May in Review - 21 Board Games Ranked -

May in Review – 21 Board Games Ranked

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I talk about all of the new games I played throughout May 2022 and rank them from my least favourite to most favourite.

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  1. For what it's worth, the 2000 version of Aladdin's Dragons is much better.

  2. I recommend trying Hanabi on BGA. The game appears to be a one trick pony at first glance. But there is an amazing game if you dig a little deeper into it. It seriously started as a 6 for me and is now a 10. (I only rank 4 other games a 10) Play online with the following convention:Discard from your farthest left unmarked to the right and play cards from the farthest right to the left. The game transforms from a simple memory / hidden information game into the greatest logic game Ive ever played. Try it out. Ask the other players for help if you must. It will only take a game or two to grasp the idea and then you will understand.

  3. Yeahh Caylus ! One of my first worker placement ! 😊

  4. glad to see a lot of older titles on your list. I'll check a few. just out of curiosity, what push your luck games you like the most?

  5. I’m really looking forward to your point of view between Caylus 1303 and the original, if that would ever happen..Your month in review is always very interesting, see you next time!

  6. Are u sure Euro's are u favorite ? It seems like u really like light games. Understand why but maybe u want to change ur image as a dry Euro lover?

  7. Great list! Sad to see Carnegie did not live up but I'll still try to give it a go. Also glad to see you enjoyed Estates, that is one of my favorite games!

  8. Carnegie is a weird one. I definitely had fun with it, but I do feel like it has a few problems. As you mentioned, the route building part of the game is a little weak and someone else selecting the actions is also not as impactful as maybe it should be. I do like the managing of the workers and making sure they are in the right place at the right time.
    Two questions:
    1. Did you play the Kickstarter version? That has a mini expansion where you have $50 to spend on resources/workers/turn order at the begining of the game, which really made the early part of the game more interesting.
    2. What player count did you play at? Weirdly, I LOVED this game at 2 players. You play with a lot less department tiles, and some of them are not in play at all, or there is only 1 of them. It means you are forced to go in completely different directions each game based on what's available.

    You've also made me realise I need to get Caylus (1303) off my shelf of shame!

  9. always something of interest in these monthy lists, thanks! Have not been able to find a copy of St Petersburg that was priced within reason so for now will have live w/playing it on Board Game Arena.

  10. I'm glad you played and liked Favor of the Pharoah. I bought it on a whim when it was on sale for cheap a while ago and hadn't tried it yet. I'm going to table this one soon now. Thanks!

  11. I'm always excited to watch your monthly reviews, but this time I had a hard time listening to you. May I suggest you get yourself a microphone?
    Other than that, your content is still top-notch. I always end up with a couple of games on my wishlist after your reviews 🙂

  12. Thanks for sharing another interesting month of games with us. Looking forward to watching your in-depth review of St Petersburg when you get to it.

  13. I really enjoy your monthly game review, especially given the older games that get featured. I feel like Cult of the new means that older classics like Caylus and St. Petersburg can get overlooked or neglected as it were. Your channel is excellent for highlighting so many older games but also new releases too. Very much enjoy your channel.
    Thanks, Mark

  14. Caesar was a massive disappointment to me… I would pick King is Dead / Air, Land & Sea / Capital Lux 2 / Blitzkrieg any day over Caesar ;).

  15. If you don’t like the action selection in Puerto Rico, you should avoid Carnegie. In both games, it is the heart of strategy. Seeing what move is best for you or least worst compared to the other players is what drives the game. Preparing for what the other players will choose is the agony. PR uses the coins to provide “pressure” on unmade choices and gives the chooser an advantage. Pretty blunt, but very effective. Carnegie is a little subtler in not incentivizing income/donation moves. Instead they are inevitable. Players can only control the tempo. The kind of operation is more flexible, but I think the game structure will keep players from varying too far.

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