Mega64 Olympic Board Games 2023 (FULL SHOW) -

Mega64 Olympic Board Games 2023 (FULL SHOW)

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Gladiators enter the board game arena for the most orifice-clenching live event ever! Who will be the new champion and take home the gold?!

0:00 – Opening Bumper
01:24 – Opening Ceremony
12:25 – Taskmaster
1:06:21 – Competition Intro/Rules
1:13:00 – Barrel of Monkeys (Alpha Round, Shawn vs Rocco)
1:20:54 – Kerplunk (Alpha Round, Kevin vs Johnny
1:34:30 – Shakewave (Alpha Round, Derrick vs Garrett)
1:42:52 – Crocodile Dentist (Alpha Round, Kevin vs Rocco vs Garrett)
1:46:43 – Jenga (Alpha Round, Kevin vs Garrett)
2:22:08 – Risk
3:35:36 – MTV The Game
4:25:24 – What Do You Meme?
5:08:09 – Intro to Beta/Omega Rounds
5:18:47 – Perfection (Beta Round, Shawn vs Rocco)
5:24:23 – Gone Fishing (Beta Round, Derrick vs Johnny)
5:28:22 – 90s Trivia/Pie Face (Beta Round, Shawn vs Derrick Vs Kevin)
5:43:59 – Lightning Reaction (Beta Round, Derrick vs Kevin)
5:51:54 – Twister (Omega Round, Derrick vs Garrett)
6:29:42 – Dungeons & Dragons


  1. Thanks for uploading this so fast. I missed it live and can't wait to watch!

  2. Lost my mind watching the rhyme debate unfold. Shawn was completely in the right.

  3. The video is very incredible and the games 😃🤩😁

  4. The Year of the Hunter keeps chugging along.

  5. Yo those secret tasks in Risk are impossible to read 😢

  6. Underpass doesn't rhyme with grass? I swear the way the guys think and their logic sometimes is just completely mind boggling.

  7. Yo thanks for this boys! Good stream archive to have on while Im working 🙂

  8. Rocco is straight up cheating in that MTV game and Derrick is getting upset for no reason
    40 days 40 nights gate is real

    Been a massive fan ever since Gloomhaven's Kickstarter first launched. 10/10 game

  10. Glad they didn't use Kevin's jenga set, probably has illegally modified weighted pieces that he can identify by the end grain

  11. This Olympic topped every past one. Loved it

  12. Cigarettes kill apple seeds, whiskey cancels out lactose. That's science.

  13. happy to hear Rocco bring up his childhood Kerplunk methods again after last year

  14. Red white and blue is truly the perfect rainbow. Thank you Rocco.

  15. Shawn's perfect game was insane, dude was like Matthew Mcconaughey docking in Interstellar

  16. Great show! Thanks for putting it on! Loads of fun

  17. Shawn's streak in 'Risk' has got to be one of the funniest Mega64 moments this year.

  18. Jum-ble, jum-ble, jumbl-ing tow-ers,
    everyone's fav-o-rite game!!!

  19. I don't think the outcome would have changed, but in Twister you're always supposed to move to an empty circle. You don't just get a pass if you're already on the right one.

  20. With a new fridge & oven. The BBQ at Garret's place this year better be bomb.

  21. That jenga, I mean, Jumbling Tower™ game was amazing!

  22. Jenga should just be a yearly event, I was really worried that the spinner wouldn't land on it this year!

  23. I like how Derrick was blatantly cheating during twister but everyone was too scared to say something.

  24. Garrett is a MOBG force of nature, cannot be tamed, etc.

  25. i want to like this vid but its at 420 likes so i'm not

  26. MTV The Game gives me anxiety. Y’all never heard of house rules?? And by “gives me anxiety” I obviously mean is my favorite thing of the stream, really captures the fun of friends getting mad at each other but having fun playing board games.

  27. That part during Risk when Afghanistan was defended was hilarious.

    Edit: Holy shit that loss streak 😭😂🤣

  28. I was crying laughing at the lullabies. That was such a perfect showcase of the different personalities of each guy

  29. Boys, loved the stream. Would love a dedicated board game show filmed like the Risk segment. Would be even sweeter with harder games, Kingdom Death/Gloomhaven?? Great stuff!

  30. Great stream, y'all introduced me to Taskmaster last year, too funny and love that the DND is continuing.

  31. Yo, I want Johnny's grey zip up! I've never seen that one before on their site

  32. 7:15 "Look real sad for a minute"

    Cue the most unflappable smile I've ever seen.

  33. I missed the live stream but managed to avoid spoilers. I was cackling during Twister. This was so good

  34. If what Shawn had counted as 2 monkeys he still technically had 2 monkeys after the extra one fell off and should have been allowed to continue. That was BS.

  35. Derrick demanding that Garrett sings the lyrics to the song with "this" after Rocco said you don't have to, then insisting that Rocco doesn't need to even know the name of the artist or any words for his "40 days and 40 nights" answer. I love these guys but this is agonizing to watch.

  36. Im gonna say it…
    Shawn was robbed on the rainbow challenge

  37. Next year can we get some modern board games on here. None of this shit from the '50s. And I'm not talking about that mass market bull shit you get from Target either. Games you have to go to your local independent board game store to get, like Twilight Imperium, Vindication, or Scyth.

  38. your telling me i just watched you play risk for like an hour….but then i don't get to see who won right here and now. are you for real?

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