March 2022 Board Games on Kickstarter (2nd half) -

March 2022 Board Games on Kickstarter (2nd half)

Tantrum House
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Kevin looks at board games launching the second half of March 2022 on crowdfunding platforms.

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March 15 3 new games from BG Tables
March 16 Micro Dojo: Loyalty & Deceit
March 22 Jurassic World The Legacy of Isla Nublar
March 22 Gathering Gloom
March 22 Mercurial
March 22 Kingdoms Rise & Fall – Dorian
March 22 Tidal Blades 2
March 22 Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition Discovery, Foundations & Crisis
March 22 Okko
March 23 Batman Gotham City Chronicles Season 3
March 24 Encyclopedia
March 28 Ptolemaeus
March 29 Age of Rome
March 29 expansion to Artemis Project
March 29 DiceWar


  1. I´m really hyped for the kickstarter of Age of Rome. I cant wait to play it with my friends.

  2. Great video! Really liked Age of Rome’s trailer, looks very promising!

  3. Age of rome looks great been following it from the announcement in kickstarter and now i am so hyped for the release

  4. They announced that Batman GCC season 3 got pushed back to May.

  5. So many games so little time 😁. Definitely, looking forward for Age of Rome. Nicely done trailer and for sure looks very interesting.

  6. If it's true that Batman GCC season 3 is pushed back, then I guess I will be focusing on Age of Rome these days. Although it's their very first release I'm amazed by the art and the UI; rotating board looks quite an innovative mechanism also.

  7. Oh gosh… Kingdoms Rise & Fall – Dorian, Tidal Blades 2, Okko, Batman Gotham City Chronicles Season 3 and Age of Rome

  8. This used to be my go to video for Kickstarter news. Kevin was always pleasant and entertaining while being generally informative about the games without droning on. But this one is just reading a list of games and showing a picture.. disappointing

  9. Perfect. Nice to hear that Age of Rome will be out at 29 March. I really anticipated that and can't wait to play it

  10. Excited for the expansion for The Artemis Project!!! Was wondering when they were going to announce it.

  11. I really liked the trailer for Age of Rome!
    It looks like a very interesting game. I think that the rotating board addds points to the excitement of playing the game.

  12. We also just released our first Kickstarter campaign for printing Collectible Cards for the creatures of "Scherbenwelt" 🎊🎉 😀
    (Feel free to take alook at it and do not hesitate to give feedback! 😀)

    We are currently trying to build a new fantasy world:"Scherbenwelt"(early draft:
    Note: you can press on the red flags to get the different creatures displayed,
    also you can scroll up, down and sideways,
    (and do not hesitate to give feedback! 😀) ).

    Both the world and the list of creatures we want to expand significantly together with the community,
    the current state serves only as a base and starting point for first orientation.
    Together we want to create a gigantic, living, diverse, fascinating, great fantasy world.
    A world by the community for the community, which everyone can actively shape.

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