MASSIVE NBA Monopoly Game-Board Challenges! -

MASSIVE NBA Monopoly Game-Board Challenges!

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Today, The boys & I built a MASSIVE NBA Monopoly Game Board to take on MASSIVE NBA Monopoly Game Board Challenges!

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  1. this was fun to watch but y'all look exhausted lol

  2. Jeff just gets top of the key it’s the most easiest shot to take

  3. bro justin is jordan clarkson to point o plays no defense

  4. So we not gonna acknowledge jeff crossin justin?

  5. moochie still isnt at 1 mill and jeff already reached 1 mill thats sad bruh

  6. When’s the secret Santa video comming out

  7. There should be an X factor called Jeff Monopoly

  8. i love how everyone is giving jeff the disadvantages and teaming up on him and he still wins

  9. This is a 🔥 🔥 🔥 video idea to do on NBA Monopoly Challenge in this video in life right know today for us only okay

  10. James you have the turnaround fades, the lays, and a decent outside shot, you need to tone up those defensive skills and handles, also don’t say “why’d you put yourself behind me” in Bank and then be the first one out. Haha. Also you’ve created a monster in Monopoly Jeff, he’s diffffffferent.

  11. The whole bucket squad is there besides Jesse

  12. I think Kobe was reincarnated and placed in Jeffs body

  13. W video , Jeff and James are really releasing bangers

  14. This video is fire. You should do a big scale version of it with the main guys in 2 hype and more team facilities to own

  15. This video was great but if the money prize was higher would have been a perfect way to raise the stakes

  16. we not gonna talk about how jeff dropped justin

  17. The quality of your videos have been great the past year. I have loved watching your videos

  18. I thought Jesser was in this video the whole time😂😂😂

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