Most Anticipated Board Games of 2024 -

Most Anticipated Board Games of 2024

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Every year we are excited for awesome new board games. Other years we have been disappointed however this year we will not be! And these are going to be the best games of 2024 Right? Right?

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It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Board game Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!

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  1. I see it coming. The cheapest Moonroller pledge will be 100$ without shipping and taxes.

  2. I'm really excited about 2 games. Kelp and Galactic Cruise

  3. Great video, guys! 🙂
    My most anticipated game this year has to be Arydia form Far Off Games.

  4. hahahaha "I don't mention Here I Stand that loud" yes you do 🤣, we all know that's why Janis don't like War Games

  5. I am most excited about Cyclades new edition.

  6. Well did not see the Mistvorn deckbuilding game in your list. I am really excited about this one.

  7. Bought summoner Wars after your 1 V 1 game review.
    Wow. Thanks. Such a good game.
    Can you recommend a 2 player co op game !
    Stay safe
    Family first.

  8. PLEASE make a video where Janis G forces Janis T to play through a war game (not a whole one obviously) 😂 I think my most anticipated game that I haven't already backed on KS or anything is the new Undaunted set in space, but I didn't know about World Order and am sure that'll be amazing too

  9. Canopy is great, now waiting for Evergreen.

  10. Oooh Canopy: Evergreen looks fun! Hoping it comes out soon. Amazing video!

  11. For me it’s Bad Karmas and Elder Scroll from Chip Theory

  12. This looks so good!! So keen to get it. Really keen to see what you guys have to say about Mercurial, hardly anyone knows about it but it's gorgeous and so fun to play!!

  13. I love the authenticity in your videos. I feel like these are the kind of conversations and discussions I would have with my friends and not just someone trying to tell me what they think i want to hear. Like, if I wasn't watching the video, you guys would STILL have these conversations and that's what makes it good. I'm really hoping to get 7th Citadel this year!

  14. Uuu something with Moonrakers on the horizon 🙂 backed it as well, but i doubt it will be as good, but it is similar in a smaller package and looks good with 2 which is already something Moonrakers can't do as pvp.

    I am most excited about Andromedas Edge, Arcs, Heros might & magic 3, ISS Vanguard expansion and Arydia

  15. My copy of Tanto Monta arrived three weeks ago and you're going to need a forklift to pick up the box.

    My biggest complaint about GMT games is no component list. There are tons of tiny chits in Tanto Monta and the rules don't explain what they are. How are you supposed to sort chits when you don't know their purpose?

    While I love a lot of their games, they really need to start including component lists.

  16. The BEST board game channel! You guys are amazing. Always fun, well produced, informative and entertaining! Plus, your review format is the gold standard in the hobby! You rock!

  17. I backed Cyclades legendary edition so this is what i am waiting for the most

  18. Should receive after long years waiting my "Primals : the awakening"

    Cant wait to play it as a MonsterHunter nerd. That's my 2024 game for sure.

  19. It's not a war game, it's a conflict game. The US would never lose a war.

  20. Explorers of Navoria, Kickstarter has started and "should" deliver in October 🤞🏼. But besides that. Towns folk tussle, the new Santorini, dice throne X-Men, dead cells. dungeon karts. Hopefully everything releases on time and can get them played ASAP 🤞🏼.

  21. Is it me or is JT extra handsome in this video. Almighty sounds like fun. Im mostly looking forward to finally getting my copy of Unconscious Mind this year.. hope it comes out soon 😅

  22. I'd really like it if you could post the games you talk about in the description and or time stamps. Sometimes I don't always have time to watch the full video. Love your videos when I do get chance to watch!

  23. I see you are excited for Moonrollers. Have you played Moonrakers? I think it is a decent game, but the price tag is just so insanely high. I think with just the Moonrakers base game and all expansions it cost me $280 USD to back it and then Moonrollers and Dark Matter mini expansion cost another $80. It seems like a ton of money for a decent game, whereas you could spend the same amount and get Twilight Imperium, Prophecy of Kings, all Codeces, and an organizer. Or just get a lot of smaller, better board games. Anyway, that is how I feel, but curious your thoughts.

  24. I'm excited for Andromeda's Edge!! I'm hoping for Arydia and Tidal Blades Part 2 to finally come out. And I'm curious about Wyrmspan.

  25. Vagrantsongs’ expansions, Dragon Eclipse, Dice Throne Missions: X-Men, Final Girl Series 3 and Skytear Horde: Monoliths is what I’m looking forward to this year. I’m sure there will be a few unexpected games that will end up being played.

  26. I don't like it when daddy and daddy fight… 😜

  27. Conservas was one I had only in my periphery, but given your take I'll have to keep it in mind this year!

  28. Flock together sounds neat. I like the Spirit Island comparison. Hopefully it’s a little less complex so that I can introduce it to my family. Spirit Island is more complex than they’re interested in.

  29. I think this channel should be called "Two Men Named Janis"

  30. Check out Luthier! That's my most anticipated

  31. I jumped on a hype train called "Kingdoms forlorn" and boyyyy, I hope they deliver, both literally and metaphorically.

  32. Oh my god, how is Daybreak not on this list? 😀
    For backers it arrived just before Christmas, but I expect that it will be launched in 2024 to the public. It is an amazing co-op game about beating climate change! It has feedback loops, crises, global projects, local projects, tipping points, variations to make the game easier or harder or just different for either all or a single player (like making it easier for a kid).
    I am completely in love with this game! Please promise that you will try it!

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