Most Anticipated Board Games of 2022 | Top 10 Upcoming Board Game Releases -

Most Anticipated Board Games of 2022 | Top 10 Upcoming Board Game Releases

Foster the Meeple
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Welcome to Foster the Meeple, a channel dedicated to board games and all board gamey things! Join us as we discuss our most anticipated board games coming out in 2022!
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  1. Jamie I really liked your list – but Jeff you got me at ☠ pirates – I owned the Original Dark Tower and would love to experience the new one. I also would love to learn Root but it sounds difficult.

  2. Looking forward to: Missions Catastrophe, Flamecraft, Marvel Dice Throne, Human Punishment: The Beginning, Nemesis Lockdown, Primal the Awakening

  3. A bunch of really good games on your list! One that wasn't but is on mine is Frosthaven! Should be fantastic!

  4. Did Jeff just say he loves bards? ….you don’t say…

  5. Most of my anticipated games are kickstarters too. Some random ones for me:
    Stars of Akarios – Space exploration campaign game with minis….by OOMM games too (and I couldn't back ISS Vanguard so this game needs to deliver)
    Sons of Faeriell – From Tabula Games, who make a lot of games I like a lot. eg. Mysthea, Sanctuary
    Oathsworn …because of course
    Legends of Void – one of those indie/new developers that presented an intriguing game with incredible art. Barely funded, and they've been really on the ball with making the game happen. Legends of Void was very under the radar, could be amazing. It's the kind of kickstarter that reminds you why that platform exists
    Isofarian Guard – max 2 player campaign game, sandbox style exploration with bag building using high quality chips (like too many bones (which i've heard, but I don't have that game)) Totally a couple's campaign game
    Now or Never – the next Ryan Laukat game. Missed the pre-order but I'll grab this one day

    There are lots more I'm getting and I want all of them, but it's too long a list. I also wish I could have got Flamecraft, but I had to pass due to game saturation

    It'll be good if you get Aeon Trespass Odyssey. We can both have it on the shelf and stare at it, too scared to dive in, until it happens. Eventually

  6. My most anticipated game for 2022 I thought would be a crossover with Jeff, Frosthaven. I'm really looking forward to playing it with my kids.

  7. Ark Nova is so good Jeff! I set it up, played it solo 3 times in a row and then left it on the table and played it 4 more times over the next couple of days. Highly recommend it!

    I'm most excited to get my hands on Endless Winter: Paleoamericans. Should be shipping out in the next month or so, so not much longer now. Then also excited for Darwin's Journey and even more expansions to Everdell!

  8. Ark Nova and Boon Lake are on the top of my list! So jealous that you guys got Familiar Tales. Tooo many games to choose from! Jeff, if you like pirates, you would love Shiver Me Timbers!

  9. I believe Beast and Pachamama are coming out next year. The play through videos I have seen for these look like they are right in my wheelhouse!

  10. Trinidad is one of my most anticipate games. The look is gorgeus 🙂

  11. My most anticipated game is ISS Vanguard.. I went all-in. Also waiting for nemesis lockdown, Machina Arcana, Robinson Crusoe, Tiny Epic Dungeon, Marvel Dice Throne, Bardsung.

  12. Thanks for the video. My most-anticipated top ten arr (in no particular order): ISS Vanguard, Arydia, Ark Nova, Vagrant Song, Endless Winter, Witcher: Old World, Resurgence, Hegemony, Fractal, and Too Many Bones: Unbreakable. Honorable mentions: Divinus and Legend Academy

  13. I have Honeybuzz fall harvest exp. , Massive Darkness 2 and Xmen United for 2022. I am sure there will be others. Also I have just recently been gifted Root and Underworld and River exp. So I am looking forward to digging into that. We all have a pretty game that sits on the shelf. Mine is Batman Gotham City Chronicles. Hopefully season 3 changes that.

