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Moonrakers Board Game Review

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One of our long-time supporters has been gushing over this game for many a moons now. It has unique mechanisms like deckbuilding, negotiation, and dice rolling. However, does this game have what it takes to get to the moon or will it fall short? Watch our review of Moonrakers from IV Studio.

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  1. I realized early on while playing it, the game is absolutely inspired by Munchkin, but with way way more thought in its design. Like instead of flipping a random card to deal with an encounter, you have a mission board. Or how players have solo contracts that can get players at 8-9 victory points up to 10 since the other players likely will not want to support them in normal contracts

  2. Again happy to hear the game sits well with you guys, and it does get better with time with people who enjoy it. Also expansions add a ton and fixes some issues that the base game had for some. Also I can't but feel a bit responsible for the video 😅😅

  3. It's a fun game but very imbalanced (Especially with 2 players)

  4. I played this before its Kickstarter campaign. We really enjoyed it so I backed it. It definitely needs a "cooperative-minded" group. Otherwise it is a slog and not fun.

  5. Space bridge was the funniest thing I've heard in years. Great video boys. I have this one on order, now I'm excited to try it.

  6. I think this review really nails it. I watched this being played a few times and I think everything you said is right. And I loved that you showed the saboteur card because people should definitely know that there is room for… mischief. In one game I watched there was a person who didn't know that and they became… quite upset when their contract was sabotaged.

    For me I'd say it's a fantastic game, potentially being must-have with the right group of people.

  7. Great review! i might have to swap something out on my shelf to make room for this…..

  8. Monopoly doesn’t ruin friendships…UNO does. 😂

  9. Awesome review.
    Sadly this game isn't for me, so you guys saved me a few bucks and disappointing evening.
    Keep up the good work, cheers!

  10. The Binding ties expansion makes it significantly better, it gives players the incentive to help because assists are a currency in the game.

  11. You guys should make a video about different board game companies. There are a lot of companies that tend to make a variety of good games. I personally have always been a big Restoration Games fan and buy a lot of their games and will read about any game they make. But other companies like Asmodee and Fantasy Flight are really popular. Be kinda neat just to see some of the amazing games that come out from a single roof.

  12. My favorite game. Glad you guys liked it! Hope y'all can get the expansions to the table.

  13. I tried it 3player on TTS during the campaign and did not care for it. One player got slightly ahead, and then nobody wanted to help each other and it dragged on.

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