Most anticipated board games of 2022 & more questions! Matthew Answers The Internet -

Most anticipated board games of 2022 & more questions! Matthew Answers The Internet

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We answer your board game questions in this in today’s episode of Matthew Answers The Internet!

BONC! Card Game

Throw down cards, match numbers to BONC! your opponents and use crazy wild cards to attack, defend & heal!

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00:00 – Intro
00:27 Does board game media matter?
03:26 BONC! (sponsor)
04:24 Most anticipated board games of 2022
08:44 Board game New Years Resolutions
10:32 Games with small rules but big fun!

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  1. Looking forward to Too many Bones unbreakable, ISS Vanguard, Isofarian Guard, and mystic mischief. Hopefully gets delivered this year.

  2. My resolution is to play all my solo games at least once.

  3. There was something very entertaining about watching that pile of games at the end of the video stacking higher and higher as Matthew went through his suggestions. I half expected him the end the video with the frame completely full of games!

  4. Sobek 2 players is a 2021 release but we let that one slide

  5. I’m looking forward to Undaunted Stalingrad and Frosthaven

  6. I don't know if this counts as I'm looking forward for the kickstarter to launch but looking at the game demo, it's perfect for me. It's called Midnight Murder Mysteries.

  7. This video series is great and so is this channel. I’ve gotten many of my coworkers into board games by telling them to watch your channel. As for my board game resolution, I’m going to start hosting a game night regularly. My hope is that someday I will play a COiN game against a group of human opponents.

  8. It’s pretty easy. I agree with you. If you feel like you relate to someone their opinion greatly matters. It’s a great lead on what you may like or dislike. You don’t always have to agree. With that said if a game is sponsored by someone or if it’s clear the person was paid or benefit from the review it doesn’t mean as much to me. But YES we need you!!!!

  9. I am looking forward to Last Light, My Father’s Work and Sagrada Legacy. My resolution is to inventory what we own.

  10. Web of Spies is so fun and so easy to pick up and play!

  11. Funny how I got into board games through AVGNs board james section, my first true board game was „Key to the Kingdom“
    Sad to see the remake loose its charme

  12. 1: Board Game Media matters a little more for me than is healthy sometimes. I avoid reviews because I find I tend to be more focused on someone else’s impression than my own, I can’t keep up with streams and live chats, and I don’t have the mental bandwidth to process and solve the world’s problems all at once. As such I stick to just a very small handful of board game media channels, like this one! I do find a lot of entertainment value in the ones I’ve stuck to and by keeping the pool small hopefully don’t bite off more than I can chew.

    2: Most looking forward to Fall of the Mountain King, my first backed KS game… and the Jurassic World legacy game… also looking forward to some fun surprises (especially from Stonemaier) or discovering old classics (still need to play Concordia).

    3: Keep up with logging my board games, and actually get one of the design ideas from my head into a playable proof of concept, even if it’s awful!

    4: I have become a fan of Board Game Tables’ games for bite size fun. Just picked up Dead Man’s Draw and Legendary Forests before the holidays for the same purpose.

  13. I'm looking forward to getting several much delayed Kickstarters!

  14. A great small rule set game I'd recommend is Kakerlaken Poker Royale

  15. Really looking forward to Marvel Dice Throne, King of Monster Island and Everdell (went all-in from scratch)!

  16. Ooh hard first question! You matter, Matthew! Nice shoutouts, I love MarcoOmnigamer he's a hoot! I watched his Camel Up review even though I own it to hear what subtle jokes he had! I'm looking forward to Chang'an & Wayfarers of the South Tigris.

  17. You're a great ambassador for board games imo, thanks for all your content!

  18. 🤔 (not negatively lol) but maybe raise the volume on your end.. i got it on blast and headphones and i can BARELY hear you.. you speak so low and soft

  19. I have introduce people into the hobby with Sagrada, Century: Spice road and Encore! (this is the French title, not sure what the English one is).

  20. What was the app you used to track your plays?

  21. Interesting as always Matthew keep up the good work 🙂 Don't know if it was just me but the audio for this video seemed very quite.

