Monopoly, But COMMUNIST | House Rules -

Monopoly, But COMMUNIST | House Rules

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  1. I don't understand the 3 doubles send you to jail thing. It should be 3 doubles in a row, no the 3 doubles in general…. Also i didn't like you changed most of the "rules" during the game, especially when at the end they realised you could mortgage your properties to pay for jail fee

  2. this is the very best round of monopoly I've ever witnessed 🙂 Far more funny than regular old western Monopoly =P

  3. Simply to clarify even as political this is

    Most socialists nowadays are absolutely against the old communists simply bc they literally are corrupt

    I myself am with those agreeing on that
    I think communism just got ruined by the soviet

    The image was ruined sadly

  4. A game every republican would be proud to have on their shelves.

  5. "You've never been friends with the Nazis, have you?" – Did I hear someone start to mention the Ribbentrop-Molotov non-aggression pact between the Soviet Union and the Nazis, then think better of it under StalinDom's withering glare and intimidating pipe-smoking?!

  6. Stalin was so paranoid he got a guard killed for taking his boots off during patrol so he wouldn’t wake Stalin

  7. Score one for The Almighty Algorithm! This is my first time visiting the channel, and I’m so happy to have found it! This game is FANTASTIC – I haven’t laughed this hard in ages! You have filled the Geek and Sundry board game show-shaped hole in my heart, and I’m definitely looking forward to diving into the back catalog.

    Also, shout out to Teri @ 53:19 for the chef’s kiss push-in edit on Sully and his realization of how to best use his final Endgame Condition. What follows is comedy gold, but I like an editor who is deft enough to know when to make themselves known without spoiling the action, and she nailed it! Bien joué, Teri! ♥️

  8. I would watch this if it was a once a month thing. This is was hilarious and we didn't even see all the game has to offer.

  9. it's Zdravstvuyte which means hello formally, which is pronounced sdrast-vuy-cha basically, then there is Zdravstvuy which is like an informally formal hello. then there is privet pronounced pri-viet. so Здравствуй бред. means hello bruh, and is zdravstvuy bred.

  10. yes please do a 4-player version of this game!

  11. My favourite stone fact is that he would make his Politburo watch movies at his house until like 4 AM in the morning then and the fact that they probably all be drunk at that point

  12. Jail should have been renamed Gulag.

  13. You can like communism without liking all aspects of the Soviet Union. Just want to state the obvious here

  14. It would be greatly appreciated if you can included captions for us viewers who's first language isn't English. Thank you very much!

  15. My favorite Stalin fact is that supposedly he, while planning the metro, put his coffee mug on the table and it left a ring. And that is why there’s the brown ring shaped line on the Moscow Metro

  16. This game was beautiful I would love to see another episode with more people but I’m assuming polls are over seeing as this was over a month ago now

  17. I'm surprised he didn't have to wait 10 years for the car piece. 😆

  18. We NEED a sequel to this, but with more players. Seriously!

  19. I want to see this again! With a longer version, more tokens, etc

  20. What a fantastic game, where to win, they players want to die and everyone laughs and laughs about the situation.

  21. Congratulations on another 1,000,000 views!! Absolutely deserved!!

  22. You know there was already an officially made and sold socialist Monopoly. It's as crap as you think it is. We bought and played it for a lark.

  23. I absolutely love this remake, I've watched this video at least like 5 times since finding this chanel a couple weeks ago 😂❤❤

  24. This was one of the funniest videos you've ever done, I would love to see more! Absolutely fantastic

  25. Please do this on the regular. This is the best thing I've seen in forever x

  26. I haven't laughed this hard in a very long time.

  27. Monopoly already has communism rules. It was invented by a communist after all. lol

  28. whats that……players are not content with 2…..and request 4 players…..I WANT THIS AND SO DOES COMRADE

  29. I get its probly not the most popular look,but Dom really pulls that offxD

  30. Shostakovich did say no to Stalin. He said something to the effect of he was ill and he could not attend the composers' cultural exchange while Pravda was printing such terrible things about him and his comrades. Stalin said that they would "have to do something about that" and cleared Shosty's name.

  31. Cluedo, but the goal is to eliminate/kill the other pieces. Since I love clue and you haven't done this yet I think, I would love this idea with you guys!

  32. Congratulations on Communopoly becoming your most watched video… as I write it's on 1,065,756 views compared to 1,065,253 for Guess Who.

  33. so when is this game coming out for everyone else

  34. Why does it look like someone was dragged out of the door?
    -Give my best to your wife and 3 children

    I love it 😂😂

  35. The is the first time on your channel, I was going to do something useful instead I watched this. Which was much more fun than I thought it would be, as I'm not a gamer. And as a side note, there was actually a communist monopoly that spiralled into the centre. The end-game was the first to land on the last place which was named REVOLUTION! It was an OK game if a little boring.

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