Monopoly Is Better With Cheating (Board AF) -

Monopoly Is Better With Cheating (Board AF)

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It’s time to spice up Monopoly! Check out where our amazing new table is from!



Ian Hecox //
Chanse McCrary //
Angela Giarratana //
Arasha Lalani //

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Director: Spencer Agnew
Editor: Edward Vilderman
Dir Of Programming, Games: Spencer Agnew
Games – AP: Alex Tran
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AD: Jacqi Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art – Asst Dir.: Erin Kuschner
Art Coord.: Alex Aguilar
Set Dresser: Squid Spelman
Audio Mixer: Greg Jones
Camera Operator: Vida Robbins
Content Manager: Lizzy Jones
Dir. Audience Dev & Distro: Rachel Evans
DIT/AE: Matt Duran
Dir. Of Photography: Brennan Iketani
Exec Coord: Erin Dougal
GFX: Brittany Hobbs
Post Manager: Luke Baker
Production Coord: Heidi Ha
Production Asst: Marcus Munguia
Production Manager: Jacqi Jones
Sr. Dir. Of Production: Zoe Moacanin
Talent Coord: Selina Garcia
Wardrobe Supervisor: Alicia Balderas

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  1. Arasha is giving serial killer vibes and I'm here for it.

  2. Ian in disbelief after Angela pocketed the whole stack lmao 🫠

  3. Everyone just spiraled after Ian got his first successful cheat lol

  4. Angela is absolutely chaotic energy I'm here for this

  5. Oml poor chance getting ganged up on later in the video i cannottttt LMAO

  6. I'd loooove to see Arasha and Angela play Among Us.

  7. How is this monopoly game only 30 min long of play time whereas when I played as a kid it would go on for HOURS

  8. I love Angelas sleight of hand attempts, hilarious.

  9. Arasha just pathologically lying after every cheat lmao

  10. Bring Kimmy Back to Smosh Games 😔🙏❤️

  11. Angela and Arasha were the best cheaters but I still love Chanse more.

  12. im so happy they brought this back, the 1st cheaters monopoly is still one of my favorite games videos

  13. Is it just me or was the first version they posted of this video without background music? Lol

  14. Ian lost weight! 🫨 amazing dude, must have taken a lot of work! ❤ 🥳

  15. In 19:10 Angela single-handedly inflates the economy of the monopoly game

  16. This board is also different because there's no Income Tax or Utilities tiles.

  17. The perfect game for Arasha "I love lying" Lalani

  18. How did they call Ian on lying about what was on his card, but missed him PAYING ANGELA FROM THE BANK???

  19. Arasha's way of playing seems wrong. You can not claim it was a mistake every time someone calls you out for cheating. Honestly it started to piss me off a little

  20. Angela was right fast and loose was the way to go considering she swept the competition at the end

  21. You know who would be really good at this game? Noah Grossman

  22. Y'all should play BANG! again with Shayne as one of the players.

  23. Gotta love the Chaos the new cast members bring… Arasha cheating with no prompt… Chanse desperately trying to keep his sanity…. and Angela ultimately pulling off the heist of the century…

  24. great video, i like these 4 together, do more like this?

  25. 26:08 I am Angela calling people assholes and than feeling bad about it. Haha

  26. Omg, this was so funny to watch! Again please!

  27. the way chance like never cheated is so funny

  28. I could watch people play this game all day

  29. Keep Angela, swap out the other 3 or the same cast as the last monopoly Cheaters and this would been beyond hilarious

  30. can i pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease be directed to ARASHAS HAIR CARE TUTORIALLLLLLL

  31. So glad they brought this back, The episode with Courtney, Shayne, Kieth & Kimmy was the best kind of chaos so I love seeing others lose their minds

  32. I don’t know that Ian should have his face on any thumbnail of a “cheating” video…

  33. Angela practically laying across the table to guard her money and stuff toward the end is pure kid sister vibes and I love it so much.

  34. Arasha became my favorite when they told her to put the cuffs back on and she said "that's fine. I like them." And then went about life like nothing just happened.

  35. By cheating at a game that allows cheating, Arasha is true winner in my eyes

  36. 24:48 the fact Angela and Chanse both stole and bluffed each other at the same time 😂

  37. The ogs are so much better. No hate to these ppl but yk

  38. Arasha's catchphrase for everything now will be "I read it wrong". GET IT ON SOME MERCH!!!!

  39. Chase is so stinking pretty I could stare at him all day

  40. What is this Rail station rule? I've never seen that

  41. Angela is quickly becoming my favourite member of Smosh ❤ I honestly didn't think I'd like her in the beginning, but as she's become more comfortable she just seems more real and I love how constantly funny she is 😂

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