  22. I recently had a discussion with some friends about board game resolutions, and I think our consensus was to spend more effort playing the games we have, but not to be afraid to cull them and move on.

  23. I've heard there will be a Dr. Who game called Don't blink. I find that very exciting and hope it will be good.

  24. Very excited about Concordia Solitaria, reprint of the Artisans of Naqala expansion for Five Tribes, and the Experts expansion for Ginkgopolis.

  25. Familiar Tales by Plaid Hat Games is gonna be out soon ! I hope I'll get it asap ! 🙂 I also hope people enjoy playing it !

  26. I care about the opinions on here because everyone on this channel is the kind of person I can watch with my little cousins.
    They love it too.

  27. It matters in that it's free publicity and exposure for numerous publishers, all those shows help to sell games. They often provide a bit of gameplay coverage which can be useful. The various opinions matter very little because tastes vary, but the gameplay and general info like what's coming up when matters a lot and is appreciated. And yes, the entertainment factor can be such fun!

    I'm looking forward to games like ISS Vanguard, Wonderland's War, Fall of the Mountain King, Stroganov, 7th Citadel, Collector's Ed of Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Unconscious Mind (not sure if that comes out this year or next), Platformer, Paleo Expansion, Caverna Frantic Fiends expansion, 2nd Wave of Etherfields, and Tapestry Arts and Architecture expansion.

  28. My resolution, as with every year, is to play more of the games I have sitting waiting to be learned.

  29. Without a doubt my most anticipated game for me is Oathsworn!

  30. Bonc looks fun & easy to learn. Will definitely check it out on Kickstarter. 😃

  31. Viticulture is getting an expansion (beyond Tuscany)? 🤤👍😍

  32. Hey guys!!! We've been literally up all night prepping for the launch… We're too excited to get any sleep. LOL! Looking forward to sharing our game with all of you! 😃

  33. I'm looking forward to Last Light and Deadlands

  34. I am looking forward to My Father’s Work, which was on KS last year. I am also looking forward to Najimi, the sequel to Tokaido, and the reprint of Canvas.

  35. For some reason, some of this was very soft at the beginning and in some places, even though I turned my TV all the way up…was I the only one having issues with the sound?

  36. I'm eagerly awaiting the Monster Hunter World board game that I backed. Give me all of those 'miniatures'.

  37. A good game with a small ruleset that we just picked up is Yinsh. We also like many of the other GIPF games.

  38. I wish there was a less premium version of last light that could play 7 players out of the box, but I understand that Roy LOVES immersion and therefore thought the minis for planets etc were important and it's his game so 🙂

  39. You and me both trust Zee on card games – hope you've tried Radlands!

  40. It's too early to say if there are any retail games to look forward to, but there are a lot of promising crowdfund games fulfilling this year! Burncycle, TMB Unbreakable, Darwin's Journey, My Father's Work, Endless Winter, and more. I can't decide which I'm anticipating more, probably Burncycle or Darwin's Journey.

  41. Two games with simple rules and always are a hit with the people a show them to are Coloretto, Ohanami and Parade.

  42. My most anticipated game is My Fathers Work from renegade, which hopefully delivers this month and the Outer Rim expansion if FFG ever release it.

  43. I mean ive always been curious about roll and write board games, but i think it devalues the game in long run. I mean if there was replacements of things for said board games then id happily give them a go.

  44. Matthew, thank you again for another great episode. YOU matter, you ARE a fantastic ambassador to the community. I enjoy and consume board game content on days that I can’t get a game to the table for sooo many reasons…rules, entertainment, community, suggestions and play throughs and just for plain ole fun. Looking forward to Paint The Roses, my Brothers Murph Unmatched set, Everdell and Viticulture expansion. I agree that Strike is a great, never fails to entertain even the grumpiest person at game night. Keep up the great work, I appreciate it!

  45. I can't recommend enough logging your plays in BG Stats! I've been doing it for over 5 years now. Support them buy purchasing the insights pack, and you'll be able to see all kinds of stats-for-nerds. But it also allows you to update your BGG collection status as well; so logging your new game you just got also can add it to your collection.

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