More Everdell, More Root, More Mars, and MORE! | Board Game News -

More Everdell, More Root, More Mars, and MORE! | Board Game News

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This episode: all the latest board game news for December 2022.

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00:00 Intro
00:17 My ‘Lil Everdell
01:43 Legendary Gamer Contest (sponsor)
02:39 Path (part of the Root universe)
03:40 Quilts & Cats of Calico
05:20 Terraforming Mars… THE MOVIE?!
06:42 Bitewing Games announcements
08:46 Inside Job
10:09 Iki Akebono Expansion
10:58 Mystery Of The Abbey
11:54 Mythic Games IPs


  1. My six year old and four year old do love the bits from Everdell!

  2. Tell us how you really feel, do you like The Crew?

  3. Mystery of the Abbey! I had it and sold it and now I want it again. I hope they don't make any negative changes to the game, but improvements are welcome.

  4. I eagerly await the 40 hours of streaming Paula is going to do of that Calico digital version when it comes out. And I hope no one gets screwed by Mythic, but that's the problem with Kickstarter.

  5. I can’t wait for some company to do a board game movie about Star Wars Rebellion, man that is such a good game! The characters seem like they have great backstory and the whole plot is right there, I mean it writes itself. 😜

    Seriously though board games in 15 years will be a medium people are making shows from regularly. There are so many rich neat worlds in games.

  6. Just got the Complete Edition of Everdell. Literally every friend who I play it with wants to buy it for themselves.

  7. Terraforming Mars Episode 1 Collect bird, Episode 2 Collect bird, Episode 3 Collect bird, and so on😉

  8. Excellent stuff as always Matthew 🙂

  9. Path is going to make so much money in the KS campaign.
    Knizia is a machine.
    Hope Mojito does a bit better with Mystery of the Abbey than they did with Cleopatra. The game interests me, love murder mysteries.

  10. Looking forward to My Little Everdell!
    (Still has to play the gigantic box of Everdell.)

  11. What I wanna see as a movie? Lost Ruins of Arnak. Hear me out: Indiana Jones vs Monster Hunter giant beasties.

    Yeah, I guess that's kinda like the Skull Island movies. Except the heroes are actually competent.

  12. Inside Jobbbbbb!! I'm sure you'll love it!!

  13. Intriguing to hear they’re moving toward a screen adaptation of Terraforming Mars but I might wait for the Ares Expedition mini-series spin-off instead of watching all 14 seasons of the TfM show. Just personal preference! 😅

    In all seriousness though I’m not much of a sci-fi viewer but I’d love to see some more tabletop properties make a successful transition to the big or silver screen whether or not I’ve played the original. Would love a Battletech tv series. Imagine a mischievous Root animated series! A wholesome Everdell movie! A long and educational 1800s train and stock market documentary… erm maybe that last one already exists.

  14. Why don't you ever tell us about cutthroat cute animals?

  15. Really hopeful that CMON will do better with Enchanters than Mythic did, though that won't be a really high bar to get over. 🙄

    Thanks for another great news roundup!

  16. You had me at "like The Crew". I'm in. Also excited to see what Path is like!

  17. Great video! Love the news! I’m very interested in the new Root game.

  18. Maybe Everdell is going in reverse now. Instead of building toward one gigantic box, each game will get progressively smaller. Next, Everdell: The Card Game, then Everdell roll & write, and finally Pocket Everdell.

  19. Hi, do you have any idea if the Iki expansion would be compatible with the original edition? I am guessing not but hoping nonetheless.

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