Meet Our NEW GAMING TABLE! | GeekNSon Custom Table Preview -

Meet Our NEW GAMING TABLE! | GeekNSon Custom Table Preview

No Rolls Barred
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Our gorgeous board game table was custom built by GeekNSon. Check out their store using our affiliate link and get a FREE Dice Tower with each purchase of a table:

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  1. the new channel must be named Gnome Trolls Bard!!! if its not i will never watch it. ok i probably will but i will be surly about it for like half of the first episode…ish. the new table should be named tanky Mctank face. or maybe Derik the Big D!

  2. It looks like part of this emoji 😁 so i would name it "smily"

  3. Honey Heist RPG part2? nah we rather look at a table. After 2 days this video got more views than Honey Heist part 2 got after 9 days 🤣

  4. “I’ll send Dom after you”
    Laurie my good sir, don’t threaten us with a good time

  5. New table should be Helen, after Helen of Troy. And Gnome Trolls Bard is incredible.

  6. Name for the table: Janice Jonson-Johnson Johnson-Jonson or just Dave


  8. The Meredith.

    No but seriously, the Rosie, after it's designer.

  9. Do more of Board Game Masterpieces too!! I love that series!

  10. Rolling Rosie … but … are you sure that table is big enough for Call of Cthulu?? lol

  11. Call it Luna, It is somewhat moon shaped.

  12. I’d personally call the table the Tunnel. Has the same shape as a tunnel, and it has wheels as well, and what else has wheels? Vehicles. And what can vehicles do? Go through tunnels. Not saying it doesn’t take a lot of steps to get there, but I don’t think Tunnel has a bad ring to it for the table. Maybe that’s just me though.

  13. As someone who only recently got into this channel (and am recommending it to just about everyone i know) , I am SO happy to onboard for an announcement about TTRPG being another branch y'all are taking.

    Also, for sure agree that Bard has a place in the title of the new channel, whatever it turns out being.

  14. I really like this idea – if I had a large enough space or a gaming cafe, I would expand upon this idea by making a sister table, that could somehow combine with this table to form a full circle, with the wood in the center of both tables made removeable so that there could be one continuous play surface in that giant circle. A circular table like that, while not useful for filming specifically, would be excellent for games like TI4 (and actually most themed games with maps that build outwards from a center point).

  15. New channel sounds sick and yes I want it to be Gnome Trolls Bard.

  16. I'm willing to roll the dice on this one, dungeon mcdungeon face.

  17. Either call it the Rosie or the Dom-inator 🤣🤣😂😂

  18. Love the new table. As someone has suggested, Rosie is a perfect name.

    For the new Channel, since in wrestling the phrase is "no holds barred, anything goes" how about the sister channel be "Anything Rolls"?

  19. "Since I became full time…"
    I honestly thought Laurie was the big boss at NRB.

  20. Table mc table face.
    Oh no!
    Pleeeeease don’t send dom after me.
    i’ll cryyy.

  21. I think the name of the table should be Luna since she looks like a half moon

  22. Well I'd call it after the other big sexy lump I see in the middle of the studio: The Laurie. 😉

  23. I vote for Rosie's baby, The Rosie is… alright but feels like it's missing something

  24. Since it's a "D" shaped table why not have a name that starts with "D"? Just brainstorming, trying to workshop a couple ideas, I know! Dominic Allen sounds like a strong name to give to a table. Yes, I think that will do nicely.

    Honestly I'm very excited for the future of this channel and the sister channels with Laurie and cast. Keep up the fantastic work!

  25. The table looks excellent and I'm so happy that NRB are investing into the channel to improve everything, but the guy saying D shape gaming tables don't exist… erm… blackjack tables?

  26. hi is Allen ok i did see him in a bit.

  27. I could have sworn I heard "No Tomes Barred" which I think would be rather fun since any and all story/Campaign books could be called Tomes. Especially if you are going to play a large range of TTRPGs as for your new table's name. Darling Dangerous Darla, OR No Regrets Bertha.

  28. Table should be called Smiley or Frowney, depends which side you are viewing it.

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