Monopoly, But COMMUNIST 2 | House Rules -

Monopoly, But COMMUNIST 2 | House Rules

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  1. A lovely fair, respectful, democratic, and balanced game comrade. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this perfect economic system you have devised. It would be absolutely wonderful for the entire world to live in such paradise. 😅😅😅

  2. Lol I put a comment last time about the landlords game

  3. ?Spoiler? Alert:
    Sulli is technically unbeaten in this game

  4. Didn't Sullivan say he would release Tilly from prison in exchange for her property and then proceeded to watch her die at 46:49 XD? I wonder if he did so on purpose or just forgot EDIT: AHAHAHA THEY BROUGHT IT UP

  5. "I'll take the t-rex please, Stalin," just about sums up this game. Insane, unpredictable, and violent. 😌

  6. This used to be called the landlords game.

  7. Communopoly tournament? The winner of each game advances.

  8. (Insert positive comment here, in an attempt to avoid StalinDom's wrath)

  9. The starmer comment at the beginning has me hooked already 😆

  10. Would love to see this game revisited on the regular but with as many first time players as possible.

  11. Dom Allen creeping in praise for the Socialist International… I think we've found the real Trotsky after all!

  12. Communist monopoly is unfortunately exactly like real communism.

    It sounds like a great time, and then you experience it and realize that what was branded as a wonderful thing is, in fact, always going to degenerate into the oppressive destruction of all participants for the amusement of whoever happened to end up in charge.

    10/10. No notes.

  13. That's a little unfair on Starmer. He doesn't actually go round killing proponents of the Labour movement in its name. But yh, Stalin wasn't Communist.

  14. 1:26:05 "why can't every turn be that simple?" Well… it may have been simple, but Laurie still did it wrong, lol. He's not allowed to buy properties, he has to seize them.

  15. Last time Adam lost. Nobody ever saw him again…….

  16. Oh wow, they're playing the Landlords Game! 😆

  17. "Im a new guy, I like to skateboard" was not a reference I was expecting in this video

  18. I love this, I would love to see another one based off a different communist leader lmfao

  19. Doms Stalin really makes me want to spend one of Stalins excessive drinking nights with him, before cutting his cord for his terrible crimes towards humanity.

  20. So …. Monopoly, But COMMUNIST part 3 when?

  21. My favorite bit throughout this entire series has to be that Stalin doesn’t give out change

  22. My pleasure at there being a second episode of this is indescribable.

  23. Please just keep this as a series changing up the members or adding more. All hail our powerful leader Stalin
    (Hopefully he reads these positive comments)

  24. Hasbro? Never had a bro, especially one who would betray the state to the dirty capitalist westerners.😅

  25. I've never been envious of dice until Tilly started shaking them,…

  26. Why didn't he use the sham trial to vote out the player who was charging them to roll the dice?!

  27. Hi Dom,

    Did you know Monopoly was originally a GEORGIST (not Socialist) Boardgame made by Lizzie Maggie and the CAPITALIST version is a bastardization of its originally meaning? I'm fairly certain you don't!


  28. you should add that the players can avoid paying for certain actions but if they do and someone calls them out that person gets a percentage of the money. turning in enemies of the state should always be rewarded.

  29. Civil Rights Movement Board Game:

    “Whistle at a White Woman, Go To Jail.” How are you supposed to win at this?

    ‘You don’t win. You just do a little better each time.’

    -Family Guy

  30. I've been waiting for this! It's as hilarious as I hoped, thank you so much for doing this!

  31. You guys have to do this again, everytime is awesome!

  32. Dom-Stalin, Sullivan and Tilly in an episode – Yay! 😃

  33. Where can I get communist monopoly because I want to play it.

  34. And this is why you can never give power to the far left liberals

  35. I swear this used to be called the Land Lord's Game

  36. Honestly? You could do another 4 of these, featuring 3 of the other NRB members plus Sully. Maybe more than 4, if you start doing guest players.

  37. 1986… a good year for Stalin? Odd, given he died in 1953, but… sure.

  38. Oh hell yeah!

    You could make Sorry with actual apologies. Teri would judge if the apology was sincere enough. If it was, the player whose piece got thrown would drink in honor of the fallen piece. If it was not, the other player drinks. A lot of alcohol and a terrible old board game, I think that would be a fantastic episode of House Rules!

  39. I just love Dom switching between shitting on capitalism and satirizing stalinism like a metronom on steroids.

  40. I love the first auction, to prevent crying, almost resulted in Sullivan's death

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