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Monster Hunter World: The Board Game Play Through | The Game Haus

The Brothers Murph
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In this play through we play the first scenario Monster Hunter World Board game and we give you a quick look at how it plays!

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  1. You know whats missing on this game? Other monsters showing up.Anjanath would just show up on the wrong time and bite , then cart you go. Also the roars.

  2. As someone who has played MH for years and would consider myself a veteran… This game is so much more complicated for my puny "Hammer go Bonk" brain

  3. Can the game be played as a single player game?

  4. 11:50 It would be nice if all the figure stand are transparent instead of solid color.

  5. its been year since i saw someone playing this

  6. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!! I 💜💜💜this game !!! My son and I have gone on over a dozen hunts between this, The Ancient Forest, and The Wildspire Waste (the alternate starter box) !!! We have upgraded significantly, are up to the ending couple of monsters in each local, and are very excited to begin those hunts and move on to the Elder Dragon expansions we have!
    The game, though, is not without its flaws; 1) the adventure book is not well written / contains bizarre and confusing choices for the later monsters and 2) the weapon upgrades are terribly planned out as all three ending monsters in Ancient Forest give Fire weapons but those three monsters and the last two monsters in Wildspire Waste are immune to Fire damage!
    Still, even with those issues, the game is phenomenal !! Easy to table, setup, and play but also with a massive array of play-styles with the different weapons and upgrades as well as interesting, strategic play every turn w/ the stamina board!! One of the best things for us is that later monsters do not necessarily increase the hunt length. Incre4asing game length is common in many dungeon crawls / boss battling games and limits how often we can get them tabled. In Monster Hunter World the board game, the hunt lengths have remained consistently at or under an hour (two players); which is FANTASTIC and why we have played this game as much as we have over the past couple of months!!!
    Cannot recommend the Monster Hunter World board game enough if any of this sounds interesting to you !!

  7. It really is nothing,but i cant keep to find it funny that your palicos have better gear then you XD. Especially the one Mike has. I just imagine that crazy cat destroying Rathalos and be like…humm you know what, I'll go help some new recruits.

  8. The big question now is when is the video for a full campaign hunt! Would be really nice to see the progression in the hunt from the start up to the tempered version!

  9. Thank you for the playthrough, entertaining as always, and I love me some Monster Hunter.

    I've been playing with a house rule that addresses an issue that Nick encountered early on with having a really full stamina board and having to effectively waste a turn just to clear off one space. I play that wherever you would get the chance to sharpen your weapon you can instead choose a brief respite (name inspired by the time card) and remove a single card from anywhere on your stamina board. This does make the stamina management part of the game slightly more forgiving, but I personally think there are enough edge case situations where you would otherwise have an effectively wasted turn that it takes some of that sting out of it.

  10. Fun playthrough! Son and I are 5 hunts in! One thing I’d recommend is that when a monster goes over tour space, you get to choose which mode you roll away to, essentially making the monster chase you around and this positioning it for your next attack, instead of just moving in a straight line 🙂

  11. I think at this point TBM can sell me on a game about watching paint dry. I don't think there's a Game Haus or M3 video I've watched where I HAVEN'T come away wanting all of the things.

  12. great watching! are you doing more game play on this? =)

  13. awesome watch. Had my full pledge for a few weeks now with no time to play. stoked to give this a go

  14. Love this playthrough! I'm a big MH nerd and I really appreciate how you guys approach this as board gamers first and not franchise devotees. Can't wait to check this out – those minis are 💯

  15. Game looks fantastic! Wish I could afford it haha.

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