Most Played Board Games of 2022 -

Most Played Board Games of 2022

Board Game Hangover
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This year we played board games (duh), and then played some more… aaand some more. But which ones did we play the most?
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It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Board game Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!

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  1. Love your studio setup! Looks great and really fits your video style!You both have a hilarious chemistry, keep up the hard work! I love seeing friends with a passion do videos like these.

  2. I) Competition 0:46 How many plays this year in total? 473 vs 377 II) Most played games this year? 0:52 Filler Game: Both voted 7 Wonders Architects 1:27 Family Game: Sleeping Gods vs Living Forest 2:45 Solo Game: Hadrian's Wall Vs Oathsworn 3:42 Euro Game: Ark Nova vs Stone Age 4:54 Story/ Campaign Game: Assassin's Creed vs ISS Vanguard 5:33 Party Game: Wavelength vs Catch Sketch 6:56 2 Player Game: Spirit Island vs Shores of Tripoli 8:22 Small / Card Game: The Crew vs Undaunted III) Finale 9:42

  3. Ours: Quiddler, Applesw to Apples, Horrified, Quarkel, Clue,,, & 10 others

  4. Would you mind sharing what lights you use? It looks great! I’m trying to get started and keep coming back to your channel for reference lol

  5. I cant buy feed the Kraken its sold out everywhere:(

  6. My most played game is
    The Crew, Spirit Island, Unmatched and Villainous 😁

    I wish I can play SI more with others

  7. Just wanted to drop a message to say you guys are great – love the sense of humour and fun that you bring to your videos. Happy holidays to you and your families!

  8. Top 3 played for me, regardless of genre are skulls, startups, tsuro and sushi go

  9. You guys spoke so highly of Rise of Fenris. I got it for Christmas and it reinvigorated Scythe for us! Currently running a full campaign with friends and they all love it.

    Most played: Dune Imperium, 7 Wonders Dual, and Everdell

  10. Great video guys. Gonna try a few of these out for sure!

  11. Transformers Deck-building Game, Takenoko, Ticket to Ride

  12. Great and varied list! Loved how Yanis just walked away when he realized he lost the total 😂

    My top games played (mostly solo): Cascadia, It’s A Wonderful World, Hadrian’s Wall, and Imperium Classics

  13. Ark Nova probably, or maybe Res Arcana. It's close. Ark Nova is thoroughly amazing, but a tricky one to teach to new people and can be a bit long. 100% worth it though, it is always a fun time, the highlight being the action row system!

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  15. My Top 4 most played 2022: 1. Descent LotD 2. Viticulture/Dune Imperium/ISS Vanguard 3.Caylus 1303 4.TWilight Imperium 4th ed./Caverna/Pandemic Legacy

  16. Dominion, catan with expansions, root, oath

  17. It absolutely doesn’t count. No, nope, never no nonononono. BGA doesn’t count. …😘

  18. The crew, spirit island, and Jaws of the lion are my top 3

  19. Nice recap fellas. Ark Nova was my #1 Euro as well. I just picked up Wavelength for the holidays with the family, in part because of you guys. And my #1 miss is Undaunted, I still haven't played it, and I want to so much. Thanks again guys.

  20. The Crew definitely the most played for me. Lots of Catan with friends too. Many rounds of Race for Galaxy on the app if it counts.

    Did JT say he just recently had a child? If so congrats to daddy

  21. Again production off the roof 🙂

    Total, around 300, And I guess that is because this year campaign games were king of the hill, so less plays

    Filler: Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space (13)
    Family game: Voyages (11)
    Solo: Moonrakers Luminor (7)
    Euro: Flamecraft or Cryo (5)
    Campaign: ISS Vanguard (12), close by Tainted Grails (11) and followed by Sleeping gods (10)
    Party: Crokinole (30)
    2 player: probably Crokinole, but second Hive (11)
    Small card game: Fantasy Realms (15)

    All considering good year for board games 🙂

  22. Journey to middle earth, top ten, 7 Wonders architects

  23. Filler: Bullet Star
    Family: Dice Throne Adventures
    Solo: Final Girl
    Euro: Lost Ruins of Arnak
    Story/Campaign: Etherfields/Roll Player Adventures
    Party: None
    2 Player: Dice Throne
    Small: Tiny Epic Dungeons

    Here’s for a great 2023!

  24. I jump between games so much this year I have fairly even numbers between games… xD Though if you count the app version (I know you said it didn't but still 😛 ) of game it's Star Realms as it's my goto "sitting on the toilet" game. xD I still have played it a bunch with a coworker at lunch so it's probably up there anyway. 😉

    Otherwise it's probably this order:

    1. (Star Realms)
    2. Ascension Tactics
    3. Dune Imperium
    4. Hadrian's Wall
    5. Tainted Grail
    6. Wingspan
    7. The Fox in the Forest
    8. A Feast for Odin
    9. 7 Wonders (been trying out the different expansions that I've never played with before)
    10. Star Wars Outer Rim

  25. Guys thank you for your work! Your channel is very entertaining and informative. I discovered Project Elite thanks to your video and I just bought it as a self-christmas gift haha Amazing game!

  26. For me it would be

    239 total plays
    Filler: No Thanks
    Family: 5 Minute Mystery
    Solo: Moonrakers Luminor
    Euro: Lost Ruins of Arnak
    Story Campaign: none
    Party: Secret Hitler & Wavelength
    2 Player: Codenames Duet
    Small/Card: The Crew

  27. Very interesting lists you guys got there. Thanks for sharing. The Assassin's Creed mentioning reminded me of its actual existence. Completely forgot about it.

    My five most played games in 2022 were, in order of time invested (solo and group together):

    ISS Vanguard
    Stars of Akarios
    Dwellings of Eldervale
    Dice Throne Adventures

    Oathsworn is catching up very fast but DTA is still some hours ahead of it.

  28. My top 3 most played games this year are Dune Imperium (with Rise of Ix), Nemesis and Android: Netrunner! For filler games, that's Coup and Exploding Kittens

  29. Cartographers, sheriff of Nottingham, marvel zombicide, Crokinole

  30. Loved the video as always. Shame on me, but i have more games than i manage to play so most games were probably played once or twice. What apps do you use to track your plays?

  31. I love Undaunted. Fantastic pick. My copy of Stalingrad comes today and I am so excited.

  32. Always fun videos

    – My most played old game this year – Cleopatra and the Society of Architects from 2006
    – Family game – Quacks of Quedlingberg
    – Euro Game – Raiders of Scythia

  33. Dune: Imperium is at 26 plays right now but will definitely go up once I get my hands on Immortality.
    Dead Reckoning is at 23 for the year. One group I introduced it to REALLY loved it and that was all we played for a while.
    Cribbage is at 16 for the year because my family got back into it this year and we played pretty much every time we were together.
    Jaipur is at 13 since my seven year old has really been enjoying it!

  34. I also play Undaunted with my son. A lot of fun and it doesn’t take too long. We also enjoy Unmatched.

    Want to get Summoner Wars based off your review, as well as SU&SD’s. Game looks very fun and I think my son would like it too.

  35. My most played game is Bitoku. Solo, 2p or 3/4p. I cant stop playing this shiet. My only escape should be next year with "primals" coming q2 2023.

    A big monster hunter deck building story based game. Cant wait for this.

  36. Most played of 2022?

    Board game hangover videos of course

  37. Great lists! Not sure who's list is better.. Janis or Janis?

  38. My most played games are Blood on the Clocktower, Long Shot The Dice Game, Feed the Kraken, For Sale, and Sounds Fishy.

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