Mega64 Olympic Board Games 2022 - FULL SHOW -

Mega64 Olympic Board Games 2022 – FULL SHOW

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The most cutthroat competition of the year returns! Mega64 plays board games, DND, Jenga, and more all day long! Who will take home the coveted MOBG trophy?

0:00 – Opening Ceremony
27:26 – Taskmaster (Warmup)
1:13:00 – Official Tour Movie Announcement
1:22:08 – Event Format/Rules
1:33:35 – Ring Toss (Alpha Round, Johnny vs Garrett)
1:38:08 – Jacks (Alpha Round, Kevin vs Rocco)
1:41:12 – Operation (Alpha Round, Derrick vs Shawn)
1:48:58 – Kerplunk (Alpha Round, Johnny vs Rocco vs Derrick)
2:03:39 – Don’t Break The Ice (Alpha Round, Johnny vs Derrick)
2:22:02 – The Dreamcast 2 Conspiracy
2:27:20 – Zombies
3:22:32 – Dungeons and Dragons
5:24:27 – Beta Round/Event Format Refresher
5:28:19 – Kendama (Beta Round, Garrett vs Shawn)
5:37:17 – Ask The Chat (Beta Round, Rocco vs Kevin)
5:49:28 – Giant Jenga (Beta Round, Rocco vs Derrick vs Garrett)
6:59:13 – Connect Four (Beta Round Finals)
7:03:49 – The Dreamcast 2 Conspiracy
7:10:03 – Perfection (Omega Round)


  1. Helllll yeah I'm not getting any work done today

  2. PELO? Oh shit! Please get him on the podcast/Mega Strange

  3. Fucking sweet. Poor Rocco had half a brain cell left after all the stress.

  4. wow. Apple hasn’t made an iPlug yet, but if they did I’d certainly have met my daily kegel goal after watching this

  5. Derek, me and my whole family got stomach bugs over the weekend. everyone barfed and shat liquid. there is definitely something going around

  6. Really fun show, guys! Jenga was INSANE.

  7. Derek made an illegal jenga block move. How did nobody notice? 6:14:18

  8. I legit thought Shawn drew himself as a wide-eyed anime boy with a Naruto headband 59:40

  9. when I used to play don't break the ice as a kid i'd try and hit it as hard as i could to knock like 3 or 4 pieces out

  10. why does the break music remind me of pretty vacant by sex pistols haha

  11. When that Jenga tower finally fell I saw my life flashing before my eyes. One of the most emotional events in human history.

  12. Congrats Garrett!
    I thought Shawn was going to win.

  13. Great content, everyone! Thanks for putting this on!

  14. Rocco doing the Vulcan Pinch to put the tower back to sleep. A true master of his craft.

  15. imagine losing $1000 in a 1m20s game of connect four

  16. Booo Derrick for not finishing break the ice. Give Johnny the respect he deserves and die like a man next time.

  17. My favorite part of this 7+ hours was at 0:10
    Just at how hilarious "Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops form the legs" sounds out of context.

  18. Dang derrick if you went middle block then it would've been a tie perfect game!

  19. I actually never realized that Derrick was so short compared to the others!

    Love a short king.

  20. Even better than last year! You guys should definitely do more charity streams, they are super fun

  21. Every segment was so good this year. Excellent DMing by Mason too!

  22. I continue to be blown away by how fun and creative everyone is. I'm glad this became a reoccurring competition

  23. You guys have no idea how much that intro meant to Sean, even if he says he was "pumped about it" to you in private, thats 1/10 as excited as he actually was. You smashed it, Sean.

  24. I love how in Jenga it’s just “are you kidding me” and “no way” the entire game lmfao

  25. This was such a great stream, not a single dull moment. That Connect Four should have been best of 5 though, Rocco was still shaken from the Jenga round and couldn't think straight!

  26. Yo shoutout to all my homies that played the Jenga custom game on Halo 3 back in the day. That was my shit.

  27. Mad respect to Rocco for his thousand dollar pinch trick

  28. the poetic justice of that ending lol its "perfection"

  29. the four boyz crowding around the Lightning Reactions at the very end was a heartwarming ending

  30. Absolutely ever minute of the D&D was worth it once you get to 4:40:00 and you get to see the absolute ASSAULT the power of Mimzy provides to Rocco.

  31. is it just me or has mega4 become an indie fashion brand?

  32. Would love to get a tour video of the Video booth. I know Johnny mentioned the ATEM glitching up and that piqued my curiosity on the equipment being run up their.

  33. I thought Roccos whiny personality was a act but I realize that’s just how he is and I’m disappointed how annoying he really is

  34. Strange how the "one hand only" rule was so strictly adhered to yet, the "can only touch the chosen block" rule was left out in the Jenga round.

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