  14. I'm also very much looking forward to Vagrant Song, but what I'm most excited for are Marvel Dice Throne, and the expansion sets for Unmatched scheduled for release in 2022 (Marvel sets, possibly Jurassic Park 2, and Houdini vs. The Genie)

  15. I just added so many of the games that you mentioned onto my most anticipated, especially Unconscious Mind because psychology was also one of my college majors. Some games that you two didn’t mention that I’m anticipating or backed are:
    – The Mirroring of Mary King
    – Zodiac War
    – The Cupid Crisis
    – Hegemony
    – Retrograde
    – Meanwhile, at the Con
    – Silicon Valley

  16. I just pre-ordered Vagrants Song! I am anticipating the arrival of Return to Dark Tower, the original was one I played with my brothers back in the day. Wonderland's war I went all in on! It looks terrific. Also went all in on Endless Winter: Paleo-Americans, the Art/design looks terrific and I demoed it online a year or so ago and the gameplay is solid. More Root is always welcome another of my recent favorites. Familiar tales looks really interesting to me too…can I resist.

  17. So excited for Ark Nova. I hope to be able to play it tomorrow. I love Terraforming Mars so I hope it will be good.

  18. Hey Jeff I too went "all in" on Dead Reckoning. It seems like an eternity since I backed it. I like the idea of the card crafting system that John D. Clair introduced with Mystic Vale. The only other 2 games I backed were My Father's Work & Hidden Leaders. Have you guys had a chance to play Radlands yet? Would really like your thoughts. Happy gaming!!

  19. From your list I’m also waiting for Bardwood Grove and Flamecraft. Can’t wait to try the bard in Merchants Cove.
    Other games I’m expecting (pre-ordered) and super excited about are Merchants of the Dark Road (it’s almost here), Darwin’s Journey, Creature Comforts, Museum Pictura, Castle of Mad King Ludwig CE and My Father’s Work (I’m so curious how this will play).
    Also the next expansion for Everdell (Bellfaire will be translated in Dutch next year) and also hopefully the Dutch version of Viscounts.

  20. How do you find these games? Is there a sight to find a bunch of upcoming games or games that are retailed or available online?

  21. This is technically not a 2022 game but I have been waiting for my copy of the reprinting of Obsession for so long and it just shipped…I am so excited! I'm also still waiting to get my pre-orders of Ginkgopolis and Welcome to the moon (also 2021 games). Most excited about Wonderland's War but now I have to go check out Flamecraft….watching you guys is expensive lol 😉

  22. Flamecraft is able to be Late pledged at the moment

  23. Retro futurism is the term you’re looking for 🙌🏻

  24. Nice list and fun video!

    I have some crossovers. I'm a big sci-fi nerd, so I'm really looking forward to ISS Vanguard. The pledge manager closes next month, and I'm struggling to decide if I should get the cosmetic minis. Too much plastic is a bad thing, but they're very cool! I may get the fancy dice.

    I'm also a fantasy nerd, so I'm looking forward to Oathsworn, Aeon Trespass Odyssey, and Primal. I've been refraining from backing more recent big co-op campaign games because I have so many in the queue. These should tide me over, and I still have Sleeping Gods, Gloomhaven, Destinies, LOTR Journeys, etc. that need to get played.

    A few euros include Endless Winter, Legacies, Darwin's Journey, and Resurgence.
    Some lighter games include Flamecraft, Creature Comforts, Monsters & Meeples, Three Sisters, and Titania Ascending.

    Splendent Vale isn't going to retail, but it'll be available direct from Renegade.
    The demand for Townsfolk Tussle is kind of crazy right now. It's selling on ebay for $300+. But they're going to have a new kickstarter soon. I got rid of my copy as I pre-ordered Vagrant Song from my FLGS.

    I have no affiliation with Gamenerdz, but you can pre-order Return to Dark Tower and Flamecraft Deluxe from them right now. And they have free shipping over $75 if you're in the US, so Flamecraft is potentially cheaper than the kickstarter.

    You can sign up for a late pledge for Verdant, although the promos don't look too exciting, so retail may be the better option.

    Happy New Year!

  25. I know almost nothing about Vagrantsong, but it looks *so cool*.
    Interesting that you've avoided Root: Clockwork, since it's supposed to help facilitate 1-2 player games…

  26. Are there any games you’re currently backing or considering on Kickstarter?

  27. Lots of these games I’m super excited for as well. I backed Verdant and Flamecraft. Can’t wait for those. Also, Something about Root seems intimidating to me. I think I need someone to teach me one day, cause I’m so interested. Glad to hear you really enjoyed that game Familiar Tales you guys picked up from the PlaidHat people. They were very nice.

