Masters of the Universe: Clash for Eternia the Board Game Play-through -

Masters of the Universe: Clash for Eternia the Board Game Play-through

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower plays Masters of the Universe- Clash for Eternia the Board Game from CMON!

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  1. You guys have the best jobs. Wish I could play with your game group. You have so much fun. 😃 I have to beg my kids to play with me.
    If they based He-Man on Mike’s image and general demeanor alone, then He-Man has aged well. Keep up the playfulness! I enjoy watching your videos, especially when you’re not being mean to each other. 😄

  2. Is CMON pronounced See-Mahn? I've been saying it Kuh-mawn for years! Like.. hey, c'mon, come on, etc. Heh. Oops.

  3. Always dropping some fun playthroughs. Always enjoy them and He Man is a great IP. Glad they stayed true to the IP with the art. Game looks pretty fun. Thanks for the upload.

  4. You guys are fun to watch. The game looks poor and boring though this IP has never drawn any interest from me.

  5. I don't think the game does the Masters of the Universe theme enough justice.

  6. I'm 42 years old and this will be the first game I will back and do it with pride.

  7. Zee's "Orko" voice reminds me of the characters in the "Land of Make Believe" from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. 🙂

  8. Anyone remember the old game with the moving platforms?

  9. 45:58 The old cartoon never says who built Skeletor's Robot Knights, but since Tri-Klops is Skeletor's go-to tech guy, having built many of his vehicles and weapons, lit was probably him. Newer canon says he's the one that made Trap-Jaw's prosthetics after Skeletor disfigured him. He is to the villains as Man-At-Arms is to the heroes.

  10. I’m backing this, but ONLY if I can play as all all ten of my Top Ten Masters of the Universe characters from back in the day. Will be eagerly watching the Kickstarter.

  11. What an interesting setup. The first time you laid the cards on the side screen, I was like, "Did they really go through the trouble to blow up the cards to the size of the table!?"

  12. I may be in the minority(?) but I really hope they put some stuff or alternate art in related to the new Netflix show, I genuinely enjoyed it a ton and would love to see the few new characters represented as well.

  13. I entered the contest when the first game play video was supposed to go live, so I only entered with my name and mailing address as per the details under the video. Do I have to email a new entry now that you ask us to provide something else or is my first entry ok?

  14. I would've preferred a Heroclix set a few years back. I already own enough basic skirmish games.

  15. Hilarious to watch Orko taking names! I loved the old series, not a fan of the new one, but the fun with this game seemed to be mostly from injecting He-Man references more than the gameplay. It looks great from an art work perspective, but given that being a CMON game it's going to be cost about £300+ when it hits KS I bet, it hasn't won me over.

  16. My boardgame group were 100% discussing how similar Mike is to He-man just the other week. Uncanny

  17. I hope this game is successful because then they might make a She-Ra and the Princesses of Power game. Now, that would be my jam!

  18. Since someone mentioned Hordak, are the Evil Horde, the Princesses of Power, or King Hiss and his Snake Men in the game?

  19. Looks fun to play, but I feel that the novelty will wear out fast.

  20. I just want to thank you guys for bringing the exact right spirit to playing this game. This is going to make 40-something fans everywhere ecstatic to play.

  21. I wanted to back the other He-Man game, but because of this one it wasn't available for US backers. :/

  22. Man, I really love the Battle Cat move at the end. I also appreciate that Mike, the cat person, played it.

  23. For me the disappointment of the year! Loveless artwork, monotonous map and then also a skirmish game. I like Archon's European game a lot more.

  24. I wasn’t a He-man fan growing up so this does not interest me. That new G.I. Joe game though! That pulls on my nostalgia strings!!

  25. Holy heck.
    Three Heman games withon a month.

    Fields of Eternia on Gamefound
    This on Kickstarter.
    And the CMONs game very soon.

  26. Much prefer the other He-Man game. At least it has solo.

  27. The game seem fine and fun… But I honestly want He-Man and Skeletor to be in Unmatched along Lion-O and Mummrah… There I said it 🤣
    Unmatched seems like a perfect system for all my 80s Nostalgia 🤣🤣🤣

  28. This looks a bit bland… Glad I didn't wait for this and crowdfunded the Archon Studio one before that ended. :/

  29. Awe man that board looks so boring compared to the europe game.

  30. I strongly suspect that most people don't know what Rosebud means. That's legitimately a spoiler.

    Not an exciting one. That anyone cares about.

  31. I went all-in for Fields of Eternia and while this looks fine, it doesn’t seem to warrant the fuss of bringing it to Europe. I enjoyed the cast here though, almost right: Beastman, Orco and Cringer:)

  32. Big Thanks to my parents for concived me in Europe so I can pledge the other MOTU game ! This one looks… yak…

  33. Oh man, a game with a DM (Controller) is a bit of a step back in time. A full coop expierence would be much better.

  34. lol u guys are hilarious and made a mundane game look great …

  35. Love the spirit and fun you guys brought to the play-through!

  36. LOUD NOISES! Yelling and talking over each other to be funny made this hard to watch with headphone one.

  37. If Tom Vasel wasn't so damn charming and charismatic he would be a walking M'lady stereotype.

  38. This will be the first kickstarter I back.

  39. Would be nice to have gameplay without so much loud side conversations and what-not. Game looks cool though.

  40. Good video as always, but even as a huge retro He-Man fan, I'm passing on this one. Not my style of game play and the presentation leaves something to be desired. Enjoyed watching the game though. 😁

  41. Join my Facebook group and post your MOTU videos find us at MOTU The Board Game Clash for Eternia

  42. The He-Man figure looks a bit puny compared to the others.

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