prejudice DVD box set. I sold a sealed one recently for 15.99 + Free Shipping.

  2. I love how police sirens were going off as you were paying for Dark Tower with that "steal" of a deal!

  3. What a ass hole trying to take the batteries. Cheap ass!

  4. There are board games much more rare and much more desirable ha

  5. Another quality video Dustin. Keep up the good work!

  6. I found dark tower at the thrift over a year ago complete in box with the inserts in great condition and it still worked it took a while to sell but that was before I started using eBay but I still got almost 400$ paid 35$

  7. I remember I sold the dark shadows and Barnabus Collins games. I will be on the lookout for this Darktower game. You and your wife have lost weight after the big move Wow!!That was a lot of work.

  8. Looks like your girl can’t even stand you funny how she hit on the other guy why you weren’t there lol

  9. research Chanel its one you get sued on If I remember right.

  10. Guessing you don’t sell on Amazon. Same table as Dark Tower was Uno Flash and an Artograph Tracer Projector. Couple of my favs to sell on AZ

  11. Wow, Tupperware parties. Talk about living life on the edge. 23:02 😂

  12. Nothing like picking with the pro. You’re so versatile it makes it very informative. Some resellers buy the same items like plush at every sale.

  13. Those stink bugs, kill them whenever you can. They spread like wildfire and are bad for agriculture. Luckily the population seems to have decreased from last year here in Oregon but there is still a lot. Not to mention they poop everywhere and fart if you even touch them a little.

  14. I constantly get stink bugs just don't smash them lol youll regret it 😂

  15. Awesome as always guys love the vids. Usual big love from Scotland ❤

  16. Ong my favorite YouTubers I just love Jess your cool to Dustin 😂

  17. My brother had Dark Tower but would never tell me the rules so he could win 😄. Not sure what became of it, but do remember seeing it in my parents garage many years ago.

  18. I still have my complete Dark Tower game from when I was a kid. Holding on to it! Definitely a BOLO! 🤘😎👍

  19. I enjoy watching this thrift at garage and yard sales. Great one again 👏 👍💯

  20. You missed a red fairy lamp at 15.25 in your video it was red those sell pretty good maybe next time keep your eyes out for them or have Jess look out for them it was on the table with all the white milk glass items.

  21. Dude you got 3 pairs of air max 1s nice score

  22. Dustin,u and Jessie need a lil prooicker ,hunt hunt

  23. That brick house looked familiar. Didn't Jess buy books or something there before

  24. Great find on that vintage board game score Dustin! Happy pickin! ❤

  25. Just wondering why take the time to list something for 11.99 free shipping?

  26. Wifey seems really ….. Attitude. Got a new house… eBay doing ok, great finds I mean from the last 4-5 vids alone… gotta get out of the 1st world problems. Both of ya. God is blessing. Which my eBay and YouTube was getn on like that.

  27. I sometimes like finding purfume or cologne just as much as video games.

  28. You always shake when you find good stuff,you need to control yourself,calm down 😅😅

  29. There are enough advertisements on YouTube without you adding more.

  30. every time I see Pyrex left behind my heart drops LOL I'm glad you pick it up.

  31. Love that lovely girl up.Jessica, you are a good sport.
    Hugs and kisses from d
    Down EAST MAINE .

  32. That 360 was a shame. Would've been an easy fix, but $50 is way too much.

  33. Why would you pa😮y a $100 for Channel and sell it for $20 ?

  34. Invasion of the battery 🔋 🔋snatchers 😂

  35. I had a yard sale this weekend and sold stuff for dirt cheap like a normal human being and I made a boat load of money. Why do people try to sell shit for massive money even in eBay lol. Like come on folksssss. Btw kill those bugs immediately kill everyone

  36. I’ve been hoping to run across Dark Tower in the wild. Ideally, a complete version. The tower alone, if the motor is working has decent value. Crazy!

  37. Every grandma “ya can’t find nothin!” 😂😂😂😂 I was cracking up

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