Matt's Top 59 Board Games (as of January 2020) -

Matt’s Top 59 Board Games (as of January 2020)

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Hands down my favorite video on the channel. Just the simple authenticity was a breath of fresh air from all the crazy nonsense we normally see.

  2. What, no Twilight Imperium?! =-O
    Oh, and the first expansion for the 4th edition is recently announced. Gonne bring the awesome up from 11 to 12 on a scale from 1 — 10 😉


  4. I really love the normality and honesty of this that Matt doesn't just live under a wall of Kallax, and has games he might never get to, or games that he owns just because. Its refreshing compared with most other top games lists.

  5. Plz fix the inside of the cosmic encounter, it's in pain from the mess.

  6. I would absolutely play Tigris and Euphrates with you over tabletop sim.

  7. Avalon is such a fantastic party game. I'm Afghanistan, we used it to get to know each other better. 8-9 players make for the best games

  8. At first I thought he really cared about his games cause he didn't want to fold the mono-rail pieces with fear of damaging them…but slowing it becomes painful to see how he actually stores his game.

  9. Your comments and viewpoints are great. Thank you!

  10. What is your collection missing? Twilight Imperium 4th Edition!!!

  11. Rubber band?!! Nooooo! I am disappointed.

  12. 16:00 "I keep loving showing it to people, getting it out" Matt, it's a family show!

  13. One of the thing that I love about Shut Up & Sit Down is that they are quite simply lovely people. The kind of person that I'd love to have as mates.

  14. You are correct sir. COUP is not good. It's GREAT.

  15. Can someone please inform me as to where I can get the cupboards that Matt uses in this video?

  16. Over a year since posting and the giver of free time called Covid, did you get your Cosmic Encounter cards resleeved?

  17. Oh my word! I just remembered that it was because of Matt that I bought Imperial Assault!

  18. What I expected: a walkthrough of breakdowns and observations of a list of games
    What I got: Quinn and Matt hanging out letting their passion do the talking

  19. I love this list! This game is very entertaining and you can play with the whole family. Just like this newly found game called "LAGIM". It's a strategy type of card/board game wherein you need to defend your baryo against evil fiends. For more details, you may visit their FB page and website to know the mechanics of the game.

  20. Can i have the mysterium?😂 i rlly like the game


  22. Are you planning on continuing this series? I'd love to see Toms or Evas collections!

  23. Can’t believe Matt didn’t keep War of the Ring! Their review on it is spot on. It’s an amazing game. Maybe the box is too big?

  24. You know the two Looney Tunes gophers? "oh but you know how you put everything in one box and can't find it?" "OH YES! I bagged the expansion seperately!" "How clever, terribly clever."

  25. I have special edition of mysterium it’s Anna detective. I liked it Much more then original, and I like it more then paranormal detective for sure. I have alchemists with expansion it is my favourite game

  26. My issue is my game group got super into games, now they all buy games and wanna play their games. So I need to make a new group to play games I own out of people who have never played games before but my collection is Gloomhaven Arkham Horror and the like. It's a dilemma.

  27. Forbidden Stars is a masterpiece. It's the only game I rated 10/10 in BGG.

  28. You can fit all of Baren Park into the base box. Admittedly it becomes it's own game of Tetrising the pieces into the box. But doable.

  29. How about Kemet Blood and Sand?
    i was personally looking into buying Kemet + Seth expansion, which B&S lacks… so i'm a bit at an impasse.

  30. How come my box of Bargain Quest seems… so much larger? Did it come in different editions? Or is my sense of scale just so off on this video?

  31. I know I am 3 years late, what is the name of the cupboard, as I am looking for a similar type of storage

  32. Man, Matt's collection is eerily similar to mine. Especially if I would cull it down a bit and just keep the stuff I really like.

  33. The fact that he has the exact same star wars mat as me and also uses it for all board games is just scary.

  34. I'd like to congratulate Quinns on not laughing at "pretty tight box". Good job!

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