Most Played Board Games of 2023 ( So Far ) -

Most Played Board Games of 2023 ( So Far )

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WHAT? Half of 2023 is already gone? Well.. at least we got to play a bunch of games. Here are our most-played board games of 2023. So far.

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It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Board game Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!

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  1. Love this channel.. out of curiosity where are you guys from? 😅

  2. I’ve wanted Mind Bug for a long time. Can I buy it now?

  3. You guys have one of the best gaming channels out there – you’re genuinely funny and likeable, you have a good format (the whiteboard flipping is great), and you talk about interesting games. Your videos are appreciated!

  4. Excellent video! Thanks for the great videos and awesome lists!

  5. Aeon Trespass! Love it! Cool video as always 🙂

  6. Most played so far for me is Earth and Raiders of Scythia.

  7. really like the shot at 7:02 you can see the simplistic design and homogenous artstyle there 🙂 I just experienced how hard it is to achieve something like that with our game

  8. You have a fun and diverse list of games!

    My most played games of the last year:
    It’s a Wonderful World
    Welcome to the Moon
    Turing Machine
    Legacy of Yu

  9. Well, my top 3 most plays for this half year are:

    1. Imperial assault
    2. Raptor
    3. Legacy of Yu

  10. Dune tournaments, yo, yo, yo, where do I sign up?

  11. I am surprised that Horrified can be something you cannot get enough of – I like it a lot, but in the same way I like Pandemic. Once I win everything there is to win – I don't see any more I can get out of it.. so once I win all the monsters it's roll credits and move on to something else and never pick this up again – unless it's for a thematic Halloween evening or to show it to someone else.

  12. Most played for me: 'Haven games – between Frosthaven copy and Gloomhaven on the digital app
    And tie about for second is Slay the Spire (on TTS with friends), Vindication, and Marvel Champions (mostly solo)

  13. Love your You Tube game page, it's the best!! Keep it up. Could you help us with our NEW BOARD GAME on Kick Starter? We have developed a board game and everything is ready for printing – TABERNACLE OF YAHWEH – THE BOARD GAME. We would love your feedback and review and when it is completed, we would love to send you a copy to review. We're more than happy to answer any questions.

  14. I got trick by the thumbnail.. They didn't talk about Robinson Crusoe 😢

  15. As must-have patreon I can confirm the super-warm feeling of helping them!

    Also: Could you please provide me with a discord link; the one I received didn't work (or I messed smth up idk 😂) I would appreciate it!

  16. My most played games of 2023:

    Solo: Hadrian's Wall
    Engine Builder: It's a wonderful world (my favourite discovery this year)
    Party Game: Tempel des Schreckens
    Filler: Say Bye To The Villains
    Hotel? Trivago!

  17. I'd love to see a video breaking down how wife people and small kid impact board gaming… The pros and cons. Great video as always! Keep it up.

  18. Just picked up Similo (Harry Potter and Fables) last week. It's a hit, especially playing one set as the people being guessed and the other set provides the clues. It pushes people to think in different ways. My 9 year old and i just kept going back and forth, so much (simple) fun.

  19. I really struggle if i need to by Coffee Roaster for solo play or not! I can't wait to receive localised Ark Nova. My most played games this year are Eldritch Horror, Arnak, Marco Polo II, Hadrians Wall, Obsession and Great Western Trail. Thank you for the video!

  20. Shout out to all those with young kids and still playing games. Stay strong, friends 🙂

  21. I would like to play TI4 soon again, because I finally won last sunday, after last 6 games lost, some with 9 points😅 My top 3 most played this year Dune Imperium, Ark Nova and TI4.

  22. The good point with Horrified is that you have a lot of good fan made monster made by the community on BGG.

  23. My most played game is Chronicles of Drunagor….

  24. Love your videos! Planet Unknown looks awesome. Keep up the good vibes!

  25. Most played for me so far this year has been Red Rising, semi crunchy but pretty quick to get through my firends love it.

  26. Are there two versions of Horrified? I seem to have found two in circulation, which is the one which you guys are referring to?

  27. My top games list so far looks like a 2020 list 😅
    Euro: Brass/Newton
    Story: Jaws of the lion
    Solo: Terraforming Mars
    Filler: Santorini/ Welcome to

  28. Cool to hear Latvia has a thriving Dune Imperium community! How many people attend the tournaments?

  29. Top 3 so far this year are spirit island, cat in the box, and mystic vale.

  30. I can't believe you guys only have 18k subs!!!! Ya need more!

  31. Hi just wondering, did you back Spirit Island Nature Incarnate? shipping is ongoing for some people now.

  32. Most played (by playtime) : sleeping gods, woodcraft (mostly solo), gwt, concordia, meadow, tiletum, grand austria hotel.
    Sleeping gods, Arkham Horror LCG, Tiletum are the games i would like to play waaaay more.
    Sadly, nowadays we don't have much time to play, we have a small garden to attend to in the summer, and i'm in the middle of changing my line of work, so i'm pretty much learning whenever i got some free time. Sacrificing boardgame time for a better future…

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