  28. A lot of exciting games on this list! I backed the Root expansion. I often play games at 2-3 players so I'm looking forward to the minor factions. I also backed X-Men United since Marvel was such an approachable and fun co-op.

  29. I’m starting to worry about my budget for 2022…. 😩

  30. Familiar Tales I will likely get after I get closer to finishing our other campaign games. I added Rolling Heights, Skyrise, and Wonderlands War to my list.

    Leader Games is working on Arcs – a space game you might be interested in.

  31. You covered a number of games that I am looking forward to such as: Endless Winter, Rolling Heights, Dead Reckoning, and Unconscious Mind, among others…a couple of others that I am looking forward to are A.R.C.S. (a new space game by Leder Games that is supposed to be similar to both Root and Oath in some ways), and Guild of the Merchant Explorers (another AEG game). I also hope that Cubitos releases a new expansion to increase player count. Either way, 2022 looks to be an amazing year of delivering Kickstarters, along with some awesome retail releases.

  32. I'm looking forward to The Problem with Priggles, an expansion for The Captain Is Dead. It adds these cute, clingy things (priggles) that just get in the way, except that they can be used against the hostile aliens.

  33. My husband and I are really excited for Mythwind. It is our first kickstarter that we have backed. We have also preordered Familiar Tales and Vagrantsong. We love a good campaign game.

  34. Wow a lot of cool games. I wanna try them 😁

    Though Marvel Zombicide and Too many bones will probably eat up all my budget.

    Super Excited for Root Marauders as well 😁

  35. I think it's pronounced Weird games, 🤔. If not I'm wrong lol but that would be a cool weird interesting way to spell it.
    But great list! Can't wait to see what next year brings with the collabs and more game plays!

  36. I haven’t bought a ton of new games because money, but I wouldn’t be sad if Vagrantsong and Ark Nova were readily available!!

  37. Ooh… I wanna try Ark Nova. I love the theme. OMG I am so in sync with Jamie! Waiting on my Flamecraft, Meeples&Monsters and Artisans of Splendant Vale KS pledges. 🙂 I already pre-ordered Familiar Tales… can't wait!! I am also where Jeff is… going through my KS anticipation list I feel like I have enough coming that I don't need to go seek out more games right now off of retail. Although preordering for 2023 is likely…. XD

  38. What?!?! No Oathsworn on your list, Jeff?!

    It was also weird to hear a game mentioned that’s already on my shelf.

  39. Arkeis from Ankama BoardGames should be coming in summer. I missed the Kickstarter. I actually have a lot more expansions I'm excited about that should be coming in 2022 than base games. The expansions of 2022 might be a good video for you to make…

  40. Ra coming back in print is always good news. Hopefully this edition will be better than that Windrider edition, Asmodee put together. Very excited to see Ave Caesar being reprinted by Dicetree, they make great editions. Pergamon is one of my favorite Dorra/Linde designs, looking forward to the second edition. I have heard some good things about Mille Fiori, by Reiner Knizia. I am typically not drawn to these kind of contemporary Euros, but it says Knizia on the box so… Likely won’t be 2022, but Arcs and John Company 2nd edition, both by Cole Wehrle. I very much enjoy Wehrle’s design philosophy. His designs always have something interesting to say. I almost forgot the big box edition of Rattus, by Åse & Henrik Berg. Will be nice Rattus back in print, and with some expansions.

  41. Agree that ghost trains are awesome, so Vagrantsong is I think a must for me to check out this year… but Verdant is like "I need to own this yesterday" status. Mostly because half my plants are dead.

  42. Have you guys heard about Endless Winter: Paleoamericans? It looks really cool, too

  43. I've been looking at endless winter. It did catch my eye.

  44. I backed Endless winter and its been my most anticipated game of next year without a doubt! It is style of game that I am in love with and the theme, art, and components look amazing! A game that won't arrive to me until next year that I am also so hyped for is Merchants of the Dark Road, ugh can't wait! Flamecraft also looks so cute, I hope its easy to get at retail…

  45. if you like pirates you should try maracaibo its one of my favorites

  46. Game Nerdz has Flamecraft Deluxe for pre-order…too bad they don't ship to Canada.

  47. Flamecraft!! This game looks adorbs! So excited for a Root expansion as well.

  48. Man, my list is probably going to be very similar. John D Clair is also one of my favorite designers. Seems we we have similar tastes in gaming!

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