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Murder She Wrote | Beer and Board Games

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  1. The back of my neck hurts from smiling. Cheers Folks ,,/ ,,/

  2. BEST EPISODE I've seen recently that's new. I get you cant be totally drunk everytime. But when you all let your gaurd down and get properly affected it's always comedy gold. Keep it up. sips beer and board games mug. it's an intense black stout and is great btw

  3. really needed to kick off with 'I could murder a beer', classic australian saying 🍻

  4. What is that "Not to enter the room" quote
    matt always says it and I have no idea where it's from

  5. Goat series.

    Thank you for keeping the dream alive. 🫡

    Edit: Happy Birthday Cookie 😂🍪

  6. I don't know about you, but I suspect some level of intoxication took place here

  7. There's a youtuber called pushing up roses who would absolutely love this game.

  8. When Deb lost it, I said the same thing – "I don't know what's happening, anymore."

  9. You had me at "Murder She Wrote". My wife and I stayed at a Inn in Mendocino CA where Angela Lansbury character lived in the show.

  10. When will someone tell Matrick that WE LOVE THE BLATHERING

  11. I love the total meltdown of laughter in this episode. A classic.

  12. In addition to my other comment…
    I need another video to fall asleep to

  13. Love the Monty Python reference. Nudge nudge

  14. Angela Lansburry would've been a GREAT female Doctor Who, but no they just had to screw THAT up, too…

  15. This episode was hectic as hell, i was laughing my ass off lol.

  16. Considering all the laughs that occurred during the taping, I'm amazed with Adam's editing. This was an epic episode! Masterfully done Adam. 👏👏👏

  17. I dare to challenge the claim that every episode ends with Jessica laughing. As I recall, one featured her hiring a male secretary against her better judgment. In the last scene, as she is preparing to fly home, he says he is cool with being an inspiration for one of her characters. She says she’ll think about it. He asks if he’ll be a hero or villain. She replies “I haven’t decided yet.” She turns and leaves him, the last scene a freeze frame on his face. His expression clearly indicates he wants to kill her.

  18. You didn't lose this part of the fan base. I'm inspired by Matt's dirty talk. "Do it to me in my stuff"

  19. I knew ya'll were gonna allay it!!!

    I have a copy with unpunished slugs!

  20. I haven't caught an episode in a few years. Glad to see they haven't skipped a beat in entertainment. Though they missed a few beats in their murder blindfold singing.

  21. They've done 3 people, they've done not playing the game, now they've done not saying real words. And I fucking died. Arguably best episode of the year.

  22. Came for the Lansbury. Stayed for the gutter glamping.

  23. I'm not far into the episode yet but the premise seems like a board game version of Among Us. Love the B&BG soundtrack as usual

  24. Oh man, that's the kind of laughter I need more of in my life

  25. This was the type of episode that made me subscribe in the first place. Niche game. Unhinged evening. Chaos aplenty.

  26. I’ve been watching the older episodes, and I just gotta say: your apartment has come such a long way Aaron! It looks so nice and cozy, the lighting is especially good in this ep.

  27. oh my god. Deb's laughing fit at the end … had me in stitches

  28. "I… am… a murderer." ("He… is… a murderer.")

  29. That was actually one of my favorite episodes.

    Lame Story: I used to watch this show with my mother. I found the board game & bought it brand new in a small store. We gave it to my aunt to read the instructions when she had time. She reported back to us that it was too complicated. She mentioned that we'd have to leave the room during turns. I liked the way you adapted to that rule. I was always was curious to see the game in action & I can now cross this off my bucket-list. Thank You.

  30. Lol. I could watch the blabbering for hours and hours.

  31. I think I will make this babbling as a ringtone or a blerp.

  32. Idk, there’s not a one thing I can highlight as the sole funniest bit. All I know is; I was laughing almost non stop this episode.

  33. Aaron, my dude: When you're last, you don't have to cover your eyes again and start doing the cover noises. Lollerz.
    But it did make me chuckle.

  34. Go to the golf club, spend all your money, make all your money disappear…. 😀

  35. Lotta hootin’ and a hollerin’ in this episode

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