Moon - Ant Lab Games Board Game SNEAK PEEK -

Moon – Ant Lab Games Board Game SNEAK PEEK

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Join Frances from Ant Lab Games for a sneak peek at the upcoming Moon board game.

View the Kickstarter page here!

View the Moon game page on a The Board Game Nexus!

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  1. Love to see Ant Lab Games back, as part of the Nexus. The quality of your videos is top notch.Moon looks like a great game! Nice overview, Thanks!

  2. I have Villagers and Streets and now Moon will round out the collection. 😁 Simple games to teach with some really fun strategic depth.

  3. I will have to take a look at this, looks interesting and accesible

  4. Excellent overview. Constructive feedback (not criticism) – video seemed very scripted, lacked personality. I prefer your non-scripted discussions and straight talk over this format. Very professional video yes, but seemed like you were just reading a sheet of paper and not discussing the game with us.

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